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R.M.S. Campania Passenger List 3 September 1898

Front Cover of Passenger List, R.M.S. Campania, Cunard Line, September 1898, Liverpool to New York

Saloon Passenger List from the R.M.S. Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing 3 September 1898 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain H. Walker.

Notable Passengers: George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck PC, JP,, Theron J. Blakeslee, George Bleistein, Maud Elizabeth Charlesworth (AKA Maud Ballington Booth), Thomas Brassey, 1st Earl Brassey GCB, TD, JP, DL, Governor Frank Brown, Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine CH, KBE, William John Cooper, Edwin Lawrence Godkin, John Chipman Gray, George Halley, Honorable Charles Sumner Hamlin, Sir Ian Zachary Malcolm, 17th Laird of Poltalloch, KCMG, Sir William Mackenzie, Ruth T. Livingston (Wife of Ogden Mills), Jane Beatrice Mills, OBE, Gladys Livingston Mills Phipps, Ogden Livingston Mills, Judge Henry T. Nason, Anna Reed (wife of William Barclay Parsons), Ada Rehan, Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley PC, DL, Edward Moore Robinson, John Henry Smith, Edward Kirk Warren, Wife of Gilbert Edward Jones

List of Saloon Passengers

Cunard Line
R.M.S. Campania
Captain H. Walker
From Liverpool to New York
Saturday, 3 September 1898.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: H. Walker (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: Francis Verdon
  3. Purser: T. Graham
  4. Chief Steward: W. T. Bryden

Saloon Passengers

  1. Dr. A. Andrei
  2. Mrs. Andrei
  3. Mr. Penrose Angwin
  4. Mr. R. Apper
  5. Mr. T. Arnold
  6. Mr. H. L. Aschoff
  7. Mrs. Aschoff
  8. Dr. W. Easterly Ashton
  9. Dr. Thomas G. Ashton
  10. Mr. H. G. Aston
  11. Mr. J. F. Bain
  12. Rev. Dr. Baker
  13. Mr. D. W. Barker
  14. Mr. G. C. Bardons
  15. Mr. H. Barnard
  16. Mr. D. K. Bayne
  17. Mrs. C. L. Becket
  18. Miss M. A. Becket
  19. Mr. John R. Bennett
  20. Mr. G. Cavendish Bentinck
    George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck PC, JP, known as George Bentinck and scored as GAFC Bentinck (9 July 1821 – 9 April 1891), was a British barrister, Conservative politician, and cricketer. A member of parliament from 1859 to 1891, he served under Benjamin Disraeli as Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade from 1874 to 1875 and as Judge Advocate General from 1875 to 1880
  21. Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck and Maid
  22. Miss Cavendish Bentinck and Maid
  23. Miss E. Cavendish Bentinck
  24. Mrs. S. Beverley
  25. Mr. E. C. Bickel
  26. Mr. E. S. Bigelow
  27. Mrs. Bigelow
  28. Mr. John T. Birge
  29. Rev. Sherrard Billings
  30. Mr. W. H. Bishop
  31. Mrs. Bishop
  32. Mr. Joseph Black
  33. Mr. T. J. Blakeslee
    Theron J. Blakeslee (1851-1914), an art dealer, noted in this country and abroad for having negotiated the sale of many famous paintings, committed suicide by shooting himself in the right temple at 6 o'clock on 7 March 1914 in his office in the rear of the Blakeslee Galleries, on the second floor of the Frances Building, at 665 Fifth Avenue. His collection of 237 paintings were auctioned of in April 1915 for $262,235
  34. Mrs. Blakeslee
  35. Mr. W. L. Blair
  36. Mr. George Bleistein
    George Bleistein, an employee of the Courier Lithographing Company was the focus of a U.S. Supreme Court case in Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing Company, 188 U.S. 239 (1903), the case in which the United States Supreme Court found that advertisements were protected by copyright
  37. Mr. L. G. Du Bois
  38. Mrs. Du Bois and Maid
  39. Mrs. Ballington Booth
    Maud Elizabeth Charlesworth (September 13, 1865 – August 26, 1948) later changed her name to Maud Ballington Booth, was an Salvation Army leader and co-founder of the Volunteers of America. She was the wife of Ballington Booth (July 28, 1857 – October 5, 1940) an Officer in The Salvation Army and a co-founder of Volunteers of America
  40. Mr. Simon Borg
  41. Mrs. Borg and Maid
  42. Mr. E. J. Bostock
  43. Mr. W. H. Boyer
  44. Mrs. Boyer
  45. Mr. Bramden
  46. His Excellency Lord Brassey K.C.B. (Governor of Victoria N.S.W.) and Valet
    Thomas Brassey, 1st Earl Brassey GCB, TD, JP, DL, (11 February 1836 – 23 February 1918), was a British Liberal Party politician, Governor of Victoria and founder of The Naval Annual
  47. Lady Brassey and Maid
    Née Lady Sybil de Vere Capell
  48. Hon. Helen Brassey and Nurse
  49. Mr. W. Brauer
  50. Mrs. Brauer
  51. Mr. Duncan K. Brent
  52. Mr. Percy B. Bromfield
  53. Mrs. Bromfield
  54. Mr. Percy R. Bromfield
  55. Master Edward T. Bromfield
  56. Mr. C. Brown
  57. Governor Frank Brown
    Frank Brown (August 8, 1846 – February 3, 1920), a member of the United States Democratic Party, was the 42nd Governor of Maryland in the United States from 1892 to 1896. Born in 1846 in Sykesville, Maryland, he also served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 1876 to 1878. He died in 1920 in Baltimore, Maryland
  58. Mr. Frank Brown, Jr.
  59. Miss M. R. Brown and Maid
  60. Mr. Thos. Egerton Bryant
  61. Captain W. Buckley
  62. Mrs. A. N. Burke
  63. Mr. Hall Caine
    Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine CH, KBE (14 May 1853 – 31 August 1931), usually known as Hall Caine, was a Manx author. He is best known as a novelist and playwright of the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras. In his time, he was exceedingly popular, and, at the peak of his success, his novels outsold those of his contemporaries. Many of his novels were also made into films. His novels were primarily romances, involving love triangles, but also addressed some of the more serious political and social issues of the day
  64. Mr. John Campbell
  65. Mrs. Campbell
  66. Mr. George Carr
  67. Mr. J. C. Chatterji
  68. Dr. Charles Claxton
  69. Rev. J. H. Coit
  70. Mr. Coit Jr.
  71. Mr. C. A. Conrad
  72. Mr. Richard Y Cook
  73. Mrs. Cook
  74. Mr. Andrew W. Cookstown
  75. Mr. Thomas Cooper
  76. Mr. William J. Cooper
    William John Cooper (November 24, 1882 – September 19, 1935) was an American educator who served as US Commissioner of Education from February 1929 to July 1933
  77. Mr. John S. Cope
  78. Mrs. M. F. Cottrell
  79. Miss A. Cottrell
  80. Mr. T. C. Coxe
  81. Mrs. Coxe
  82. Miss Constance L. Curran
  83. Mr. Frank O. Day
  84. Mr. T. E. Dennis
  85. Miss L. R. Densmore
  86. Mr. Robert Dey
  87. Mrs. Dey and Maid
  88. Miss Amorette Dey
  89. Miss Victoria Dey and Maid
  90. Mr. John Dey
  91. Miss E. Dobson
  92. Miss Kate Dodd
  93. Rev. J. Doherty
  94. Mr. John P. Doherty
  95. Mr. Don
  96. Mr. A. D. Duff
  97. Mrs. Duff
  98. Rev. Joseph H. Dulles
  99. Mrs. J. M. Eder
  100. Miss Edith Eder
  101. Mr. P. J. Eder
  102. Rt. Rev. Dean Egan
  103. Mr. George C. Esray
  104. Mrs. Inez. Felker
  105. Mr. W. Gordon Fellows
  106. Miss M. Feretti
  107. Mr. G. A. Fernald
  108. Miss Edith Ferris
  109. Mrs. Josiah M. Fiske and Maid
  110. Miss Fiske
  111. Mr. Marco. Fleischman
  112. Mr. F. A. Fowler
  113. Mr. H. Frank
  114. Mr. J. A. Fuller
  115. Mr. C. Gabain
  116. Mr. S. Gabriel
  117. Mr. R. M. Gallaway
  118. Mrs. N. S. Gannon
  119. Miss Gannon
  120. Miss Marie Gannon
  121. Miss Anna Gannon
  122. Miss Elizabeth Gannon
  123. Mr. C. D. Geddes
  124. Mrs. W. E. Glover
  125. Mr. E. L. Godkin
    Edwin Lawrence Godkin (October 2, 1831 – May 21, 1902) was an Irish-born American journalist and newspaper editor. He founded The Nation, and was editor-in-chief of the New York Evening Post 1883-1899
  126. Mrs. Godkin
  127. Mr. O. Goldschmidt
  128. Mr. T. P. Goodbody
  129. Mr. F. L. Lovett
  130. Mr. L. Grauer
  131. Mr. John Chipman Gray
    John Chipman Gray (July 14, 1839 – February 25, 1915) was an American scholar of property law and professor at Harvard Law School. He also founded the law firm Ropes & Gray, with law partner John Codman Ropes. He was half-brother to U.S. Supreme Court justice Horace Gray
  132. Mrs. Gray
  133. Mr. John Gray, Jr.
  134. Miss Gray
  135. Miss M. E. Gray
  136. Miss B. Gray
  137. Mr. Walter Greenebaum
  138. Mrs. T. J. Grier
  139. Master Grier
  140. Rev. Alfred W. Griffin
  141. Miss A. E. Guild
  142. Miss M. A. Guild and Maid
  143. Mr. Carl Gunther
  144. Mrs. Gunther
  145. Mr. Stephen Haas
  146. Mr. F. Haberman
  147. Mrs. Haberman
  148. Miss Haberman
  149. Mr. George Hackney
  150. Mrs. Hackney
  151. Mr. Robert Hackney
  152. Mrs. Clement Hackney
  153. Mr. George Halley
    George Halley (29 October 1887 – 18 December 1941) was a Scottish professional footballer, who played as a wing half
  154. Mr. A. L. Halliday
  155. Mr. Halliday Jr.
  156. Mrs. George F. Hall
  157. Mr. C. S. Hamlin
    Honorable Charles Sumner Hamlin (1861-1938) Attorney who was the first Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  158. Mrs. Hamlin
  159. Mr. Wm. Hargreaves
  160. Mrs. Hargreaves
  161. Mr. I. E. Hasbrouck
  162. Mrs. Hasbrouck
  163. Miss Edna A. Hasbrouck
  164. Mr. James Hay
  165. Mrs. Hay
  166. Mr. H. Hervey, C.B
  167. Mr. David Hogg
  168. Mrs. Hogg
  169. Mrs. L. Hoffman
  170. Miss L Hoffman
  171. Miss Frances Hoffman
  172. Mrs. C. L. Holbrook
  173. Mr. Thos. Holford
  174. Mr. T. W. Holmes
  175. Mr. John D. Hooe
  176. Mr. Radcliffe Hordern
  177. Mr. Joseph Houk
  178. Mr. George W. Howe
  179. Mrs. Howe
  180. Miss Jennie Howe
  181. Mr. Edward C. Hoyt
  182. Mrs. Hoyt and Maid
  183. Miss Eleanor C. Hoyt
  184. Master Kenneth Hoyt
  185. Master Oliver Hoyt
  186. Mrs. Otto Huber
  187. Miss Helen Huber
  188. Miss J. V. Hughes
  189. Miss Carolyn Humphrey
  190. Mr. E. Iselin
  191. Miss Jacobert
  192. Rev. W. James
  193. Mrs. James
  194. Mr. James W. Janney
  195. Mrs. Janney
  196. Miss Mildred Janney
  197. Mr. W. A. Johnston
  198. Mrs. E. L. Johnson and Child
  199. Mrs. Gilbert E. Jones
    Wife of Gilbert Edward Jones, Treasurer of the Park Company and son of the late George Jones, one of the founders of the New York Times, shot himself in the afternoon of 2 November 1910 in his office on the seventh floor of 41 Park Row, the old Times Building, dying instantly
  200. Master Jones
  201. Mr. George Jones
  202. Mr. M, Kaskel
  203. Mrs. Kaskel
  204. Miss Edith Kaskel and Governess
  205. Miss M. Kenny
  206. Miss S. A. Kinder
  207. Mrs. F. H. Knower
  208. Mrs. Arnold Kreasler
  209. Miss M. Kreasler
  210. Mrs. Ladjing
  211. Mr. Alex Laing
  212. Mr. Lamb
  213. Mrs. E. D. Lane
  214. Mr. Amos Lawrence
  215. Mr. John L. G. Lee
  216. Mr. Albert Levi
  217. Mrs. Levi
  218. Mr. Ben. H. Lichtenstein
  219. Mrs. Lichtenstein
  220. Miss Lichtenstein
  221. Mrs. Maturin Livingston and Maid
  222. Mr. A. N. Loeb
  223. Mrs. Loeb
  224. Miss Loeb and Maid
  225. Mr. D. Lorimer
  226. Mr. C. J. Lucas
  227. Hon. Spencer Lyttleton, C.B
  228. Mr. A. Mackay
  229. Mr. B. Mahon
  230. Mr. Ian Malcolm, M.P.
    Sir Ian Zachary Malcolm, 17th Laird of Poltalloch, KCMG, (3 September 1868 – 28 December 1944) was a Conservative Member of Parliament and Chieftain of the Clan Malcolm/MacCallum
  231. Mrs. Blanche Martin
  232. Rev. M. McCarthy
  233. Rev. Thomas McCarthy
  234. Mr. R. W. McClellan
  235. Major W. C. McClure
  236. Miss Hattie H. McGahn
  237. Mr. H. D. McMaster
  238. Mr. C. A. McMaster
  239. Mr. J. L. McKeever
  240. Mr. J. A. McKee
  241. Mr. John F. McKeon
  242. Mr. William McKenzie
    Sir William Mackenzie (October 17, 1849 – December 5, 1923) was a Canadian railway contractor and entrepreneur. Mackenzie together with Donald Mann were knighted in 1911 for their efforts in the railway industry, but personal and company financial difficulties led to the bankruptcy of the CNoR. The system was nationalized by the federal government on September 6, 1918, and subsequently became part of the Canadian National Railway
  243. Miss Katie McKeon
  244. Mrs. A. McNally
  245. Mr. Georges Mesmin
  246. Miss Helen F. Miller
  247. Mrs. Ogden Mills and Maid
    Ruth T. Livingston, Wife of Ogden Mills (December 18, 1856 - January 29, 1929) who was an American financier and Thoroughbred racehorse owner
  248. Miss Beatrice Mills
    Jane Beatrice Mills, OBE (19 July 1883 – 30 January 1972) the future Beatrice Forbes, Countess of Granard, was an American-born heiress. She married Bernard Forbes, 8th Earl of Granard in 1909 with whom she had four children. With her marriage, Beatrice Mills would be known as Countess and/or Lady Granard. Her husband's wealth was limited and she provided the funds to finish restoring the family's historic Castleforbes in Newtownforbes, County Longford, Ireland
  249. Miss Gladys Mills and Governess
    Gladys Livingston Mills Phipps (1883-1970) was a United States socialite, sportsperson, and a thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder who began the Phipps family dynasty in American horse racing. She was known as the "first lady of the turf"
  250. Master Ogden Mills and Valet
    Ogden Livingston Mills (August 23, 1884 – October 11, 1937) was an American lawyer, businessman and politician. He served as United States Secretary of the Treasury in President Herbert Hoover's cabinet
  251. Mr. E. R. Moodie
  252. Mr. Moore
  253. Mr. Geo. W. Moreton
  254. Rev. Father Morris
  255. Mr. Ben P. Moseley
  256. Mr. E. W. Nash
  257. Mrs. Nash
  258. Miss L. Nash
  259. Judge Henry T. Nason
    County Judge Nason of Tory, New York, committed suicide by drinking Laudanum and Chloroform -- his body was discovered in the woods near Albany, New York in April 1903
  260. Mr. Henry Newman
  261. Mrs. Niccoll
  262. Miss Niccoll
  263. Mr. W. S. Nixon
  264. Mr. Louis Noot
  265. Mrs. Noot
  266. Rev. Henry O'Carroll
  267. Mr. John Ogilvy
  268. Mr. E. R. Orme
  269. Mr. L. Overton
  270. Mr. Wm. Pagen
  271. Mrs. Wm. Barclay Parsons
    Anna Reed, daughter of Rev. Sylvanus Reed and educator Caroline Gallup Reed and wife of William Barclay Parsons (April 15, 1859 – May 9, 1932) an American civil engineer. Willam founded the firm that became Parsons Brinckerhoff, one of the largest American civil engineering firms
  272. Miss Evelyn K. Parsons
    Niece of William Barclay Parsons
  273. Mr. R. S. Paterson
  274. Mr. T. W. Paterson
  275. Mr. Thomas B. Peck
  276. Mrs. Pruyn and Maid
  277. Mr. C. H. Pugh
  278. Mrs. Pugh
  279. Mrs. Mary Quigley
  280. Miss Lois Ramsey
  281. Mr. Oswald Raitt
  282. Mr. W. A. Redding
  283. Miss Ada Rehan and Maid
    Ada Rehan (April 22, 1859 - January 8, 1916) was an American actress. She was born as Delia Crehan in County Limerick, Ireland, and brought to the United States at about the age of six years. More than 25 years after Ada Rehan died a WWII liberty ship was named after her, USS Ada Rehan
  284. Mr. William Remy
  285. Mrs. Remy
  286. Mr. F. W. Rhinelander
  287. Mrs. Rhinelander and Maid
  288. Miss Rhinelander
  289. Mr. Matthew W. Ridley
    Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley PC, DL (25 July 1842 – 28 November 1904), known as Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt from 1877 to 1900, was a British Conservative politician and statesman. He notably served as Home Secretary from 1895 to 1900
  290. Mr. Thomas H. Riegel
  291. Miss Belle Robb
  292. Miss Annie B. Robb
  293. Master Duncan Robertson
  294. Master Howard Robertson
  295. Mr. M. Robinson
  296. Mr. O. G. Robinson
  297. Mrs. Robinson
  298. Mr. Edward Moore Robinson
    Edward Moore Robinson, member of the firm of Drexel & Co., died on January 3, 1910 at his heme in Villanova, Pa., aged 42. His death was due to pneumonia. Besides his membership in the firm of Drexel & Co., Mr. Moore was a member of the firms of J. P. Morgan & Co. of New York and Morgan, Harjes & Co. of Paris. He was very prominent socially in Philadelphia and New York. Mrs. Robinson, who was a social leader in Philadelphia, died only nine days before her husband
  299. Mrs. Robinson and Maid
  300. Master Robinson and Nurse
  301. Mr. Matthew Rock
  302. Mr. Matthew Rock, Jr.
  303. Miss A. E. Rock
  304. Mr. W. Harris Roome
  305. Miss T. M. Sandifer
  306. Mrs. A. B. Sands
  307. Miss Louise Sawtelle
  308. Mr. B. E. Schlesinger
  309. Mr. F. W. Schultz
  310. Mrs. Schultz
  311. Master Walter Schultz
  312. Master Robert Schultz
  313. Mr. John Scott
  314. Miss E. Shanahan
  315. Miss M. Shanahan
  316. Mr. Geo. L. Shepley
  317. Miss Shuler
  318. Mr. Gustavus Sickles
  319. Mr. E. Sidler
  320. Mr. T. V. Silva
  321. Mrs. A. M. Simpson
  322. Miss E. Simpson
  323. Mr. E. M. Simpson
  324. Mr. A. Slingsby
  325. Dr. St. Clair Smith
  326. Mr. J. Henry Smith
    John Henry Smith (September 18, 1848 – October 13, 1911) was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). He was a prominent politician in Utah and played an important role in the process whereby Utah made the transition from a territory to a state of the United States
  327. Miss Smith
  328. Miss Y. M. Snee
  329. Mr. A. H. Stanhope
  330. Mr. Jack Stedman
  331. Mr. John Steel
  332. Dr. James Stewart
  333. Mr. W. C. Strohmayer
  334. Mr. Sturtevant
  335. Mr. William Sulley
  336. Mrs. Sulley
  337. Miss Sulley
  338. Miss Emily J. Sunderland
  339. Miss Emma L. Swift
  340. Mr. J. Hanson Thomas
  341. Rev. Dennis A. Tighe
  342. Miss Elizabeth Tighe
  343. Mr. A. Turner
  344. Mrs. Turner
  345. Mr. Tweedy, Jr.
  346. Mr. Vestey
  347. Mr. Harry Victor
  348. Mr. W. E. Vinson
  349. Mr. M. P. Vlasto
  350. Mr. Leopold Wallach
  351. Miss May Ward
  352. Mr. E. K. Warren
    Edward Kirk Warren (April 7, 1847 – January 16, 1919) was an American industrialist and inventor who developed featherbone, a popular alternative to whalebone in corsetry. He is the namesake of Warren Dunes State Park and Warren Woods State Park in Michigan, both of which he developed
  353. Mrs. Warren
  354. Mr. Paul C. Warren
  355. Miss Louisa M. Warwick
  356. Mr. Leonard Watson
  357. Miss Watson
  358. Mr. George West
  359. Mrs. West
  360. Mr. Percy White
  361. Mr. John J. White
  362. Mrs. White
  363. Mr. G. A. Wiedenmayer
  364. Mr. J. E. Wiedenmayer
  365. Rev. Stephen S. Wise
  366. Mr. Alex Williams, Jr.
  367. Mrs. Williams
  368. Mr. Albert Wolters
  369. Mr. C. F. Wolfendon
  370. Mr. A. Woodman
  371. Mr. C. F. Wright

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