SS Lucania Passenger List 24 December 1898

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the the SS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 24 December 1898 from New York to Liverpool.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the the SS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 24 December 1898 from New York to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. A Chirstmas Eve Day Departure. GGA Image ID # 15a789bb31

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Horatio McKay (Lt. R.N..R.)
  2. Surgeon: James Pointon
  3. Purser: Wm. Field
  4. Chief Steward: Henry Clark

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. E. M. Angel
  2. Mr. James P. Armitage
  3. Capt. C. B. Anderson
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atkinson
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Bradford and Maid
  6. Mr. A. Bowersax
  7. Mrs. R. D. Brenton
  8. Mr. T. Bowman
  9. Mr. Bernhard Baron
  10. Mr. Henry Brown
  11. Mr. F. H. Beall
  12. Mr. E. H. Brocklehurst
  13. Mrs. Bickford
  14. Mr. Bickford
  15. Mr. Harold C. Bickford
  16. Mr. James M. Bush
  17. Mr. Chas. Burns
  18. Capt W. R. Barhotkin, (Imperial Russian Navy.)
  19. Mr. George E. Bent
  20. Mr. M. Elsasser
  21. Mr. R. W. Ford
  22. Mrs. S. Van Rensselaer Cruger
  23. Mr. Filton, and Maid
  24. Mr. Nicholas T. Fleming
  25. Mr. Richard Churchill
  26. Mr. Wyndham Forbes
  27. Mr. John W. Clarke
  28. Mr. Francisco Cordero
  29. Mrs. Emma Guthrie
  30. Mr. John Clark
  31. Mr. Horace Gaggero
  32. Mr. George Caffe
  33. Mr. J. H. Gardner
  34. Mr. L. I. Chambers
  35. Mr. G. Clunies-Ross
  36. Mr. R. Hargous, Governor of Christmas Island, and Valet
  37. Mr. E. D. Colie
  38. Mrs. M. E. Hill
  39. Mr. A. M. Duckett
  40. Mr. R. G. Heape
  41. Mrs. E. R. Dodge
  42. Mrs. Leo. Hartwig
  43. Mrs. Dennis
  44. Mr. R. Hazelton
  45. Mr. Charles J. Dewes
  46. Mr. F. C. Havens
  47. Mr. James Dyer
  48. Mr. Adolph Hertz
  49. Mr. G. F. Ehrenzeller
  50. Mr. Horace Inmanof
  51. Mr. H. M. Johnson
  52. Mr. M. Kittenplan
  53. Miss Mary Kyle
  54. Mr. Adolph Lewisohn
  55. Mr. A. A. Loeb
  56. Mr. Frank D. Long
  57. Mr. Harold Lowther
  58. Mr. W. E. Lake
  59. Mr. Simon Lesem
  60. Mr. George Lateulade
  61. Mr. Lowell Lamb
  62. Mr. C. H. Melchear
  63. Mr. C. A. Muller
  64. Mr. Darius V. Moses
  65. Mrs. M. Martin
  66. Miss E. O. Moore
  67. Mr. D. Mason
  68. Mr. Louis J. Marks
  69. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Messenger, Jr.
  70. Mr. Allen T. Nye
  71. Mr. Harry Z. Oppenheimer
  72. Mr. Ansel Oppenheim
  73. Mr. Chas. G. Parker
  74. Mr. George Poulan
  75. Mr. Josiah Royce
  76. Mr. C. A. Rowell
  77. Mr. A. R. Richtmyer
  78. Mr. Benjamim F. Rees
  79. Miss M. R. Robson
  80. Mr. H. D. Richardson
  81. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher F. Ryer
  82. Miss Doris Ryer
  83. Mr. Otto Schinne
  84. Mr. and Mrs. Montague F. S. Stevens
  85. Mr. Schroeder
  86. Mrs. E. H Sothern and Maid
  87. Mr. Henry Scheuer
  88. Mr. Carl Strauss
  89. Mr. F. E. Swift
  90. Mr. I. M. Stettenheim
  91. Mme- I. D. Santilhano
  92. Miss M. Sherwood
  93. Mr. Max M. Schwarcz
  94. Mr. Cecil R. Stephens
  95. Mr. Paul Springmann
  96. Mr. Chas. Stockbridge
  97. Mr. N. K. Turnbull
  98. Mr. H. Thomas
  99. Mr. M. T. Uhler
  100. Mr. Andrew Urquhart
  101. Mr. P. C. Van Vloten
  102. Mr. E. N. Whitehouse
  103. Mr. F. S. P. Weston
  104. Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. White, and Maid
  105. Mr. Maurice Wertheimer
  106. Mrs. E. A. Wood
  107. Dr. John Warren
  108. Mr. George Williams
  109. Mr. C. L. Webb
  110. Mr. John Thompson
  111. Mr. David Zimmern
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