January 1999 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

January 1999 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

U.S. Naval Institute January 1999 Volume 125/1/1,151


The U.S. Naval Institute is a private, self-supporting, not-for-profit professional society, which publishes Proceedings as part of the open forum it maintains for the sea services. The Naval Institute is not an agency of the U.S. government; the opinions expressed in these pages are the personal views of the authors.

29 The Silence of the Admirals By James H. Webb, Jr.
Shrinkage of the Navy must not go unchallenged. The Navy's senior leaders must make the case.

36 The Seven Deadly Sins of Network-Centric Warfare 45 Nuclear Weapons in the Info Age: Who Needs 'em?
By Thomas P. M. Barnett By Rear Admiral W. J. Holland, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.)
They are not mortal sins; penance can be made. 40 Moving the Navy Into the Information Age The cat is on the Navy's back—more than ever. 48 We Don't Need an IW Commander
By Commander Michael S. Loescher, USN (Ret.) By Commander Erik J. Dahl, USN
We need a total approach to managing and fighting. But in information warfare, we do need a tightly focused staff coordinator.

36 54 76 83
50 A Naval Concepts-Based Vision for Space 64 High "Seize" Maritime Interdiction Works!
By Commanders Randall G. Bowdish and Bruce Woodyard, USN By Rear Admiral James D. Hull, USCG, and Lieutenant Commander Michael D. Emerson, USCG
Space is not a separate area of responsibility. It's another medium in which the Navy must play. 68 Interdiction can generate deterrence. "Mariner-Class" A New Merchant Marine Officer
52 Space Is an Ocean By Rear Admiral James F. McNulty, USMS (Ret.)
By Commander Sam J. Tangredi, USN Maritime education and training need an overhaul.
. . . and oceans are where navies go.
72 Deep Coalitions: Alternative Power Projection
54 Quality of Life at Sea By Lieutenant Colonel Scott Lindsey, USMC
By Lieutenant Commander W. Boothe Higgins, USNR The shaping function must be better understood.
It's time to stop running our people ragged for no
good reason. We can learn some valuable lessons from our allies. 76 When the Birds Didn't Fly
By Commander Thomas B. Buell, USN (Ret.)
58 Navy Area Ballistic Missile Defense Early missile programs missed the mark—and targets.
Coming on Fast 83 Tomorrow's Fleet: Part I
By John D. Gresham By Scott C. Truver
But will it arrive in time? Force levels are going down, down, down. . . .

Commentaries 2, 26
What Will This SecNav Do?
Educating the Navy for the Long Haul Nobody asked me, but 71, 75
Taking Care of Our People?
The Last Days of Carrier-Based Aviation? Special 80
Part V: Five Fleets: Around the World

with the Nimitz
Professional Notes 89
Soviet-Russian Polar Icebreakers
Arm the EA-6B with Standoff Weapons Naval Systems 105
Building Bridges in Haiti Points of Interest 106
Amphibious Night Operations Challenge World Naval Developments 107
Technology Combat Fleets 109
Other Departments Notebook 110
Membership News 4 Lest We Forget 110
Comment and Discussion 6 Index to Advertisers 111
Another View 24 Cover: In the Information Age and in space
Book Reviews 98 there are no clear separate areas of responsi-
Books of Interest 101 bility. This view of the Strait of Hormuz and
NATO Navies 104 the Gulf was taken from Columbia. (NASA)

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