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The Hook: Journal of Carrier Aviation - United States Navy

The Hook is the official quarterly journal of the Tailhook Association and as such is the only publicaion in the world that is dedicated to telling the story of U.S. Navy carrier aviation, both past and present.

Each issue contains a selection of carrier and squadron histories balanced with departments containing the latest news of current units and aerospace industry developments effecting carrier aviation.

Emphasis is placed on high quality reproduction of the best photographs available of U.S. Navy aircraft in operational situations. A typical issue of The Hook will contain over 180 photographs and many squadron insignia within its 68 pages.

Cover Issue Featured Articles
Archives of "The Hook": Journal of Carrier Aviation
1982-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 1982-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 10, NUMBER 1, SPRING 1982 On the Cover: LTJG Al Francher in his F9F-8P Cougar of VFP-61 Det C flying from USS Shangri La (CVA-38) was photographed over Hawaii in 1958 by CDR Bo Masek.
1982-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine 1982-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine

On The Cover: Rampagers A-7E heads for target 10 February 1982 druing CVW-17's weapons deployment to Fallon.

1982-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 1982-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 10, NUMBER 3, FALL 1982 On The Cover: CDR Ken Fisher, recent commanding officer of NAS Dallas' VF-201 leads a section of Hunters F-4Ns over NAS Oceana's TACTS range, 11 August 1982 during squadron deployment to VF-43. Photo by Bob Lawson.
1982-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine 1982-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine

On The Cover: Two VT-26 student Naval Aviators prepare to come aboard USS Lexington (AVT-16) in T-2C Buckeys off Corpus Christi in July 1982. Photograph depict carrier qualifications in the training command. Photograph by Bob Lawson.

1986-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 1986-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 14, NUMBER 3, FALL 1986 On The Cover: VMFA-323 F-4N Phantom about to launch from Coral Sea during 1979-80 WestPac/Indian Ocean deployment. The Deathrattlers of 323, along with VMFA-531's Grey Ghosts, provided Carrier Air Wing 14's fighter cover the entire deployment, which set a precedent in Naval Aviation history.
1988-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 1988-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 16, NUMBER 1, SPRING 1988 ON THE COVER: VF-111 Sundowners F-14A taxis for launch 2 November 1987 during CVW-15 workups on board USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Southern California operating area (Bob Lawson)
1991-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 1991-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 19, NUMBER 3, FALL 1991 On The Cover: A flight of VMFA-134 F/A-18A Hornets during recent Active Duty for Training on the TACTS range near MCAS Yuma. Photo by Robert L. Lawson
1992-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine 1992-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 20, NUMBER 2, SUMMER 1992 On The Cover: Brightly colored paddles worked well in days of wooden decks and iron men. An incoming aircraft is slightly high on glide slope according to CVG-14 Landing Signal Officer LCDR Ernie Courtney on board USS RandOlph (CVA-15), April 1954. Photo by Howard Lawson.
1994-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine 1994-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 22, NUMBER 2, SUMMER 1994 VF-124's LT Bob "Tube" Bettendoff, USN, pilots a Gunfighters' F-14D over the ramp of USS Nimitz (CVN-68) in the Southern California OpArea while completing Landing Signal Officer transition carrier qualifications. Flying the back seat and taking this view was LCDR Tom "Tumor" Tivomey, USN.
2000-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 2000-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 28 NUMBER 1 SPRING 2000 On the Cover: Section of TraWing One T-45C Goshawks display the aircraft's vertical capability over the Mississippi countryside near NAS Meridian. Photo by Boeing, C22-602-16
2000-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2000-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine

On The Cover: Section of VFA-122 Flying Eagle Super
Hornets cruise over central California on a
training mission. In the lead is an F/A-18E with an F/A-18F on the wing. Photo by Neville Dawson.

2001-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 2001-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 29 NUMBER 1 SPRING 2001 On The Cover: LT Trevor "Bulls" Estes of VAQ-I30 waves a VS-22-S-3B aboard USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) during operations in the Persian Gulf on 4 Jan 2001. LSO platform is LTs Mark "Iris" Fryman of VF-32 (center) and Micah "Shaggy" Manningham of VFA-105.
2001-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine 2001-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 29 NUMBER 2 SUMMER 2001 VAQ-141 EA-6Bs break formation over the Washington Cascade Range on a flight from their home station of NAS Whidbey Island. Photo by CDR Chris Buhlmann, USNR.
2001-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2001-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 29 NUMBER 3 FALL 2001 On the Cover: A VF-143 Pukin' Dog F-4J awaits a huffer to start up for another mission from USS Enterprise (CVA(N)-65) in 1971 during the late stages of the Vietnam War. Photo by LT Greg "Butch" Cassidy, USNR
2001-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine 2001-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine
VOLUME 29 NUMBER 4 WINTER 2001 On The Cover: US. Marine Corps ordinancemen from VMFA-251 move training bombs around the flight deck of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on 27 Sep 2001 as they train for Operation Enduring Freedom. In the background, a VFA-86 F/A-18C Hornet makes its final approach for an arrested landing.
2002-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 2002-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
Spring 2002 Can A USS Kitty Hawk (CV•63) V-2 Division greenshirt signals "all system go" as he quickly clears away from a VS.21 541 Viking prior to a catapult launch for an Operation Enduring Freedom mission on 16 Nov '01.
2002-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2002-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
Fall 2002 A CVW-1 LSO casts a watchful eye as a VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C Hawkeye traps on board USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) after a 23 Jan '02 Operation Enduring Freedom mission.
2003-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2003-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
Fall 2003 Two F-14 Tomcats along with two F/A-18 Hornets overfly USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) in a diamond formation at the conclusion of the ship's commissioning ceremony at NavSta Norfolk, Va., on 12 Jul '03.
2003-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine 2003-04 Winter Tailhook Magazine
Winter 2003 Twilight for the Sea Control Community. With the retirement of the S-3, beginning in April 2004 with the deactivation of VS-29 and VS-38, the Navy's VS squadrons will be a thing of the past by 2009.
2004-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 2004-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
Spring 2004 VAW-I 10 E-2C Hawkeye, BuNo 160415, banks over NAS Miramar on an 18 Apr '84 flight. The Firebirds were established on 20 Apr '67 as RVAW-110, the West Coast E-2 replacement squadron and home squadron for deploying E-lBs.
2004-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2004-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
Fall 2004 Carrier Air Wing Three landing signal officers grade a recovery on board USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), 12 Feb '03, following an Operation Enduring Freedom mission.
2005-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine 2005-01 Spring Tailhook Magazine
Spring 2005 A VA-25 Fist of the Fleet A-1H turns up and unfolds its wings on USS Midway's (CVA-41)flight deck in the Tonkin Gulf, c. 1965.
2005-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine 2005-02 Summer Tailhook Magazine
Summer 2005 Gerald Scott of the VMFA-232 Red Devils I 4.9 Sidewinder missile on an F/A-18C Hornet USS Nimitz (CVN-68) while participating in off the coast of Southern California, 17 Dec '04.
2006-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine 2006-03 Fall Tailhook Magazine
Fall 2006 A VFA-154 Black Knights F/A-18F Super Hornet tours NAS Fallon's Bravo-10 target during CVW-9's 2006 Air Wing Fallon training. Crewing NG 100 was LTs Tyler "Sassy" Tennille and Darin "Bahgak" Dean.


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