June 1971 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

June 1971 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute
June 1971
Volume 97, Number 2/820
Eisenhower at the Naval War College
Most of the major problems that the former President discussed
candidly with a predominantly military audience in 1961 still trouble America ten years later.

Trends in World and Domestic Fisheries 25
The explosive development of foreign fishing activity in recent years, especially the rapid expansion of foreign fishing off our shores, is but one indication of the sorry state of U. S. fisheries.

Professionalism: The Hard Choice 36
Much of the present disrespect for the military may stem from
USAF (Rm.) those officers who, awed by glib civilian superiors, tried to look,
talk, and even think like them.

Id* Kemp foam, Ret

The Bear That Swims Like a Fish
The grateful Arab states may repay the Soviet bear by permitting him to use the Suez Canal as a springboard to catapult himself into the Indian Ocean.
Time to Change
Small wonder our country seems to be in such a mess! Our speedometers, rulers, altimeters, protractors, compasses, and clocks are all fouled up.
Sundowner Par Excellence
Those who knew him well, the author among them, knew that Ernest J. "Jesus" King couldn't walk on water; but he could do almost anything else on it—and under it and over it.
Pictorial—The U. S. Coast Guard Academy
Text by Lt. (j.g.) R. J. Pratte, USCG
Photography by Chief Photographer's Mate William M. Powers, USN.

Book List
The Old Navy Comment and Discussion Book Reviews Professional Reading Professional Notes Notebook
Geyer 9 74 81 95 97 The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of
A of each of the classic 99 either the Navy Department or the II. S. Naval Institute.
ekmetit% SIM 'timed with the subjecttIK anti the land, academic and 100
pntfrusuilAl %fru( t urea— is contained in thl. month's cover photograph of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut. The Academy itself is the subject of the pictorial which begins on page 60 of this issue. Photograph by Chief Photographer's Mate William M. Powers, USN.

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