March 1980 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

March 1980 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute


United States Naval Institute

March 1980
Volume 106/3/925
34 ASW Strategy: Issues for the 1980s

By Lieutenant David Templeton Easter, USN

To assume that the Soviets will use their submarines the way we use ours would be dangerous. Even more dangerous would be predicating our antisubmarine strategy on a wrong assumption.
42 A Good New Idea

By Captain Gerald O'Rourke, USN (Ret.)

There has to be a better way to take ASW helicopters to sea than by
building and manning new fleets of big, expensive aircraft carriers.
48 To Convoy Or Not To Convoy

By Commander William F. Mellin, USN

The convoy method of merchant ship protection was developed before the age of nuclear submarines and antiship missiles. Can the old system work in this new environment?
55 The Origin of Polaris

By William F. Whitmore

One admiral said of the successful ballistic missile program, "Special Projects is the best thing the Navy has ever done organizationally—and, of course, we must never repeat it."

69. Pictorial—They Also Serve .. .

Photographs by JOC Cindy K. Adams, USN
The life of nuclear submariners in peacetime is a waiting game.
64 The Wartime Role of Soviet SSBNs—Round Two

By Lieutenant Commander Carl H. Clawson, Jr., USN (Ret.)

Unless or until the Soviet ballistic missile submarines do any wartime fighting, the main fight will be among analysts trying to figure out how the submarines would fight.
72 Missiles Make ASW a New Game

By Captain William J. Rube, USN (Ret.)

In the cat-and-mouse game of antisubmarine warfare, the Soviets are no longer inclined to play by the old rules; missiles may force us to play the game by Soviet rules.

76 The Twelve Days of th Englander ~~

By Captain John A. Williamson, (Ret.), with William D. Lanier

For many years, the World War II exploits of the USS England have been legendary in ASW circles; now, at last, comes a firsthand account from her executive officer.
7 Secretary's Notes
11 Comment and Discussion 8 Id Navy

1Nobody asked me, but . 107 Book Reviews

111 Books of Interest 113 Professional Notes 141 U. S. Navy: Strategic

Missile Submarines 151 Notebook

The LAMPS Mk III ship-air team, featured in a Professional Note beginning on page 114, was painted by Douglas Chaffee (Courtesy IBM).

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