April 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, April 1979, Volume 105/4/914

Lt. Bill Linder's photograph (courtesy of Wings Publishing Company) shows VF-4 I s F-14A Tomcat # 110 completing a loop above Virginia Beach. In an article this month, LCdr. Lynn Carter II, USN, approaches the problem of providing realistic training for our fighter crews. (Sec page 65.) Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, April 1979, Volume 105/4/914. GGA Image ID # 167af998be


U. S. National Strategy: Outward Bound . . . with Inadequate Charts
By Rear Admiral Robert J Hanks. USN (Ret.)
Gone are the days when the United States was unquestionably the world's strongest power. The Soviet Union's incursions all over the globe have weakened our sway and produced growing confusion.

Tactical Complacency: Change Now or Fail Later
By Lieutenant Commander Miles A. I.tbbey. Ill, USN
"Practice daily with guns," urged Thomas Truxtun when the Navy was young. Alas, in the years following its 200 anniversary the Navy practices too much paper-shuffling and not enough with the guns.

December 1950 at Hungnam
By Vice Admiral James H. Doyle. USN (Ret.) and Arthur J. Mayer
The First Marine Division's Fighting withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir is now part of the Corps' legend. The story of the U.S. evacuation which followed is cold by the man who commanded it.

Counterinsurgency: Corrupting Concept
By Colonel William F. Lang. USA (Ret.)
In the continuing post mortems of the Vietnam War, it now seems that the U.S. effort was doomed from the beginning. A capability became a strategy which was applied in the wrong place and with the wrong allies.

Fighter Crews: You Fight the Way You Practice
By Lieutenant Commander Lynn Carter, II. USN
An athletic team that gives its best performance on the practice field instead of the game itself is not likely to do well in the standings. The Navy's fighter crews may have the same problem.

Pictorial—USS Norton Sound: the Newest Old Ship
Text by Norman Polmar
Some ships have a usefulness which far outlives the duty for which they were originally planned. So it is for this World War II seaplane tender which has tested a weapon system so new it isn't yet in the fleet.


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