August 1992 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

August 1992 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute


U.S. Naval Institute August 1992 Volume 118/8/1,074
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30 Arleigh Burke Essay Contest Prize Winner ASW Is Still Job One
By Rear Admiral W. J. Holland, Jr., USN (Ret.)
The threat's still there, and no one else can help. 35 Turn the Sub Skippers Loose!
By Lieutenant Commander Truman J. Best, USN
37 At the Point
By John McCormick
Taking the point was like playing Russian Roulette, except when Marden led the patrol.
42 Future of Force in Maritime Europe
By Commander Michael N. Pocalyko, USN
A new NATO strategy is emerging. Will the Alliance itself be broadened?
44 NATO: Today and in the Future
By Admiral James R. Hogg, USN (Ret.)
42 53 58
68 Soviet Weaknesses Are U.S. Strengths
By Rear Admiral Thomas A. Brooks, USN (Ret.)
69 Decisions at the Speed of Satellite
48 Storm from Space By Rear Admiral Brent Baker, USN
By Vice Admiral William A. Dougherty, USN Commanders must win the battle of the first perception.
After Desert Storm, taking and holding the "high
ground" has new meaning. 75 Guadalcanal: The Pivotal Campaign
By Richard B. Frank
53 Conduct Unbecoming The cost was heavy, but it turned around the war in
By Commander K. A. Krohne, USN (Ret.) the Pacific.
Anita Hill and Tailhook may be the lightning rodsrules
for this issue, but all hands had better learn the rules1 78 50 Years Ago . . . Savo Island
By Jack Sweetman
57 Sexual Harassment In Our Navy? It was the worst defeat in our naval history, and a
By Lieutenant Commander John Parker, SC, USNR grim curtain-raiser to the battle for Guadalcanal.
58 Exocets, Air Traffic, and the Air Tasking Order 80 Three Cruisers, Three Destroyers, Two Seaplane
By Lieutenant Commander Larry Di Rita, USN Tenders .. .
A centralized ATO is too cumbersome for a truly hot By Commodore Bruce Loxton, RAN (Ret.)
air war. The Japanese force had been spotted, but it took
64 Their System Still Needs Victims .. . forever to get the word out.
By Vladimir V. Stefanovsky 86 Maritime Patrol: Gotcha Covered
Soviet submarine duty was even more hazardous By Rear Admiral Anthony R. Maness, USN
than we thought. . . . but not forever, if the drawdown worsens.
TQL Forum 9 Other Departments
Building A Better Navy Secretary's Notes 5
By Adm. Frank B. Kelso H, USN Comment and Discussion 14
Commentary 28 Book Reviews 97
Short Circuit Books of Interest 101
Professional Notes 91 The U.S. Navy 105
Picking the Latest 'Gator World Naval Developments 107
Refining Goldwater-Nichols Combat Fleets 109
Cost-Effective Mine Warfare Notebook 111
Index to Advertisers 112
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Cover: Testimony to the stark dichotomies between the U.S. and Soviet submarine forces is offered in this issue—"Their System Still Needs Victims . . ." (pages 64-68) and "ASW Is Still Job One" (pages 30-34). Photo by VADM Robert Y. (Yogi) Kaufman, USN (Ret.).

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