January 1970 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

January 1970 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute

January 1970

Volume 96, Number 1/803


ElCapt. John N. Horrocks, Jr., USN The Art, Science, and Innocence
Involved in Becoming Chief of Naval Operations
The respective records and the candid comments of the four most recent CNOs seem to suggest that there are definite guideposts—and danger signs—which must be heeded.

The Soviet Merchant Marine
Does the fact that so many Soviet merchant ships are built elsewhere imply a technological inadequacy; or are Soviet yards too busy building other vessels?
Antony C. Sutton

ration: The High Cost of Leaving

It is mone know

understandable that civilian economists might think that
y is the root of all the retention evils. Military men should better.
John Roger Predland Rete 44
? Cdr. L. A. White, USCG

The U. S. Coast Guard: Where Do We Go From Here? Having grown to manhood in two foster homes, Treasury and Transportation, many Coast Guardsmen yearn to fill out yet another change-of-address card.

Cdr. Frank E. Dully, Jr., (MC) USN

Prepare to Sweep Mines

In January 1968, two known minefields in the Gulf of Tonkin provided the first acid test for Mine Division 91's four Agile-class minesweepers.

Cdr. Murland W. Searight, USN
Capt. W. D. Toole, Jr., USN


The Naval Medical Officer: The Worst of Both Worlds A consultation between Doctor Dully and Commander Dully results in a "Physician, heal thyself" prescription for all naval medical officers.
Naval Aviators: The Old and the Bold
A not-too-old naval aviator boldly confirms most of what many a non-aviation line officer has long suspected.

Pictorial—Newport/Quonset Point Naval Complex 72

Photography and Text by William M. Powers, PHC, USN


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"The Sunlit Sea" is a seascape by Frederick Judd Waugh (1861-1940). The original painting is in the Marine Collection of the Seamen's Church Institute of New York. See page 99 regarding availability of 22" x 26" prints of this painting.

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