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Published monthly by Chief of Naval Operations and Bureau of Naval Weapons to disseminate data on aircraft training and operations, space technology, missile, rocket and other aviation ordnance developments, aeronautical safety, aircraft design, power plants, aircraft recognition, technical maintenance and overhaul procedures.

Naval Aviation News Magazine Archives
Front Cover Issue Description
1962-10 Naval Aviation Magazine 1962-10 Naval Aviation News Magazine
October 1962 Media Representative aboard a super-carrier; Lockheed's P3V Orion becomes operational; The Navy-managed twin-tandem, ducted-propeller research design; Evolution of Carriers
1962-11 Naval Aviation Magazine 1962-11 Naval Aviation News Magazine
November 1962 Astronaut Schirra; 60th Anniversary of the modern destroyer; An international air event is described by Cmdr. Edward L. Barker, USNR; Constellation and Lexington switch ocean areas of operation; Fixed and moving base simulators prepare men for duty at NASA
1963-01 Naval Aviation Magazine 1963-01 Naval Aviation News Magazine
January 1963 CVA-63, USS Kitty Hawk; With speed, efficiency and effectiveness, Naval Aviation flexes its powerful wings during the Cuban Missile crisis; Gramps of NANews reaches his twentieth anniversary; new aircraft service markings
1963-03 Naval Aviation Magazine 1963-03 Naval Aviation News Magazine
March 1963 The Navy's first jet jockeys; The tactical air observer in action; Grumman's A-6A Intruder and E-2A Hawkeye are shown during carrier trials on the USS Enterprise; Crew One of VW-11; The missile build-up in Castro's Cuba
1963-04 Naval Aviation Magazine 1963-04 Naval Aviation News Magazine
April 1963 Exercises and training make the Sixth Fleet a sharp, potent force; Veteran squadron phases easily into new supersonic operations; the Navy's Hurricane Hunters; Project Magnet; The Navy's Photographic Center
March 1966 Naval Aviation Magazine 1966-03 Naval Aviation News Magazine
March 1966 NANews embarks on a series of articles designed to explain how the Standard Navy Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) System and the three levels of maintenance concept will assure that aviation maintenance will never be the same again; AT SEA WITH THE CARRIERS
1966-05 Naval Aviation Magazine 1966-05 Naval Aviation News Magazine
May 1966 Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara discusses what's ahead for aviation in the Navy and Marine Corps; The proposed reorganization of the Department of the Navy; Vietnam's Air Cofat; action on the flight deck; Fashions for the Flight Deck; AT SEA WITH THE CARRIERS
July 1966 Naval Aviation Magazine 1966-07 Naval Aviation News Magazine
July 1966 Naval Air Reserve have been in the wings for 50 years; East Coast squadron gets the E-2A Hawkeye; Navy and the Air Force are partners in aircraft storage; AT SEA WITH THE CARRIERS
August 1966 Naval Aviation Magazine 1966-08 Naval Aviation News Magazine
August 1966 The airborne Samaritans of the U.S. Coast Guard; A new camera mount enables photographers to take motion pictures from helicopters; Naval Air Technical Services Facility; AT SEA WITH THE CARRIERS
September 1966 Naval Aviation Magazine 1966-09 Naval Aviation Magazine
September 1966 USS Enterprise's arrival at a new home port after her first combat tour off Vietnam had special significance for everyone concerned—and especially for crew members' wives and families.
1977-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1977-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1977 PHCS(AC) Bob Lawson filmed VF-43 Lieutenants "Wheels" Lyon (inside) and "Gabby" Gabriel (in lead aircraft) climbing for altitude in their T-38As on ACM mission with CVW-6 aircraft at MCAS Yuma, Ariz.
1977-07 Naval Aviation Magazine 1977-07 Naval Aviation Magazine
July 1977 JOC Bill Bearden of NA News' staff photographed Lt. Judy Neuffer, flight helmet in hand, along a windy NAS Patuxent River runway, front. Judy is featured with other ladies in this month's coverage of Women in Naval Aviation, beginning on page 8.
1977-08 Naval Aviation Magazine 1977-08 Naval Aviation Magazine
August 1977 Cdr. R. Rausa filmed VA-127's Rocco Walker, upper right, eyeballing a VA-113 A-7, lower left, during DACM hop. See feature beginning on page 17.
1977-09 Naval Aviation Magazine 1977-09 Naval Aviation Magazine
September 1977 Bob Lawson photographed the VF-124 Tomcat reflected in mirror landing system at NAS Miramar, front. Landing craft emerge from well deck of USS Coronado, back, during mock invasion exercise.
1992-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1992-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1992 NANews Art Director Charles Cooney captured the critical elements of the Battle of Midway in marking its 50th anniversary.
1992-08 Naval Aviation Magazine 1992-08 Naval Aviation Magazine
August 1992 Two VFA-136 FA-18C Hornets escort a VAW-121 E-2C Hawkeye off the coast of Oman (Photo by Cdr. John Leenhouts).
1992-10 Naval Aviation Magazine 1992-10 Naval Aviation Magazine
October 1992 Shooter Lt. Robin A. Erichsen prepares an A-6 Intruder for launching from the flight deck of Forrestal (AVT-16) off the coast of Florida.
1993-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1993-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1993 The tail gunner braces himself as he covers the U-boat's deck with his Browning automatic rifle to prevent manning of the German's deck gun while the blimp maneuvered for another bombing run.
1993-08 Naval Aviation Magazine 1993-08 Naval Aviation Magazine
August 1993 This Bob Lawson photo captures a Vand PublicationD flown by Capt. Steve Ganyard and WSO Capt. Todd Kemper as they begin a pop-up, roll-in maneuver in their missile-laden Hornet over Owens Valley, Calif.
1993-10 Naval Aviation Magazine 1993-10 Naval Aviation Magazine
October 1993 Rick Mullen, Malibu, Calif., received honorable mention in the bimonthly ANA Photo Contest with this refueling shot of HMH-769 RH-53Ds and an HC-130 of the California Air National Guard's 129th ARS over Arizona.
1994-02 Naval Aviation Magazine 1994-02 Naval Aviation Magazine
February 1994 50 Years of AirLant ; The Jolly Rogers with the White House Touch ; Enlisted Aviation Series: Aircrew Survival Equipment man
1994-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1994-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1994 A crew member of Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) receives a "Welcome Home!" after the carrier's return from a six-month Med cruise
1995-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1995-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1995 Hank Caruso's Aerocatures Sketch-book—USNTPS 50th Anniversary. TAMPS—Windows on the Future. Flight Bag and Change of Command.
1995-12 Naval Aviation Magazine 1995-12 Naval Aviation Magazine
December 1995 Art Director Charles Cooney designed this montage of WW II Naval Aviation News covers, which represents the finale of our Naval Aviation in WW II Series.
1996-06 Naval Aviation Magazine 1996-06 Naval Aviation Magazine
June 1996 NANews Assistant Editor J02 Jerry Knaak shot this HCS-4 HH-60H Seahawk hoisting a rescue swimmer out of the water during a SAR training exercise off NS Roosevelt Roads, P.R.


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