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March 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

March 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute

March 1979 Volume 105/3/913


Destroyers for the 21st Century 24

The U. S. Navy is often accused of building ships to fight the last war; now, in time of peace, there is the opportunity to design ships for the next century.

By Commander David G. Clark, USN

The Soviet Navy and Forward Deployment 34

Conventional wisdom has it that the Soviets moved on the offensive when they began their forward naval deployment strategy in the 1960s. Perhaps the conventional view is not wisdom.

By Gary Charbonneau

The New Breed of Sailor 41

Duty, honor, and country are no longer the motivating forces they once were. Today's sailor is more concerned about himself and more inclined to ask, "Why?" Thus, he needs better leadership.

By Chief Quartermaster (SS) Raymond E. Hasson, USN
The "Capture" of Monterey in 1842 46

Aggressiveness and initiative are prized characteristics in a wartime naval commander. Alas, things don't turn out so well when the aggressive commander's nation is at peace, not war.

By Frank W. Gapp
Improving Weapons in the Fleet 55
New equipment generally doesn't operate up to its designed

potential. Bootleg fixes are one way of coping with the problem; improving the innovation system is a better one.

By Lieutenant Commander Robert J. Massey, USN (Ret.),

Jack F. Witten, and Richard I. Henderson
Pictorial—Building the Tridents' Home 62

Most of the U. S. Navy's bases in this country have been around for decades or even centuries. But the Bangor, Washington, base for the new Trident submarines is as new as tomorrow.

Photographs by Jim Davis

Lt. A.A. Fredricksen's shot of the USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618) In dry dock at Guam was an entry in the 1978 Photo Contest. This issue contains an article on Soviet response to U.S. SSBNs (page 34) and a pictorial on the home of the next generation (page 62).

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