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February 1998 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

February 1998 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

U.S. Naval Institute February 1998 Volume 124/2/1,140
The U.S. Naval Institute is a private, self-supporting, nonprofit professional society which publishes this magazine as a forum for the Sea Services. The Naval Institute is not a part of the U.S. Government. The opinions and assertions herein are the personal ones of the authors.
36 Leave a Legacy
By Senior Chief Firecontrol Technician John Snell, USN
Seniors must provide a blend of innovation and experience, on a 24-hour basis.
38 There's Value in Diversity
By Senior Chief Yeoman Mike Tainter, USN (Ret.)
But we must emphasize similarities, not differences, in demonstrating this.
41 'White Jacket' Revisited
By Chief Signalman Scott Baxter, USNR
Melville's guidance still applies today, at the deck-plate level.
24 Where Have All the 0-3s Gone?
By Lieutenant Llewellyn D. Lewis, USN
More might stay, "if the Navy just made an effort." 27 Innovation for the Interwar Years
By Captain James Carman, USN; Colonel Mitchell Triplett, USMC; Commander James Nault, USN; Lieutenant Commander Russell Bartlett, USN; and Lieutenant David Adams, USN
New operational concepts must be harnessed to the promise of new technology.
32 Often the Only Option
By The Honorable John Douglass
Strong naval forces are more than a tool of foreign policy; they are a precondition for it.
43 Honor Is a Seamless Garment
By Captain Robert J. Phillips, Chaplain Corps, USN
Core values don't vanish once you're a mile away from the flagpole.
47 When Lethal Force Won't Do
By Colonel Dennis B. Herbert, USMC (Ret.)
Developing nonlethal technologies calls for an integrated, multidisciplinary effort.
50 MOUT: The Show Stopper
By Robert E. Podlesny
Is Desert Storm the warfare model for the future? Try Mogadishu—or any other city.
55 Two Admirals for an Ensign
By Lieutenant Colonel Merrill L. Bartlett, USMC (Ret.)
In adversity, the Class of 1881 drew together. Departments 24 60
60 Can We Protect Our Coasts?
By Commander Timothy R. Dring, USNR
Naval coastal warfare forces have become valuable partners, at home and abroad.
64 Reserve Yard-Sale!
By Captain William K Fogerty, USNR (Ret.) and Professor Timothy Somes
Naval Reserve Centers are becoming an anachronism.
Naval Institute at 125 3
General Charles C. Krulak, USMC Commander Jan M. van Tol, USN Professional Notes 68
Break down the Barriers •
Psychological Operations . . . From the Sea Number-Crunching Through the Surf
Why Not Miramar?
Nobody asked me, but .. 77
Is Anyone Listening?
Save the Silver Dolphins! Leadership Forum 79
We Seek Homeostasis
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Cover: Sailors on board the Hayler (DD-997) handle lines during underway replenishment in high seas. Winners of the Second Annual Enlisted Essay Contest are featured on
pp. 36-42. (Cover photo by Brian R. Wolff/ IIPI 0 1998.)

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