May 1971 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

May 1971 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute
May 1971
Volume 97, Number 819
Frank Uhlig, Jr.
Assistant Editors
Jan Snouck-Hurgronje Clayton R. Barrow, Jr. Robert A. Cohen
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Biographies of Authors

Naval and Maritime Events, 1 January-30 June 1970

IF E. Dutcher, Lieutenant, U. S. Naval Reserve


The Defense of Northwest Europe and the North Sea

J. L. Moulton, Major General, Royal Marines (Retired) Japan and Her Maritime Defense

Hideo Sekino, Commander, Imperial Japanese Navy (Retired)

Marine Aviation in Vietnam, 1962-1970

Keith B. McCutcheon, Lieutenant General, U. S. Marine Corps

Maritime Support of the Campaign in I Corps

Frank C. Collins, Jr., Commander, U. S. Navy

The Naval War in Vietnam, 1950-1970

R. L. Schreadley, Commander, U. S. Navy

"Capable of Serving as a Naval and Military Auxiliary . .

Lane C. Kendall

The Pollution of the Coastal Ocean and the Great Lakes

M. Grant Gross

Destroyers, 1971

Richard F. Cross, III

Sea Power: A Commentary

The Influence of Modern Sea Power, 1945-1970

John D. Hayes, Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy (Retired)


Soviet Naval Activities, 1970

Robert W. Daly

Z-Grams, 1-70, Summarized

Flag and General Officers of the Naval Services

Naval and Maritime Events, 1 July-31 December 1970

Toby Marquez, Lieutenant (junior grade), U. S. Navy, and J. B. Finkelstein, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy

Summary of Major Naval, Maritime, and Military Forces 351

4 12 55
80 98 122 156 180 210 228 244 2,74 285

Pledsgrapera The names of the owners, or of the photographers wherever known, are given herewith. PHC Billy L. Mason, USN 55, 293 U. S. Naval Academy Museum 79 Li Um J. Tbrhunia USN 50-111 German Defense Ministry 88 Hawker Siddeley 91 Tass from SovFoto 92, 274 btm, 283, 285 Official Royal Navy 94 top Ift. & rt., 270 Ift asp, owl. him. United Aircraft Corp. 94 cntr. Ift. Stefan Terzibachitsch 94 btm. 1ft. Y. Yamada 98-99 Fujinagata Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. 108 cntr. Tsurumi Shipyard me bon Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. 109 Shizuo Fukui 117 cntr. Ships of the World Magazine 117 btm., 118 top & cntr. Motoyoshi Hon 119, 244-245

Moaner tlei SSgt. Gary Thomas, USMC 132 Cpl. J. Morales, USMC 141 Sgt. T. H. Nairns, USMC 144 SSgt. D. L. Shearer, USMC 146 Sgt. Mike Teramoso, USMC 147 Cpl M. R. Wolfe, USMC 149 PHI Rus Elder, USN 160, 165 top & btm. PH1 T. L. Lawson, USN 169 top PHi D. F. Grantham, USN 169 cntr. LCpI. l L Cula, USMC 177 Straka Prose Information 180-181 LCdr. F. D. Scovel, USN 185 top JOC T. M. Jorgenson, USN 190 top PHC B. Veeder, USN 190 cntr. Roberto 0 Moan IRO bim , 192 La J. D. Eldridge, USN 196 top & btm. PHC Arthur Hill, USN 202 cntr. JOCS Ed Nelson, USN 207 top Lt. (j.g.) T. S. Storck, USNR 207 {nil IS) )01 Joseph D. Sheets, USN 220, 221, 225 UPI, Inc. 228-229, 232, 236, 237 Maryland's Health Magazine 235 Environmental Protection Agency 238 Hans Mara Mo P142 Oendd C Weever 270 btm. cntr. PHI J. L. Black 264 btm. Ift. NASA 281

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