October 1974 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

October 1974 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute Proceedings
October 1974
Volume 100, Number 9/859
Command and Control: Changeless—Yet Changing 22
We think we can cope with Vietnam II or even with Nuclear War I; but what could be our undoing is a conflict that is bigger than the former and smaller than the latter.
Rear Adm. Donald T. Poe, USN
v/sToL: Stalled? 32
Five years after Harrier, there is no indication that those responsible for the Free World's combat aircraft development are doing much thinking about V/STOL.
R. M. Braybrook
Sooner or later, to every P.W. taken in Vietnam, as to every other P.W. throughout history, two questions occurred: What is worth enduring torture for? What is worth dying for? 41
Lt. Cdr. George T. Coker, USN
The Military and Politics 47
In the past, when the President has said "Go!", the military man has gone, unquestioning. He may go again, or he may stop to
inquire about his civil liberties or to discuss electoral politics.
dalMaj. H.J. Sage, usmc
Admiral of the Fleet S. G. Gorshkov, SN
V. Lansing Collins
Navies in War and in Peace
Admiral Gorshkov deplores visits by U. S. warships to foreign ports as attempts to coerce and intimidate; but he sees similar visits by Soviet warships as friendly and magnanimous.
The Sultan's Submarines
In 1885, the Greek government purchased a Nordenfelt-built submarine and, with war between Greece and Turkey more imminent than usual, Turkey bought two from Nordenfelt.
Teach was his name and "Teaching" was on its way to becoming a very painful process until a Royal Navy lieutenant intervened to teach Teach his last lesson.
The first woman in any of the armed services to be commissioned a Chaplain, Lieutenant Florence Pohlman, USN, is portrayed in this painting by Margaret Holland Sargent, for the Navy's Combat Art Center in Washington, D.C.
The Old Navy 79
Comment and Discussion 83
Book Reviews 95
Books of Interest to the
Professional 99
Professional Notes 103
Notebook 112
Complete Book List 120
The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U. S. Naval Institute.

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