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December 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

December 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute
December 1979
Volume 105/12/922

28 Bear Claws and Dragon Teeth
By Rear Admiral Kemp Tolley, USN (Ret.)
Is it inevitable that the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon will one day rend each other with tooth and nail?
35 The "Up-or-Out" Policy
By Lieutenant Commander Nicholas]. Schmitt, SC, USN
Because it is geared to fill a limited number of openings, the promotion system passes over some qualified officers. And if they don't go up, they must go out.
42 A New Focus On Antarctica
By Rear Admiral William S. Schwob, USCG, and Harry M. Tollerton
The competition for petroleum exploration in this region may chill some presently friendly relations as a second Antarctic Treaty is being negotiated.
46 The Last Battleship
By Lieutenant Commander Paul Stillwell, USNR
It has been ten years since the world's last active battleship was decommissioned, but the memory of her remains fresh.
52 The Big Ship in My Life
By Captain Robert C Peniston, USN (Ret.)
The New Jersey was his first ship, and he was her last captain; but what should have been the high point of his career turned into major disappointment instead.
54 Let's Salvage the Salvage Force
By Commander William I. Milwee, USN (Ret.)
We may never again attain the wealth of salvage equipment and the level of expertise that was ours in World War II.
60 Rusty Hand of Steel: the Naval Raid
By Lieutenant Commander Roger L. Crossland, USNR
The terror tactics of raids from the sea do not win wars, but they do get an enemy's attention.
67 Pictorial—The Modern American Merchant Marine
By Colonel Lane C. Kendall, USMCR (Rd.)
The good news is that today's merchant ships are impressive
individually; the bad news is that there aren't enough of them.
Departments Cover
17 Secretary's Notes In 1970 and 1975, the Soviet Navy conducted worldwide naval exercises. Two Kiev-class carriers (the Minsk is pictured) have joined the fleet since then. "Okean-80: The Russians Are Coming Again in 1980" is the lead professional note of this issue. (Photo by PH3 Colin Fritz, U. S. Navy) The opinions or assertions in the articles are the personal ones of the authors and are not to be construed as official. They do not necessarily reflect the views of either the Navy Department or the U. S. Naval Institute.
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