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August 1979 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, August 1979, Volume 105/8/918.

Gene Klebe produced these three paintings of Seabee work on Diego Garcia for the Navy's Combat Art Collection. Superimposed on a chart of the atoll are pier construction, runway paving, and pole erection. Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, August 1979, Volume 105/8/918. GGA Image ID # 167a2905d4


Seapower in the Indian Ocean: A Requirement for Western Security
By Captain John E. lut coat art, USN (Ret.)
The long lines at U. S. gas pumps this summer have reinforced the importance of imported oil to our country. Will we take steps to ensure the continuing flow of that oil from the Middle East?

Soviet Naval Policy in the Indian Ocean
By Leutenanl Commander William F. Hickman. USN
"Gunboat Diplomacy," that hated hallmark of imperialism, is alive and flourishing in the Indian Ocean, where its primary practitioner is not the U. S. or U. K., but the U.S.S.R.

Pictorial—Diego Garcia: the Seabees at Work
Photographs and Text by Journalist First Class Kirby Harrison. USN
The coral atoll is a long way from anything, but it's in the middle of everything in the Indian Ocean, and that's why the Seabees are reinforcing its naval support capability.

Maritime Egypt: An Island in a Sea of Sand
By Captain Peter F. Block, USN (Ret.)
Throughout the various Middle East Wars of the past 30 years, Egypt was on the "other" side. Now', however, we are developing ties of friendship and learning to appreciate its maritime potential.

Special Problems in Navies in Developing Countries
By Commander Raja Menon, IN
We are familiar with the problems that go with trying to operate a large navy; less well known to us are the problems that plague the kind of small, backward navy we ourselves once were.

Lawrence of Arabia's Debt to Seapower
By Commander Charles L. Parnell, USN
One of Lawrence's pleasures during the Arab Revolt was to rest on board Royal Navy ships between victories. Without those ships, there may have been no victories.


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