August 1976 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

August 1976 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute

August 1976 Volume 102/8/882


"If I Become a Prisoner of War . . ." 18
The Code of Conduct, an outgrowth of Korean War POW experience, was expected to offer a moral lifeline to future POWs. But, as Vietnam demonstrated, it is little more than words, many of them ambiguous.
By ColonelJ. Howard Dunn, USMC (Ret.) and Major W. Hays Parks, USMC
Their Energy—Our Crisis 28
Power, and puissance are synonyms. But so, too, are power and
energy. And, in terms of energy resources, the 21st century may see
two superpowers, but America is not likely to be one of them.

By C. Sharp Cook
The Coast Guard Auxiliary 33
Willie Sutton puckishly said he robbed banks " 'Cause that's where
the money is." The Coast Guard Auxiliary, larger than its parent,
thrives primarily by going "Where the action is"—in civilian boating.

By Lieutenant CommanderJames D. Prout, USCG
Sea Power—Teddy's "Big Stick" 40

Alfred Thayer Mahan examined the influence of Sea Power on history and thereby influenced not only U. S. history but also one of the
most dynamic of all U. S. presidents, Theodore Roosevelt.

By Captain Guy Cane, USN
Pictorial—Cinderella Carriers 52
In real life, pumpkins may not become coaches, but cargo ships and
oilers were transformed into aircraft carriers which materially
contributed to victory in World War II.

By Captain Robert L. Evans, USN (Ret.) and Captain Fitzhugh L. Palmer, Jr., USN (Ret.)




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Carl Evers' painting of the Gambier Bay is the newest addition to the Naval Institute Print Gallery series.

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