June 1981 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

June 1981 Proceedings Magazine: United States Naval Institute

Front Cover, An SH-3A Sea King hovers as it uses its active dipping sonar in the Pacific. This capability is in danger of being lost if a replacement for the SH-3 and its ASW offense is not found immediately. For more details on the Sea King, see page 99. Photo by R. L. Lawson. Proceedings, United States Naval Institute, June 1981, Vol. 107/6/940. GGA Image ID # 16a81519b8


Needed: Flying Squadrons For Flexibility
By Lieutenant James L. George, USN (Ret.)
The upcoming “surplus” of one U. S. aircraft carrier affords the opportunity to create a powerful crisis-reaction force.

The Worldwide Soviet Threat
By Admiral Jose J. Merino, Chilean Navy
If the enemy of our enemy is our friend, why are we so unfriendly toward Chile which is unfriendly toward the U.S.S.R.?

Combat Engineers: Obstacles to Overcome
By Major James A. Marapoti, USMC
Whether the obstacles are man-made or natural, the Marines will need better equipment and training to overcome them.

A Return to Military Smartness and Discipline
By Captain Ronald A. Bowling, USN (Ret.)
Permissiveness, particularly toward the use of drugs, has gone too far in the Navy. It’s time for offenders to shape up or ship out.

By USS St. Paul (CA-73)
Cutting torches may have reduced the old heavy cruiser to scrap, but they couldn’t keep her from remembering how she used to be.

“Broadway” Sailors
By David Watts Tibbott
World War I was young and so were many of the naval reservists on board J. P. Morgan's yacht Corsair when she headed for France.

America’s Working Heritage
By Edwin H. Mairs
Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and so it is as the barque Eagle trains future Coast Guard officers.


  • Old Navy
    Booze Aboard
  • Leadership Forum
    Classical Approach to Leadership
  • Nobody asked me, but ....
    A Battleship Manning Proposal
  • Book Reviews
    The Rapid Deployment Force and U. S. Military Intervention in the Persian Gulf
    The Devil's Voyage
    A Drop Too Many
  • Professional Notes
    Sea King: ASW Workhorse
    The Federal German Navy: Linchpin of the Northern Flank
    The Buck Starts Here
    The FFG-7 Program: A Shipbuilding Status Report
    Toward Smaller, Simpler Submarines
    Naval Warfare in the Gulf: Iraq versus Iran
    Return of the Prodigals
  • Special
    One of Their New Destroyers: Sovremennyy
  • Other Departments
    Secretary’s Notes
    Comment and Discussion
    Books of Interest

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