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SS Montclare Farewell Dinner Menu - 10 September 1936

Front Cover, SS Montclare Farewell Dinner Menu - 10 September 1936

Vintage Farewell Dinner Menu from 10 September 1936 on board the SS Montclare of the Canadian Pacific featured Fillet of Beef Roasted, Dubarry, Macedoine au Beurre, and Smyrna Pudding for dessert. The menu contained two pages of autographs from fellow passengers.

Menu Items

  • Californian Fruit Cocktail
  • Tomato Farcie, Mikado
  • Croute au Pot
  • Creamed Chicken Soup
  • Fried Slip Sole Doree
  • Cassolette of Sweetbreads, Toulouse
  • Fillet of Beef Roasted, Dubarry
  • Cauliflower, Cream Sauce
  • Macedoine au Beurre
  • Potatoes: Boiled, Rissol√©es
  • Roast Turkey, Cranberry Jelly


  • York Ham
  • Ox Tongue
  • Salads: Heart of Lettuce, Emma
  • Smyrna Pudding
  • Ice Cream
  • Victoria Sandwich



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