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RMS Laconia Farewell Dinner Menu Card - 8 September 1914

Menu Card - Dinner Menu RMS Laconia 8 September 1914

Vintage Bill of Fare Card from a Westbound voyage from Liverpool to Boston, featured Tortue Verte, Merlan Frit au Citron, Sirloin & Ribs of Beef and Gelee à la Russe for Dessert. The ship arrived in Boston on 8 September 1914. Although not specifically stated, this would have been the Farewell Dinner.

Dinner Menu Card

Cunard Line

R M.S. Laconia

Tuesday, 8 September 1914

  • Hors d' Oeuvres -- varies


  • Tortue Verte
  • Potage Waterloo


  • Coding -- Sauce Fines Herbes
  • Merlan Frit au Citron


  • Salmi de Gibier -- Jules Janin


  • Sirloin & Ribs of Beef
  • Quarter of Lamb
  • Braised Gosling


  • Cauliflower
  • Rice
  • Epinards à la Creme
  • Potatoes : -- Boiled, Mashed
  • Ox Tongue -- Succotash


  • Crème Parisienne
  • Tarte Namuroise
  • Gelee à la Russe
  • Mignardises
  • French Ice Cream & Wafers


American Flags on Back Side of 1914 Laconia Dinner Menu

Information about Menu

  • Date: 1914-09-08
  • Class: Not Stated
  • Number of Printed Pages: 2 Placard Style - insides are blank; back side is the Cunard insignia.
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 18.5 cm
  • Notable Passengers: Willey, Catherine. Boston, Laconia, September 9, 1914. En route to Lake Forest, Illinois, surviving passenger on the Lusitania.
  • Elizabeth and Florence Whitehead sailed on the Cunarder Laconia on 1 September 1914 arriving in Boston on 8 September. The sisters also were survivors of the Lusitania.
  • World War I: This voyage was made after the declaration of war on August 4, 1914.
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