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Special Occasion Menus

Special Occasion Menus include Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, the American Independence Day (4th of July), Valentine's Day, and other remarkable occasions such as Anniversaries and Royal Romance commemoratives.

Front Cover, Anniversary Dinner Menu, Hamburg American Line, SS New York, 18 July 1937

SS New York Anniversary Dinner Menu 18 July 1937

This Anniversary Dinner Menu celebrates the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Hamburg-American Line (1847-1937). The menu featured Eggs with Caviar, Boiled Turbot with Sauce Romain and Tournedos with Potato Croquettes. A Music Program is on the Back Cover.

Menu Cover, Christmas Eve Reveillon Dinner Menu, SS De Grasse, CGT French Line (1950)

SS De Grasse Christmas Menu - 24 December 1950

A Caribbean Cruise Christmas Eve Reveillon Menu from the French Line with an all French Menu Selection that included such dishes as La Cote de Bœuf au Currant Jelly and Le Jambon Fume de Parme.

Front Cover, Easter Dinner Menu, SS Manhattan, United States Lines, April 21, 1935

SS Manhattan Easter Dinner Menu - 21 April 1935

Elegant tassle string bound Easter Dinner Menu featured Boiled River Salmon, Sauce Colbert, Roast Stuffed Vermont Turkey and Legs and Saddle of Easter Lamb. Music Program included.

Easter Dinner Menu, RMS Mauretania, Cunard Line, 1934

RMS Mauretania Easter Dinner Menu - 1 April 1934

Beautiful graphic cover provides an entryway to an exceptional and extensive menu for this Au Revoir Easter Dinner onboard the Mauretania. Entrées included Fresh Turtle Steaks, Sirloin Steaks Chasseur and Roast Quarter of Lamb.

Menu Card - Dinner Menu SS Caledonia 4 July 1905

SS Caledonia Independence Day Dinner Menu Card - 4 July 1905

Fourth of July Menu from the SS Caledonia of the Anchor Line featured Green Turtle Soup, Mutton Cutlets à la Deplomate and Pudding à la Republic, Sherry Sauce.

Menu Cover, Dinner on the SS Noordland of the American Line 4 July 1908

SS Noordland Independence Day Dinner Menu - 4 July 1908

This rare fourth of July Menu from the SS Noordland of the American Line featured Broiled Chicken. Maryland Style and Petits Fillets Mignonne's. The complete lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner were printed on the bask side of the menu.

Menu Card, Dinner Menu, Anchor Line RMS Cameronia - 1922

RMS Cameronia Royal Romance Dinner Menu Card - 28 February 1922

Combination of a Menu and Souvenir of the Royal Wedding in this beautifully preserved dinner menu from 28 February 1922. The Cameronia was on a Westbound Voyage from Liverpool that arrived in New York on 8 March 1922.

Front Cover, Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, RMS Franconia, Cunard Line, 14 February 1930

RMS Franconia Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - 14 February 1930

A very elegant Valentine's Day Dinner Menu prepared onboard the RMS Franconia of the Cunard Line featured Fillets of Sole, Boiled Salmon, Mousse de Volaille and Tournedos on this Thos. Cook & Son World Cruise in 1930.

Front Cover, Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - SS Reliance 1938

SS Reliance Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - 14 February 1938

Elegant and Ornate Dinner Menu for St. Valentine's Day on board the SS Reliance for Monday, 14 February 1938. The meal featured Fillet of Halibut, Tournedos, and Styrian Pheasant.

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, RMS Transylvania, Anchor Line, 14 February 1927 - Front Cover

RMS Transylvania Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - 14 February 1927

Large Format elaborate Saint Valentine's Day Dinner Menu from a 1927 Mediterranean Cruise on the RMS Transylvania of the Anchor Line. Featured menu items included Prime Rib and Sirloin of Beef, Corned Ox Tongue, and Roast Gigot of Mutton.


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