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Specialty Menus

Vintage Specialty Menus include Children's Parties, Gala and Jubiliee Dinners, Kosher, Wine, Liquors, and Tobacco Menus.

Children's Party Menu, Cunard Line RMS Aquitania, 1924

RMS Aquitania Children's Party Bill of Fare - 1 October 1924

Very rare Bill of Fare from Wednesday, 1 October 1924, for a Children's Party on board the Steamship Aquitania. Although it didn't state the class, we suspect that it was for Cabin Class passengers.

Menu Cover for a Gala Dinner Menu, White Star Line SS Laurentic, 1928

SS Laurentic Gala Dinner Bill of Fare - 27 January 1928

Vintage Gala Dinner Bill of Fare from Friday, 27 January 1928 on board the White Star Line SS Laurentic features gala selections for that era including Salmon `'rout, Bercy, Prawns a l'Indienne and Vermont Turkey.

Menu Cover - Kosher Dinner Menu, RMS Queen Mary, Cunard Line, 8 June 1936

RMS Queen Mary Kosher Dinner Bill of Fare - 8 June 1936

Strictly Kosher Dinner Bill of Fare from Monday, 8 June 1936 onboard the RMS Queen Mary, featured Boiled Fresh Salmon, Fried Haddock and Corn on the Cob.

Kosher Luncheon Menu, RMS Aquitania, Cunard Line, 8 July 1936

RMS Aquitania Kosher Luncheon Bill of Fare - 8 July 1936

Strictly Kosher Lunch Bill of Fare from the RMS Aquitania for Wednesday, 8 July 1936. Bill of Fare featured Baked Fresh Haddock, Omelette Portugaise and Frankfurters with Sauerkraut.

Wine, Liquor, Other Beverages and Tobacco Menu

Vintage Wine, Liquors, and Tobacco Bill of Fare - February 1898

Vintage Wine List Bill of Fare Card from the Cunard Line included other items such as liquor, beverages and tobacco. Printed on the reverse side of an 1898 Bill of Fare card.

Wine, Spirits and Tobacco Selections from 1902

Vintage Wine Spirits, and Liqueurs Bill of Fare Card - 1902

April 1902 Wine, Liqueur and Spirits Bill of Fare Card from the Cunard Line printed on the reverse side of a Bill of Fare card form the RMS Ivernia, 30 June 1902.

Front Cover, Cunard Wine List from April 1927

Cunard Line Wine, Spirits, and Tobacco Bill of Fare - April 1927

Superb expansive Wine List for the Cunard Line from April 1927 features an extensive Bill of Fare of Champagnes, French Sparkling Wines, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhine Still Wines, Moselle Still Wines, Italian Wines, Port Sherry Vermouth, Liqueurs, Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Cocktails, Cider, Ale, Stout, Beer, Mineral and Medicinal Waters along with the finest tobacco products an Playing Cards... Everything you could possibly want or desire during your meal or after a meal in the Smoking Room or Ladies Lounge.


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