RMS Campania Passenger List 23 September 1899

Passenger List, RMS Campania, Cunard Line 1899

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 23 September 1899 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain J. B. Watt.

Notable Passengers included: Bernard N. Baker, Prof. George F. Barker, Dr. L. F. Barker, Lord Charles Beresford, William Christie, Stuart A. Coats, Ethel Cohen, General John Gill, Edwin Lawrence Godkin, Benjamin S. Guinness, Augustus D. Juilliard, The Right Hon. Arnold Morley, M.P., Victor Nordan, William Wallace Spence, William T. Wardwell.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: J. B. Watt
  2. Surgeon: Francis VERDON
  3. Purser: T. Graham
  4. Chief Steward: W. T. BRYDEN

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mrs. A. N. Allen
  2. Mr. John Ames
  3. Mrs. Fred L. Ames
  4. Miss Ames and Maid
  5. Mr. H. Van Arsdale
  6. Mrs. Van Arsdale
  7. Mrs. Frida Ashforth
  8. Mr. H. G. Aster
  9. Mr. S. H. Austin
  10. Mrs. Austin
  11. Mr. A. G. Babington
  12. Miss B. J. Baczalupo
  13. Mr. Bernard N. Baker
  14. Miss Baker
  15. Miss Baker
  16. Prof. George F. Barker (Note 1)
  17. Dr. L. F. Barker of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  18. Dr. Richard Barschall
  19. Mr. A. Benson
  20. Lord Charles Beresford and Valet (Note 2)
  21. Lady Beresford and Maid
  22. Mr. Sylvan Bier
  23. Mrs. Bier
  24. Mr. Hugh T. Birch
  25. Miss Bone
  26. Mr. J. Boskowitz
  27. Mrs. Boskowitz
  28. Miss Florence Boskowitz
  29. Miss Irma Boskowitz
  30. Mr. G. W. Brandt
  31. Rev. Francis Brown (1849-1916)
  32. Mr. Brown
  33. Mrs. Brown
  34. Mr. Louis S. Brush
  35. Mr. Willard Parker Butler (Attorney (March 28, 1857-1935))
  36. Mr. John L. Cadwalader and Valet (Attorney (1837 - March 11, 1914))
  37. Mr. Angus Cameron
  38. Mr. Evan F. Cameron
  39. Mrs. Angus Cameron
  40. Miss Cameron
  41. Master Angus S. Cameron
  42. Rev. G. C. Carter
  43. Mrs. Carter
  44. Miss C. Choate
  45. Mr. William Christie (Note 3)
  46. Mr. C. H. Clark, Jr.
  47. Mrs. Clark
  48. Mr. Stuart A. Coats and Valet (Note 4)
  49. Mrs. Coats and Maid, Child and Maid, Infant and Nurse
  50. Mrs. J. Coddington
  51. Miss Coddington
  52. Mr. S. L. Cohen
  53. Mrs. Cohen
  54. Miss Ethel Cohen (Note 5)
  55. Mrs. H. Colill
  56. Mr. Howard Conkling
  57. Mr. C. H. B. Corbett
  58. Dr. Churchill Cornalt
  59. Miss Helen Coughlin
  60. Hon. J. Sergent Crain
  61. Mr. W. Mansell Daintrey (William Mansell Daintrey (1848 - 27 May 1909))
  62. Mr. E. L. Dangerfield
  63. Mr. Francis L. Dangerfield
  64. Mrs. E. L. Dangerfield
  65. Miss Mary H. Dangerfield
  66. Miss Sallie Dangerfield
  67. Mr. S. C. Davidson
  68. Miss S. F. Dickerman
  69. Mrs. George E. Dodge
  70. Miss Cissie Dodge and Maid
  71. Mr. Patrick Donahue
  72. Mrs. Donahue
  73. Mrs. C. Donahue
  74. Miss Mary Donahue
  75. Mrs. John V. Donahue
  76. Miss M. E. Doughtery
  77. Mrs. Isaac Dreyfus
  78. Miss Valeria Dreyfus
  79. Mr. E. J. Duff
  80. Col. James N. Duffy
  81. Mrs. Duffy
  82. Mrs. E. H. Duffy and Child
  83. Mr. G. N. Dunell
  84. Mrs. Dunell
  85. Dr. W. L. Edwards
  86. Mrs. Edwards
  87. Mr. D. J. Elliot
  88. Miss Elliot
  89. Dr. Wm. Ely (William E. Ely (March 6, 1861- 10 Apr 1951))
  90. Mrs. Ely (Alice Kirby)
  91. Mr. Erik Enequist
  92. Rev. P. J. Fahey
  93. Mrs. M. Fatman
  94. Miss M. Fatman
  95. Miss E. Fatman and Maid
  96. Miss Fitch
  97. Mr. Fitzhugh
  98. Mrs. Fitzhugh
  99. Mr. D. G. Fleming
  100. Mr. J. M. Flint
  101. Mr. C. A. Freeman
  102. Mr. T. H. French
  103. Mr. Thomas Gallaher
  104. Mr. Jas. A. Garland
  105. Mr. C. T. Garland and Manservant
  106. Miss Hilda Geist
  107. Mr. Karl Gerwig
  108. General John Gill (Note 6)
  109. Miss M. K. Gillooly
  110. Mrs. Glazebrook, Child and Maid
  111. Mr. Henry Glazier
  112. Mr. Isaac Glazier (Stockbroker ( - June 6, 1906))
  113. Mrs. Glazier and Maid
  114. Mr. S. W. Glazier (Simon William Glazier - Stockbroker (1830 - August 30, 1906))
  115. Mrs. Glazier
  116. Mr. E. L. Godkin and Valet (Note 7)
  117. Mrs. Godkin
  118. Mr. P. J. Goodhart
  119. Mrs. Goodhart, Two Children, Companion and Maid
  120. Master P. J. Goodhart
  121. Dr. Wm. Green
  122. Mrs. Green
  123. Mr. Matthew Greenlees
  124. Mrs. Greenlees
  125. Mr. B. S. Guinness and Valet (Benjamin S. Guinness)
  126. Hon. A. Hamilton
  127. Miss J. M. Hamilton
  128. Mr. Hance
  129. Mrs. Hance
  130. Mrs. W. W. Harral, Jr.
  131. Mr. R. S. Hedges
  132. Mr. Arthur Hill and Valet
  133. Mrs. Hill and Maid
  134. Mr. Pemberton Hollingsworth
  135. Mrs. Hollingsworth
  136. Miss Lina Hirsch
  137. Mrs. Hone
  138. Miss Hone and Maid
  139. Mr. Howe
  140. Mrs. Howe
  141. Mr. Edmund G. Howe (1826-1907)
  142. Mrs. John R. Hoxie
  143. Miss Anna Hoxie
  144. Mr. Arthur Hunter
  145. Mr. Charles F. Irving
  146. Judge Jackson
  147. Mr. Marion M. Jackson
  148. Mrs. Jackson
  149. Mr. W. F. Jennison
  150. Mr. Lucien J. Jerome
  151. Mrs. Jerome
  152. Mr. William Fell Johnson
  153. Mr. Price Jones
  154. Mr. A. E. Jones
  155. Mr. A. D. Juilliard (Note 8)
  156. Mrs. Juilliard and Maid
  157. Mr. D. C. Keating
  158. Mr. William Kennedy
  159. Mr. Simon Knudsen
  160. Mr. Fred Krause
  161. Mr. A. E. Lamb
  162. Mrs. Lamb
  163. Miss Grace Lamb
  164. Mr. F. Lassetter
  165. Mrs. Lassetter
  166. Dr. H. A. Lathrop
  167. Mr. Thomas Learning
  168. Mrs. Learning and Maid
  169. Mr. J. Lindboe
  170. Mrs. Gustave Loeser
  171. Miss H. Bertha Loeser
  172. Miss Longbottom
  173. Mr. John T. Lord
  174. Miss Mary B. Lord
  175. Mr. Edward Lowe
  176. Mrs. Edward Lowe and Maid
  177. Master Edward Lowe
  178. Miss Barbara Lowe
  179. Hon. G. R Lyon
  180. Mrs. Lyon
  181. Mr. Arthur W. Machen, Jr. (Attorney (1877-1950))
  182. Miss Fannie L. Magee
  183. Miss Eliza J. Magee
  184. Miss Anna J. Magee
  185. Dr. Maguire
  186. Mrs. Maguire
  187. Signor Mancinelli
  188. Mr. Chas. R. Marsh (Charles R. Marsh)
  189. Mrs. Charles Marsh
  190. Sister Mary
  191. Mr. W. F. Mason
  192. Mr. Jas. McAlpin-Pyle
  193. Mr. D. H. McAlpin-Pyle
  194. Rev. Wm J. McClure
  195. Mr. Leo H. McColl
  196. Rev. Alex. McGaffin (Alexander McGaffin)
  197. Miss May M. McGodern
  198. Very Rev. J. J. McLoughlin
  199. Mr. Thomas McLoughlin
  200. Mr. Meyer
  201. Mr. A. Meyer
  202. Mrs. A. Meyer
  203. Miss Meyer
  204. Mr. Phillip F. Meyers
  205. Mrs. Meyers
  206. Mr. Sarafino Saitha de Michele
  207. Miss Mitchell
  208. The Right Hon. Arnold Morley, M.P. and Valet (Note 9)
  209. Mr. H. S. Morton
  210. Miss Augusta B. Mulcahey
  211. Dr. E. W. Mulligan
  212. Mrs. Mulligan, Two Children and Maid
  213. Miss H. Niel
  214. Mr. Victor Nordan (Note 10)
  215. Judge M. Outcall
  216. Mrs. Outcall
  217. Mr. John W. Paine
  218. Mr. John Paine
  219. Mr. J. V. Painter
  220. Mrs. Painter
  221. Miss Painter
  222. Sir James Pender, Bart., M.P
  223. Lady Pender
  224. Mr. O. H. Perkins
  225. Mr. H. M. Peyser
  226. Mr. F. B. Pinkus
  227. Mrs. F. S. Pinkus
  228. Miss Pinkus
  229. Master W. D. Pinkus
  230. Mr. Newton Platt
  231. Mrs. Platt
  232. Dr. J. Van der Poel
  233. Rev. George J. Prescott
  234. Mrs. G. J. Prescott
  235. Miss Prescott
  236. Mr. Pringle
  237. Mrs. Pringle
  238. Dr. Arthur H. Remington
  239. Mrs. [Sophie] Remington, Maid, Child (George Clifford Remington), and Special Stewardess
  240. Mrs. J. P. Remington
  241. Mr. W. Richardson
  242. Mrs. J. M. Richardson
  243. Master Herbert Richardson
  244. Miss Corinne Richardson and Maid
  245. Mr. Charles L Riker
  246. Mr. James Roberts
  247. Miss Roberts
  248. Mr. J. P. Rosenberg
  249. Mr. B. Rosenwald
  250. Mrs. Rosenwald
  251. Mr. V. Sydney Rothschild
  252. Mrs. W. H. Rothschild
  253. Miss Rothschild
  254. Miss Ida Rowland
  255. Mr. Allan Rundle
  256. Miss O. Rutherford
  257. Rev. R. J. Sadlier
  258. Mr. Schneder
  259. Mrs. Schneder
  260. Mrs. Mae Schnehoefer and Child
  261. Miss Gertrude Scholle
  262. Mr. Philip Schuyler and Valet
  263. Mrs. Schuyler and Maid
  264. Mr. George Seeman
  265. Mrs. Seeman
  266. Miss Stella Seeman
  267. Mr. S. A. Smith
  268. Mr. Harold C. Smith
  269. Mr. Bruce D. Smith
  270. Mr. A. H. Smith
  271. Mr. Walter B. Smith
  272. Mr. Byron L. Smith
  273. Mrs. Smith
  274. Mr. C. Robinson Smith
  275. Mrs. Smith
  276. Miss Smith
  277. Miss G. R. Smith
  278. Miss H. R. Smith
  279. Miss A. F. Smith
  280. Mr. H. E. Southwell
  281. Mrs. Southwell
  282. Mr. W. W. Spence (Note 11)
  283. Mr. Alfred Steinheim
  284. Mr. Benjamin Stern
  285. Mrs. Stern and Maid
  286. Mr. Charles Sternbach
  287. Mrs. Sternbach and Maid
  288. Mr. David Stettauer
  289. Mrs. Stettauer
  290. Miss Stettauer and Maid
  291. Mr. Richard Sutro
  292. Mrs. Sutro
  293. Miss Sutro
  294. Miss Sutro and Maid
  295. Mr. W. H. Tailer
  296. Mrs. Tailer and Maid
  297. Mr. Edward N. Tailor
  298. Mrs. Tailer
  299. Mr. John B Taylor
  300. Mr. A. E. Taylor
  301. Mrs. S. B. Taylor
  302. Miss Elizabeth Taylor
  303. Mr. G. C. Thomas
  304. Mrs. Thomas
  305. M. J. Tierney
  306. Mr. George N. Tillman (George Newton Tillman, Attorney)
  307. Mrs. [Martha] Tillman
  308. Mr. Charles Timson
  309. Mr. John A. Turney
  310. Mr. Wm. T. Wardwell (Note 12)
  311. Mrs. Wardwell (Neé Martha Wallace Ruff)
  312. Mr. J. G Watson
  313. Mrs. Wesley Watson
  314. Miss M. Weadley
  315. Rev. J. P. White
  316. Comte de Wierzbicki
  317. Miss L. Wignall
  318. Dr. Reynold Webb Wilcox
  319. Mrs. Wilcox (Frances M. Wilcox)
  320. Mr. Clem Wild
  321. Mrs. G. Huntington Williams and Maid
  322. Mrs. A. Wiltsie
  323. Miss Wiltsie
  324. Mrs. A. L. Wiser
  325. Mr. Jacob A. Wolford
  326. Mrs. Wolford
  327. Mrs. W. J. Wood
  328. Miss Wood
  329. Mr. W. J. Woodhead

Information for Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times :—Breakfast from 8-30 to 10; Luncheon at 1:00 pm; Dinner (a la Carte) at 7. Supper, if required, must be ordered before 10 o'clock. The Bar will be closed at 11:00 pm and the Smoking Room at 11:30 pm. The Second Steward has the arrangement of the seats at table.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am

All enquiries regarding Baggage should be made to the Purser.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of 4/- for the voyage.

Valuables and money should be deposited with the Purser who will give a receipt for same on the Company's form.

Information as to the methods of Custom's Inspection at New York, dutiable articles and rate of duty thereon, can be obtained from the Purser.

Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in the United Kingdom unless a license has been issued by the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms for license can only be obtained by direct application.

Special Trains are run between Riverside Station, Liverpool, and Euston Station, London, in connection with the arrival and departure of these Steamers. All the other Railway Stations in Liverpool are within a few minutes drive of the Landing Stage.

Passenger List Notes

  1. Geroge Frederic Barker MD. Professor of Physiological Chemistry at Yale College (July 14, 1835-May 24, 1910).
  2. Lord Charles Beresford - Charles William de la Poer Beresford, 1st Baron Beresford, GCB, GCVO, FRSGS (10 February 1846 – 6 September 1919), styled Lord Charles Beresford between 1859 and 1916, was a British admiral and Member of Parliament.
  3. Sir William Henry Mahoney Christie KCB FRS (1 October 1845 – 22 January 1922) was a British astronomer.
  4. Sir Stuart Auchincloss Coats, 2nd Baronet (20 March 1868 – 15 July 1959) was a British politician and Member of Parliament for Wimbledon from 1916 to 1918 and then East Surrey from 1918 to 1922. In 1891 he married Jane Muir Greenlees of Paisley, Renfrewshire. - The Mrs. Coats listed above.
  5. Medical Social Worker (May 25, 1892 - May 6, 1977).
  6. One of Baltimore's most prominent financiers and clubmen, former President of the Mercantile Trust and Deposit Company (? - July 2, 1912).
  7. Edwin Lawrence Godkin (October 2, 1831 – May 21, 1902) was an Irish-born American journalist and newspaper editor. He founded The Nation and was the editor-in-chief of the New York Evening Post from 1883 to 1899.
  8. Augustus D. Juilliard (April 19, 1836 – April 25, 1919) was an American businessman and philanthropist, born at sea as his parents were immigrating to the United States from France. Making a successful career in New York City, he bequeathed much of his estate to the advancement of music in the United States. Trustees of his estate set up the Juilliard Foundation in 1920 to accomplish his goals, and in 1924 established The Juilliard School in New York City as a graduate music conservatory. Gradually programs were added in dance and theater.
  9. Arnold Morley (18 February 1849 – 16 January 1916) was a British barrister and Liberal politician.
  10. Victor Nordan (1862-1933). Victor Nordan was the son of architect Jacob Wilhelm Nordan, and was assistant at the father's office in the years 1881-84. He then studied at the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum) in 1884-85, and at the same time was an assistant to an architectural office in London. In the years 1886-87, Nordan was a student at the Königlich Technische Hochshule in Berlin. Source
  11. William Wallace Spence - Baltimore Financier (18 Oct 1815 - 3 Nov 1915) General John Gill - listed above was his son-in-law.
  12. William T. Wardwell (1 Feb 1827 - 3 Jan 1911) In the business world as a pioneer in the oil business, he helped organize the great Standard Oil Company .and became its treasurer, which office he held till he retired from active business. A stanch total abstainer and Prohibitionist he was a prominent figure in the Prohibition party.

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