Vintage Magazine: Current History, New York Times, August 1915

Current History Magazine delivers in-depth articles covering the news events of the day. This edition from August 1915 focuses on the reaction to the sinking of the steamship Lusitania and the First World War. (The Lusitania Case) and a series of articles focused on The Belligerents' Munitions.

New York Times, Current History, The European War

Published Monthly By The New York Times Company, New York

Vol. II — No. 5 August, 1915 : 25 Cents A Copy $3.00 A Year

Table of Contents

Front Cover, Current History Magazine, August 1915
  • The Lusitania Case
    • The American Note To Berlin Of July 21—Steps Leading Up To President Page Wilson's Rejection Of Germany's Proposals 817
    • The German Note Of July 8 819
    • The American Rejoinder 823
    • German And American Press Opinion 825
    • Austria—Hungary's Protest 828
    • Armenian, Orduña, And Others 832
    • Results Of Submarine Warfare 837
  • In Memoriam: Reginald Warneford (Poem) 839
  • American Preparedness 840
    By Theodore Roosevelt
  • First Year Of The War 842
    By Lieutenant Walter E. Ives And An American Military Expert
  • An American View Of The First Year Of War 848
    By The Military Expert Of The New York Times
  • Inferences From Eleven Months Of The European Conflict 854
    By Charles W. Eliot, President Emeritus Of Harvard University
  • "Revenge For Elisabeth " 858
  • A Year Of The War In Africa And Asia 859
    By Charles Johnston
  • An "Insult" To War 872
  • The Drive At Warsaw 874
  • Battles In The West:
    • Sir John French's Own Story 891
    • France's " Eyewitness " Reports 905
    • The Crown Prince In The Argonne 911
  • Gallipoli's Shambles 913
    By Compton Mackenzie
  • Italy's War On Austria 921
  • The Task Oe Italy 923
  • Two Devoted Nations 924
    By Maurice Maeterlinck
  • Rumania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece 925
    Press Opinions From The Balkan Capitals
  • Dr. Conybeare's Recantation 928
    By Sir Walter Raleigh
  • The Case Of Muenter 929
  • Devotion To The Kaiser 930
  • Scientists And The Military 931
  • Hudson Maxim On Explosives 932
  • Thor (Poem) 933
    By Beatrice Barry
  • "I Am The Gravest Danger" 934
    By George Bernard Shaw
  • The European War As Seen By Cartoonists 935
  • The Belligerents' Munitions
    • Growing Problems Of Germany And Her Opponents In Supplying Arms 944
      By Lloyd George, British Minister Of Munitions
    • The Power Of The Purse: How "Silver Bullets" Are Made In Britain 954
      By Prime Minister Asquith
    • Cases Reserved (Poem) 957
      By Sir Owen Seaman
    • New Recruiting In Britain 958
      By Field Marshal Earl Kitchener, Secretary Of State For War
    • American War Supplies 961
      By George Wellington Porter
    • Magazinists Of The World On The War 965
      Condensed From The Leading Reviews
    • Sweden And The Lusitania 980
      By Swedish Artists And Professors
    • A Threatened Despotism Of Spirit 981
      By Gertrude Atherton
    • "Gott Mit Uns" (Harvard Prize Poem) 983
      By C. Huntington Jacobs
    • On The Psychology Of Neutrals 984
      By Friedrich Curtiu
    • Chlorine Warfare 986
    • Rheims Cathedral 987
      By Pierre Loti
    • "The English Falsehood" 990
      By Seen Hedin
    • Calais Or Suez? 992
      Which Should Be Germany's Objective?
    • Note On The Principle Of Nationality 993
      By John Galsworthy
    • Singer Of "La Marseillaise" (Poem) 995
      By H. T. Sudduth
    • Depression—Common—Sense And The Situation 996
      By Arnold Bennett
    • The War And Racial Progress 999
      By Major Leonard Darwin
    • The English Word, Thought, And Life I000
      By Russian Men Of Letters
    • Evviva L'italia 1002
      By William Archer
    • Who Died Content (Poem) 1003
      By John Hoghen
    • "The Germans, Destroyers Of Cathedrals" 1004
      By Artists, Writers, Musicians, And Philosophers Of France
    • Chronology Of The War (Continued To July 15) 1014

List Of Illustrations

  • H. M. Queen Sophia Of Greece Frontispiece
  • His Holiness Benedict Xv 857
  • General Carlo Caneva 832
  • H. I. M. Francis Joseph I 833
  • Thomas A. Edison 848
  • Hudson Maxim 849
  • Sir Cecil Arthur Spring—Rice 864
  • J. P. Morgan 865
  • H. R. H. Prince George 88o
  • Admiral Sir Henry B. Jackson 881
  • Count Zeppelin 896
  • General Erich Van Falkenhagn 897
  • Take Jonesco 976 Demetrios Gounaris 977
  • General Louis Botha 992
  • Dr. Anton Meyer—Gerhard 993

Copyright, 1915, By The New York Times Company. All Rights Reserved. Eniered At The Post Office In New York As Second Class Matter.

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