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National Genealogical Society Quarterly, September 1993

National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Issue features articles on Bridal Names, finding truth in family traditions, French communites in Ohio and extending family lines.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 81, Number 3, September 1993. 


  1. Using Names Lands to Extend Family Lines: As Illustrated by Wheatley's Content
  2. French Communities in Ohio: Origins, Interrelationships, and Resources
  3. Finding Truth in a Family Tradition:  Sumner Antecedents of Demsey S. Goodman
  4. Bridal Names and Other "Inconsequential" Details: A Statistical Glimpse of Legal Laxity in North Carolina
  5. Deceased Americans Recorded by the U.S. Consul in Panama: January 1850 to December 1851

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Archives Inventory Ref Nbr: ALPG NGSQ81-3-1993

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