The Archivist - July-August 1990

The Archivist, Canada by the Cunard Line: Crossing the Atlantic by Steam, July-August 1990

Canada by the Cunard Line: Crossing the Atlantic by Steam

The July-August Issue of The Archivist provides an insightful look at the Cunard Line and the transatlantic voyages from Europe to Canada that brought many immigrants to Canada. Among the featured articles is one about Passenger Lists that will be very helpful to geneologist researching their Canadian ancestors who made the voyage to Canada via Steamships by Sheila Powell, Bovernment Archives Division.

Cover: Cunard poster by W.M.S. O.R., c. 1924. (C-136191)

Table of Contents

  • The Royal William: The Saga Of A Pioneering Steam Vessel
    Larry McNally
  • Circulating Exhibitions Schedule
  • Floating The Ocean Lines: The Transatlantic Mail Subsidies
    Allan Poulin
  • With Iron Men Commanding Them: Lloyd's Captains Registers, 1851-1947
    M. Stephen Salmon
  • All Present And Accounted For: Passenger Lists From The Europe To Canada Steamship Runs
    Sheila Powell
  • The Ocean Highway
    Bruce Weedmark
  • Timothy Findley: The Author's Voice
    Sandra Mercer
  • The Findley Papers
    Anne Goddard
  • "Feeling Like A Fighting Cock": Mackenzie King At Sea, 1934
    Peter Robertson
  • What Did Grandpa Do In The War?
    Daniel Somers


Crossing the Atlantic by steam

The days of the sailing ships were drawing to a close. Modern technology was changing everything, and above the ocean's roar one now could hear the sound of turbines. Hailing a new era in transport, the Royal William was the first Canadian steamship to cross the Atlantic. While some historians regard this as an important achievement, others see it as a series of misguided events. Both views are represented in this issue of The Archivist. Other articles deal with some lesser known aspects of the theme of steamship transport, such as the origins of passenger lists, researching maps of steamship routes, and the ocean voyage of an "anonymous Canadian."

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