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National Geographic Magazine, April 1918, Our American Navy

This issue features an article on our American Navy written by Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, profusely illustrated with photographs of Navy ships and personnel.

Volume XXXIII, Number 4, April 1918


  • The Gem of the Ocean: Our American Navy
    By Hon. Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy
    36 Illustrations
  • Forerunners of Famine
    By Frederic C. Walcott
    Of the U.S. Food Administration; Author of "Devastated Poland"
    9 Illustrations
  • An Appeal to Members of the National Geographic Society
    A pledge to elimate wheat flour from our menu in support of our troops and alied forces.
    2 Illustrations
  • What Is It to be an American?
    By Hon. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior
    An address delivered before an educational conference in Washington, D.C.
    8 Illustrations
  • Forming New Fashions in Food
    The Bearing of Taste on One of Our Great Food Economies, the Dried Vegetable, which is Developing into a Big War Industry
    By David Fairchild
    Agricultural Explorer in Charge of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, U.S. Department of Agriculture
    11 Illustrations
  • The National Geographic Society in War Time
    By Major-General A. W. Greely, U.S. Army
    5 Illustrations
  • The Symbol of Service to Mankind
    The Greatest Humanitarian Movement of Modern Times Originated in a Practical Attempt to Meet a Pricatical Need with a Practical Remedy
    By Stockton Axson
    National Secretary, American Red Cross
    11 Illustrations

Advertisements Include

  • Locomobile
  • Goodyear Tires
  • Marmon 34 Car
  • Hercules Powder
  • Puffed Rice
  • Beeman's Swift's Premium Ham
  • American Chain Company
  • Red Cross
  • Whitehouse Coffee
  • Ivory Soap
  • Victor Talking Machine
  • Goodrich Tires
  • American Telephone and Telegraph Company
  • Franklin Automobile
  • General Electric
  • Graton and Knight Leather Belting
  • Egyptain Deities
  • Woven Hose and Rubber
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Gruen Watch
  • Eastman Kodak Co

Published by the National Geographic Society
Hubbard Memorial Hall
Washington, DC
$2.50 A Year
Copyright 1918

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