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Scientifc American Supplement - 15 March 1902

Front Page of the Scientific American Supplement No,. 1367 from 25 March 1902

Front Page of the Scientific American Supplement No,. 1367 from 25 March 1902. GGA Image ID # 10163fb467

This Supplement to the Scientific American of 15 March 1902 Featured a cover story on the Kronprinz Wilhelm which conveyed Prince Henry to America for the launching of the Meteor. Other articies include Our Coal Supremacy and its Significance, Nurseries for Grapevine Grafts, Silk and its Producers, The Manufacture of Armor Plates, The Ship Canals of the World, Mathias Baldwin and the American Locomotive, and much more.

Library and Reading Room on the Kronprinz Wilhelm.

Library and Reading Room on the Kronprinz Wilhelm. GGA Image ID # 101645cee7

The Kronprinz Wilhelm of the North German Lloyd of 14,908 Tons

The Kronprinz Wilhelm of the North German Lloyd of 14,908 Tons. GG Image ID # 1016ce7500


I. AGRICULTURE. — Nurseries for Grapevine Grafts. — By R. Spoerk.—15 illustrations 21904

II. BIOGRAPHY.—Mathias Baldwin and the American Locomotive-21914

III. CHEMISTRY.—Argon and Kindred Elements 21914

IV. COMMERCE AND TRADE.-Commercial Resources of Tierra del Fuego 21914

The Ship Canals of the World 21908

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls 21915

United States Exports 21909

V. ELECTRICITY.—Electric Railways.—By Major P. Cakdew.- 4 illustrations. 21910

VI. ENGINEERING—The Manograph.— 2 illustrations.. 21912

VII. MECHANICS.—Press for Copper-banding Shells.—3 illustrations 21913

VIII. METEOROLOGY.—The Flight of a Hailstone.-By Arthur H. BELL 21903

IX. MINING AND METALLURGY.—De Bechi’s Improvement in the Treatment of Tin Ores. 21914

X. NATURAL SCIENCE.—The Fish Fauna of Japan.-With Observations on the Distribution of Fishes.—By David Starr Jordan 21907

XI. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE.-The “Kronprinz Wilhelm.”—1 illustration 21902

The New English Battleship Type “ King Edward VIL”— 1 illustration 21909

XII. TECHNOLOGY.—How Dynamite is Made 21913

Silk and its Producers.—By R. Lydkkker 21900

The Manufacture of Armor Plate.— 2 illustrations 21908



Scientific American Supplement, New York: Munn & Co., Publishers, Vol. LIII, No. 1387, 15 March 1902. Paginated 21901-21916.

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