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Harper's Weekly - May 23, 1903

Harper's Weekly, Saturday, May 23, 1903 Front Cover

Vol. XLVII No. 2422 Copyright © 1903 Harper & Brothers

New York, Satuday, May 23, 1903 Illustrated Section


  1. Cover Illustration: Our New American Citizens
  2. Article: The Passing of Gibraltar
    1. Map showing Gilbraltar's present defensive Weakness and Plans for Proposed Improvements.
  3. Article: Ideals of American Womanhood: The Literary Woman by Caroline Duer
    1. Photo of Caroline Duer
  4. Article: 27 Bridges in 53 Weeks - 5 Photographs
  5. Illustration - Full Page: "My Lady Peggy Goes to Town," at Daly's
  6. Article: Will it Rain or Shine Tomorrow? The Way the Weather Forecast is made at the Weather Bureau in Washington
    1. Photo: Translating Weather Reports received in Cipher, and Charting them on the Maps.
    2. Photo: Putting the Weater-symbol Type in Place
    3. Photo: Measuring the Heat recieved from the Sun
    4. Illustration (Full Page): Making the Weather Forecast at Washington
  7. Illustration -Full Page: Tap-Day at Yale
  8. Article: Captain Little Again by W. E. Cairnes - 2 Illustrations
  9. Major Article: Pittsburgh, the Giant Industrial City of the World
    1. Photographs
      1. Higland Park Avenue
      2. Old Block House
      3. Wood Street
      4. Head of Ohio River
      5. City Hall
      6. Post Office
      7. Court House
      8. Chirst Methodist Episcopal Church
      9. Glass Plant, Jeannette
      10. Pittsburgh Stock Exchange
      11. Serpentine, Schenley Park
      12. Edward T. C. Slease
      13. Francis Le Baron Robbins
    2. Illustrations
      1. First Post Office
      2. Homestead Works
      3. Plant of Riter-Conly Manufacturing Company, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
      4. Frick Building
      5. Plant of A. M. Byers & Co. (Incorporated), Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
      6. Cathedral
      7. Peoples' Savings Bank Building, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
      8. Farmers' Deposit National Bank
    3. Biographies
      1. Edward T. C. Slease & Co.
      2. The Pittsburg Coal Company
      3. Francis Le Baron Robbins and American Turst Company of Pittsburgh
      4. William E. Corey (+ Photo)
      5. David M. Clemson (+ Photo)
      6. The Late Capt. J. J. Vandergrift (+ Photo)
      7. John H. Jones (+ Photo)
      8. Henry Bruce Beatty (+ Photo)
      9. Murray Adolp Verner (+ Photo)
      10. The National Tube Company
      11. The Late William A. Herron (+ Photo)
      12. Home J. Linsay (+ Photo)
      13. The American Steel & Wire Company
      14. The Jones & Lauglin Steel Company
      15. Francis J. Torrance
      16. Joshua W. Rhodes & Co.
      17. The A. Garrison Foundry Company
      18. The Hostetter Company
      19. Phillips Mine & Mill Supply Co.
  10. Two Page Large Illustration: The Song Without Words: Drawn by Clarence F. Underwood
  11. Full Page Comic Strip: The Auto Ride - A Horse-less Delusion Unhorsed, Drawn by Albert Levering
  12. Brief Articles
    1. A Naval Engagement Indoors
    2. Edison's Latest Invention
    3. A Valuable Life
    4. The Secret of Phosphorescense
    5. A Novel Kind of Buoy
    6. A Successful Woman Composer (Ingeborg von Bronsart)
    7. Artificial Food
    8. Why We Shake Hands
    9. The Reliance and Shamrock III (Yachts)
    10. Black-Bass Fishing in Pennsylvania
  13. Reader Comments
  14. Article: Mr. Cleveland and the Presidency
  15. Article: Recent Views of the Fifteenth Amendment
  16. Article: The Influence of American Wealth on Divorce
  17. Article: Fashionable Chicago
  18. Article: The Artistic Temperament
  19. Article: The Church and Its Status
  20. Article: The Manchurian War-Scare
  21. Article: Latin America in a New Light by Marion Wilcox
  22. Biography: Richard Henry Stoddard
  23. Article: The British Army Officer by Sydney Brooks
  24. Article: Books and Bookmen
  25. Article: The School Investigation in Washington
  26. Article: Finance
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