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Vintage Magazine: The World's Work, April 1928 - Tales of U-Boat Commanders

World's Work Magazine was published by Doubleday, Page & Company, Garden City, New York. This Magazine contains 112 pages of many different stories with a feature story on German Submarines including many photos. There are a lot of vintage ads from food to automobiles in the general interest magazine.

The World's Work Magazine, April 1928

The World's Work

Carl C. Dickey, Editor

April, 1928

Table of Contents

  • Cover: The Deep Sea Raider A Drawing by Adolph Treidler
  • Frontispiece: Senator Thomas J. Walsh, Of Montana Drawn From Life by S. J. Woolf
  • The March of Events, An Editorial Interpretation
  • Raiders of the Deep: Tales of the U-Boat Commanders by Lowell Thomas
  • The Future of the Submarine : Useful In War, But It Can Be Utilized In Peace by Simon Lake
  • Life and Death in Sing Sing - A Series By Warden Lawes (To Start Next Month)
  • How Long Can Prohibition Last? History Shows the First Ten Years Are Hardest By John Holley Clark, Jr.
  • New Styles in Counterfeiting: The Artful Swindler today Has a More Gullible Public by Julian T. Baber
  • Long Island -- New York's Largest Child: The Fastest Growing Large Area in These New United States by French Strother
  • The High Cost of Piety: It's A Myth -- Religion Is Cheaper Than Chewing Gum by Charles Stelzle
  • Back of War: Too Many People as a Cause of Strife by Henry Kittredge Norton
  • Lions! Seeing Them Face To Face by Mary L. Jobe Akeley
  • The Real Colonel Lawrence -- And What Motivates the Queer Things He Does by Robert Graves
  • Which Way, America? Our Great Educators Survey Their Field. Compiled By Frederick Palmer
  • The Workshop
  • The Voice of the Critic, By Thomas L. Masson, and "What I Am Reading and Why" (This Review Appears In the Front Advertising Section)
  • More Thoughts On Common Stocks As Investments, By Lawrence Chamberlain (This Article Appears In The Front Advertising Section)

Published Monthly At Garden City, N. Y. Vol. Lv. No. 6. Copyright, 1928, In The United States, Newfoundland, Great Britain, And Other Countries By Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. Title Registered In U. S. Patent Office. Terms: $4.00 A Year; Single Copies 35 Cents; Canadian Postage 60 Cents Extra; Foreign $1.00. Entered As Second Class Matter At The Post Office, Garden City, N. Y., And At The Post Office Department, Canada.

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