Current History Magazine

Founded in 1914, Current History is the oldest United States-based publication devoted exclusively to contemporary world affairs. The magazine was published by George Washington Ochs Oakes, brother of New York Times publisher Adolph Ochs, in order to provide detailed coverage of World War I. Current History was published by The New York Times Company from its founding until 1936.

Current History, New York Times, August 1915
Current History Magazine delivers in-depth articles covering the news events of the day. This edition from August 1915 focuses on the reaction to the sinking of the steamship Lusitania and the First World War. (The Lusitania Case) and a series of articles focused on The Belligerents' Munitions.

Current History, May 1916 - World War 1
Current History Magazine of May 1916 provides an excellent source for articles written by the great authors of the day about the events of World War 1. The German Submarine Issue includes a number of articles and commentaries about the German Submarines and their Warfare. A second series of articles is devoted to Women and the European War.

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