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Harper's Weekly - Journal Of Civilization - 26 February 1898

Volume XLII, Edition 2149

This issue of Harper's Weekly featured articles on Annexing Hawaii By Joint Resolution by Carl Schurz and The Disaster To the Battle-ship Maine by F.E. Leupp. The Threshold of America by Edwin Emerson, Jr. provided a look at immigration of that day.

Detailed Table of Contents


  1. Editorials
  2. Annexing Hawaii By Joint Resolution by Carl Schurz
  3. The Disaster To the Battle-ship Maine by F.E. Leupp
  4. Music by E. Irenaeus Stevenson
  5. This Busy World by E.S. Martin
  6. Life and Letters by W.D. Howells
  7. Bright Skies In the West by Franklin Matthews
  8. The Threshold of America by Edwin Emerson, Jr.
  9. Art by Charles H. Caffin
  10. Amateur Sport: A Harvard Man At Oxford by John Corbin
  11. The French Bull-dog

Short Stories and Serial Novels

  1. The Red Axe: XVII by S.R. Crockett
  2. How People Come And Go In New York by Richard Barry

Poems & Limericks

  1. Storm by Harriet Prescott Spofford


  1. New Buildings For the Immigrant Station, Ellis Island, New York Harbor by G.W. Peters
  2. Quite Familiar With His Subject - political cartoon
  3. Officers and men of the Spanish flag-ship hastening to the rescue of the Maine
  4. Copper tanks each containing a half-charge
  5. Lieutenant Friend W. Jenkins, U.S.N.
  6. Engravings with story Red Axe by Frank Richards
  7. Engravings with story How People Come And Go In New York by T. Dart Walker and L.A. Shafer
  8. Packing-room of a Hutchinson, Kansas salt-works
  9. Quite Familiar With His Subject - political cartoon by Wilder


  1. Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, U.S.N., In His Cabin On the United States Battle-Ship Maine
  2. Loss of the United States Battle-Ship Maine in Havana Harbor, February 15, 1898:
  3. USS Maine leaving the New York navy-yard
  4. USS Maine saluting Spanish flag-ship on arriving in the harbor of Havana
  5. USS Maine in dry dock, New York
  6. Men in the engine-room of the USS Maine
  7. USS Maine's forward torpedo-tube
  8. USS Maine just before sailing south
  9. Hon. John D. Long
  10. Rear-Admiral Segismundo Bermejo Y Merelo
  11. Captain William T. Sampson, U.S.N.
  12. Lieutenant-Commander Adolph Marix, U.S.N.
  13. Captain F.E. Chadwick, U.S.N.
  14. Characteristic Views on United States Battle-Ship USS Maine
  15. USS Maine Junior officers
  16. USS Maine - Members of the Army and Navy union
  17. USS Maine - Chief petty officers mess
  18. USS Maine - Coal-passers
  19. USS Maine - Signal drill
  20. USS Maine - Ward-room officers in their mess-room: Lieut. Jenkins, Lieut.-Comm. Holman, Paymaster Whithouse, Lieut.-Comm. Marix With the Cuban Insurgents:
  21. President Maso and his military staff on horseback, dog
  22. General Vega and his force on horseback
  23. Three young insurgents on horseback
  24. General Quintin Banderass forces, after crossing the Jucaro-Moron Trocha
  25. Priest of insurgent forces
  26. Burning gas-well at Iola, Kansas
  27. Retorts in a zinc-smelter operated by natural gas at Iola, Kansas
  28. English racing-punt and punter
  29. Magdales Tower
  30. Old lock and mill at Iffley
  31. Lily-pads of the upper Char
  32. French bull-dog


  1. Pabst Malt Extract
  2. Pears Soap
  3. Arnold Constable & Co.
  4. Old Dearborn Rye - W.P. Squibb & Co.
  5. Harpers Magazine
  6. Pim-Olas
  7. Esterbrooks Steel Pens
  8. Elys Cream Balm
  9. Pennsylvania R.R. Tours
  10. Hunter Baltimore Rye - Wm. Lanahan & Son
  11. Vici Leather Dressing
  12. Carstairs Rye
  13. Gold Seal Champagne
  14. Ball-Pointed Pens
  15. Harper & Brothers
  16. Violettes Du Czar Perfumes
  17. Veloutine Toilet Powder
  18. Vigoral - Armour & Company
  19. The Prudential Insurance Co. of America
  20. Boston Garter - George Frost Co.
  21. Williams Shaving Soaps
  22. Ivory Soap
  23. Harper & Brothers
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