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What is The Delineator Magazine


" EVER changeable," sang the Roman poet, "is woman." If Virgil were to return from Elysium, and took the job of editing a woman's magazine —he would quickly change, we think, his tune.

For woman's nature is a rock upon which the home is built.

You can, if you will, direct your editorial aim to a certain superficial, iridescent froth that at some time or other sparkles, bubbles and disappears upon the surface of most women's lives. But if you do, you will never reach that woman whose fundamental nature is unchanging as the rock of ages.

We have tried to make The Delineator in the truest sense a woman's magazine. Evanescent fads and follies have no place between its covers. But nothing that interests the real woman is alien to its pages.

THE DELINEATOR is much more than a fiction magazine. But because women like good fiction, The Delineator is often the first to publish stories that later become famous as best-sellers in book form. For example:—

Mrs. Meloney, the editor of The Delineator, went to England to talk with Hutchinson, Galsworthy, and other English authors who write fiction for The Delineator. Mr. Hutchinson told her that for years he had wanted to write a story about the woman in business. He did not believe a woman could be fair to her children and make a success of business. Mrs. Meloney argued for the woman who does not choose business, but must make a living for herself and children.

Four days they talked—and finally Mr. Hutchinson said:—

"I'm going to write the story about a family in England I know—and I'm going to write the truth about them."

"This Freedom" was the result.

The critics, divided between enthusiastic praise and savage censure, do not seem to be able to agree about "This Freedom" as a piece of literature. But one thing is sure. Everyone is now reading and talking about this remarkable story which first appeared in The Delineator. Ten days after "This Freedom" was published as a book its sales had exceeded by 55,000 copies the total sales of "If Winter Comes" ten weeks after publication.

DELINEATOR readers benefit in many ways from the friendly, intimate contact with authors, which is characteristic of The Delineator's editorial policy. Not long ago Kathleen Norris came across the continent from California to discuss with The Delineator her next story, "The Secret of Margaret Yorke." And Zona Gale wrote of a change The Delineator suggested in one of her stories: "I feel as though you had made me a present. The story is so much better!"

If space permitted, we could tell stories equally interesting of many other authors who write fiction for The Delineator: Edith Wharton, Joseph Lincoln, George Barr McCutcheon, Josephine Daskam Bacon, Ernest Thompson Seton, Perceval Gibbon, Fanny Heaslip Lea, Grace Sartwell Mason and many others.

Yet we reiterate that The Delineator is not a fiction magazine. Good fiction and plenty of it is an essential part of The Delineator because the mind of woman is incurably romantic and loves above all things a good story.

The Delineator is more than a fiction magazine. It is a woman's magazine—the real woman who has not changed since Virgil's day, the woman who was Mother Eve before Rome rose or Virgil sang.



1922-11 Printer's Ink

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