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The Century Magazine, January 1916

The Century for January 1916 - A pioneer in the development of the pictorial art in magazine making, presented full-length feature articles, short stories, interpretations of the war, essays, poetry and pictures of history as it happens. Cover design by Will Bradley. Featured article included The Hopes of the Hyphenated by George Creel that discusses the immigration problem, and the education of adult immigrants.



Front Cover of The Century Magazine, January 1916

The articles and pictures are copyrighted, and must not be reprinted without special permission


  • "And the cutlass clanged with a hissing whir . . ."
    From a painting made for THE CENTURY '
    Printed in color. (Illustrating "The Hemp: A Virginia Legend") Frontispiece
  • The Nation on Trial ERIC FISHER WOOD
    By the author of "The Writing on the Wall," etc 321
    Pictures from photographs.
    By the author of "Diantha," etc 333
    Illustrations by Henry Hutt.
  • The Hemp: A Virginia Legend. Verse STEPHEN VINCENT BENET
    Illustrations by John Wolcott Adams 342
    (See frontispiece, printed in color.)
  • The Hopes of the Hyphenated GEORGE CREEL
    By the author of "A Way to Industrial Peace," etc 350
    Illustrations by Andre Castaigne and G. W. Peters.
    Discusses the immigration problem, and the education of adult immigrants.
    By the author of "Barn Doors and Byways," etc 364
    Illustrations by Walter King Stone, four printed in tint.
  • A Look. Verse HELEN HOYT 371
  • Les Travailleurs de la Guerre ARTHUR GLEASON
    By the author of "Young Hilda at the Wars," etc 372
    Pictures by Harry Townsend.
  • A Ticket to North Carolina. A Story FREDERICK STUART GREENE
    By the author of "Galway Intrudes," etc. 377
    Illustrations by Henry Raleigh.
  • An Artist at the Front. II WALTER HALE
    Illustrations by the author 387
  • Leaves from the Anthology. Verse LEWIS PARKE CHAMBERLAYNE
  • Jane Proposes. A Story RUTH COMFORT MITCHELL
    By the author of "The Night Court," etc 400
    Illustrations by Maginel Wright Enright.
  • The Far-Eastern Problem J A. P. BLAND 410
  • The Kiss. Verse GEORGE SEIBEL 418
  • Children of Hope. III STEPHEN WHITMAN
    By the author of "The Woman from Yonder," etc 419
    Illustrations by F. R. Gruger.
  • Hatred. Verse S ALOWSN DE LA SELVA 446
  • The Sixth Canvasser. A Story INEZ HAYNES GILLMORE
    By the author of "Jimmie Preston Stories," etc 447
  • The Friend. Verse ANNA GLEN STODDARD 455
  • Our Nation in the Building. II HELEN NICOLAY
    By the author of "Personal Traits of Abraham Lincoln" 456
    Photographs, map, etc.
  • An Inclosed Nun. Verse.. .SARAH N. CLEGHORN 465
  • On the Frontiers of Science A RUSSELL BOND 466
  • Current Comment 471
    Acquisitive Statesmanship (W. M. S.)—Liberty in Utah—Back to the - Land—Public Opinion.
  • In Lighter Vein 478
    Neglected Poets (LEONARD HATCH)—The Ideal Husband (PAUL WING) —"'Way Down Souf Once Mo'" (ROBERT EMMET WARD).

The Century Co. and its editors receive manuscripts and art material, submitted for publication, only on the understanding that they shall not be responsible for loss or injury thereto while in their possession or in transit. Copies of manuscripts should be retained by the authors.

In the United States and Canada the price of THE CENTURY MAGAZINE is $4.00 A YEAR IN ADVANCE, OR 35 CENTS A SINGLE COPY; the subscription price elsewhere throughout the world is $5.00 (the regular price of $4.00 plus the foreign postage, PAO. Foreign subscriptions will be received in English money at one pound, in French money 25 francs, in German money 20 marks, covering postage. We request that remittances be by money order, bank check, draft, or registered letter. All subscriptions will be filled from the New York office.

The Century Co. reserves the right to suspend any subscription taken contrary to its selling terms, and to refund the unexpired credit.


All subscriptions for and all business matters in connection with THE CENTURY should be addressed to
THE CENTURY CO., 353 Fourth Ave., at 26th St, New York, N. Y.
DOUGLAS Z. DOTY. Secrete:1y JAMES ABBOTT. Ars't Treasurer

(Copyright, 1915, by The Century Co.) (Title Registered U. S. Pat. Off.)
(Entered as Second Class Mail Matter at N. Y. Post Office, and at the Post Office
Department, Ottawa, Can.)

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