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Railroad Trainmen's Journal, December 1903, Vol. XX, No. 12

The Railroad Trainmen's Journal was published monthly at Cleveland, Ohio by the Brotherhood of Railroad Traininmen. It covered a variety of topics of the day and events and listings of local lodges.

Table of Contents

Railroad Trainmen's Journal, December 1903, Vol. XX, No. 12
  • Feature Articles
    • The Flood From Europe
    • The Labor Boss
    • For Greater Safety
    • Mr. P. H. Morrissey To The Interstate Commerce Commission
    • Women, Humanity's Jewels
  • The Cozy Corner
    • The Yardmaster's Story
    • Crook's Christmas Gift
  • The Fireside (Letters from Lodges)
  • Pleasantries
  • The Brotherhood (Lodge Meeting Notes)
  • Editorial
    • Labor Unions To Be Called Unlawful Combinations
    • Labor Commission For British Columbia
    • Rockefeller Takes Up Another Collection
    • Reconstruction of American Railroads
    • Canadian Pacific Contract Will Be Observed
  • The Brotherhood
  • Notes
  • Statement of Claims Paid During the Month of October, 1902 Includes Claim Number, Name, Lodge Number, Paid To, Residence, and Amount.
  • Beneficiary Assessment Notice No. 295 for January 1904 Included listing of claims including Name, Number, Certificate Number, Type of Claim (Death or Disability), Cause and Amount of Claim.
  • Listing of Location and Number of Lodges
  • Listing of Subordinate Lodges including Officers
  • Listing of Subordinate Lodges including Officers for the Ladies' Auxiliary - B.R.T.


  • Loftis Bros. & Co - Christmas Diamonds on Credit
  • The Adams & Westlake Co. - Lanterns
  • S. T. Altemus & Co - Christmas Jewelry
  • Eisendrath Glove Co. - Asbestol Gloves
  • Montgomery Ward & Co. - Christmas Gifts for All
  • Waltham Watches
  • Wadsworth Gold Filled Watch Case
  • The Oshkosh Clothing Manufacturing Co. - J & C Overalls
  • Cleveland & Whitehill Co. - Keystone Overalls and Pants
  • Crofts & Reed - Furniture, Soaps and Premiums
  • Keystone Lantern Company -= Buy a "Casey!" It May Save Your Life
  • O. C. Hansen Mfg. Co. - Hansen Gloves - "Built Like a Hand."
  • Illinois Watch Co. - Best Railroad Watch Made
  • Doerflinger Artificial Legs
  • St. Jacobs Oil - Backache
  • R. L. McDonald & Co. - Red Seal Working Clothes
  • Cook Remedy Company - Cure for Blood Poison
  • Detroit Leather Specialty Company - F. P. Sargent Gloves
  • International Correspondence Schools
  • Bradt & Shipman - Union Made Brotherhood Gloves
  • The Dr. Whitehall Mesrimine Co. - Rheumatism Cure
  • 1900 Washer Co. - Greatest Household Necessity Free
  • Judson Emblem Co
  • Continental Casualty Company
  • Universal Emblem Button Co.
  • The Stuart Berstein Co.
  • Britton Printing Company
  • Florodora Tag Company
  • The McConway & Torley Company
  • National Malleable Castings Co.
  • The Webb C. Ball Watch Co. - The Official B. of R.T. Standard Watch
  • Elgin National Watch Co
  • Dr. Shoop's Restorative
  • Winkley Artificial Limb Co.
  • Walter Baker & Co., Ltd. - The Finest Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Vose & Sons Piano Co
  • Royal Baking Powder
  • Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder
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