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The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, April 1888
The Century Magazine for April 1888 was an historical based literary magazine that provided full-length feature articles, poetry, Civil War Battle stories, topical short stories, open letters and a wide assortment of period advertisements (front and back sections). The April 1888 monthly issue of The Century Magazine contained 168 pages plus 80 pages of advertisements in Vol. 35, No. 6 that was lavishly illustrated. Authors include: Henry James, Theodore Roosevelt, George Kennan, Thomas Nelson Page, Abby S. Hinckley; Edward Eggleston; Richard E. Burton; Emma Lazarus. Fascinating Reading and an excellent historical material for the Researcher, Genealogist, and Historian.

The Century Magazine, January 1916
The Century for January 1916 - A pioneer in the development of the pictorial art in magazine making, presented full-length feature articles, short stories, interpretations of the war, essays, poetry and pictures of history as it happens. Cover design by Will Bradley. Featured article included The Hopes of the Hyphenated by George Creel that discusses the immigration problem, and the education of adult immigrants.

The Century, January 1919, World War 1
The Century Magazine for January 1919 provided the Second Installment on the roots of World War 1 and devoted much of the issue to a number of war related articles and commentaries. Featured article The Roots of the War by WILLIAM STEARNS DAVIS Ph.D., WILLIAM ANDERSON, Ph.D., MASON W. TYLER, Ph.D. - A non-Technical History of Europe 1870-1914.

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