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The Cunarder Magazine from December 1921

The Cunard Line published a number of different periodicals for passengers and House (Employees/Stockholders) during the 1900s. The most popular of these publications was the Cunard Daily Bulletin, printed up daily on transatlantic voyages, Cunard Daily Bulletin Supplements (which were typically issued once per year), and The Cunarder - their publication for the General Public.

Cunard Periodicals and Magazines (Uploaded)

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  • 1904-10-22 Cunard Bulletin, RMS Slavonia, From Trieste to New York via Fiume and Palermo - contain log of journey, weather during voyage. Récapitulation: Saloon 21; Second Cabin 83 Third Class (Steerage) 2,063; Total Passengers 2,167; Officers and Crew: 222; Total on Board 3,389
  • 1906-06-07 Cunard Daily Bulletin, SS Carmania, Includes Saloon Passenger List, Photograph of Macy's in Herald Square, New York, Map of Lond and North Western Railway - Shortest, & Quickest Route Between Liverpool and London.
  • 1908-06-10 Cunard Daily Bulletin, RMS Lusitania, Includes Saloon Passenger List, Photograph of the Enquiry Bureau, RMS Carmania and Caronia, Photo of the New R.M. Turbine Steamer Copenhagen, RMS Lusitania, Photo of the triple screws of the Allan Line Victorian plus handwritten notes on passengers on the Voyage of the Lusitania, Liverpool to New York, 1908-06-06 (Who they were and where they were from written by one of the passengers.
  • 1911-06-17 Cunard Daily Bulletin, RMS Mauretania, List of Saloon Passengers, Photograph of Saloon, R.M. Turbine Steamer, Munich, Illustration of the New, Twin-Screw Steamer Ascania, Striking Photograph of woman wearing Lace from Ireland.
  • 1921-07 The Cunarder Travel Magazine , Volume 1, No. 2. Article on Women's Fashions - When She Travels; Photograph of an Aeroplane view of Liverpool from above the Mersey.
  • 1921-12 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 1, No. 5 Christmas Number. Article on Christmas on the Aquitania; Women's Wraps to Welcome the Atlantic Breezes. Photographs include: 1921 Packard Town Car. Pierce-Arrow Landaulet; LeBaron (Motorcar).
  • 1922-11 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 3, No. 5. Special Mediterranean Cruise Number. Photographs include: First Class Garden Lounge on a Cunarder; Sir Harry Lauder with Lady Lauder on the Mauretania; Mr. Girogia Polacco with his wife Mrs. Edith Mason (Polacco) the conductor of the Chicago Opera Company; R. Hon. Reginald McKenna, P.C., English Banker; Carl Laemmle, President of Universal Film Co. with Captain Sir James Charles of the Aquitania; The Pierrot Troupe with their cup on the deck of the Mauretania; RMS Mauretania with Statue of Liberty in Background; Mauretania Football Team; Vaudeville troupe featuring a lovely blonde; A Charming Damsel; Women's Fashions for the Crisp Brisk Days at Sea.
  • 1923-05 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 4, No. 5 Special Scandinavian Number. Photographs Include: Women of Sweden in Costume; Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton de Kabies from Buenos Aires; Very Rev. D. Thomas C. Fry, D.D. Dean of Lincoln Cathedral; Lord Rothermere, head of the Daily Mail on the Scythia; Miss Mary Millicent Rogers, Daughter of Col. and Mrs. H. H. Rogers; Miss Adele Astaire, Musical Comedy Star; Two Pretty Maidens from the regions of Lake Siljan in Dalecarlia in Sweden; View of Stockholm; The Tivoli, Copenhagen's Wonderful Amusement Park; Page on the Crest of the Wave of Women's Fashions.
  • 1923-09 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 5, No. 3 Special Scotch and English Number. Article on First-Hand Impressions of Ellis Island by Judge Harold I. Smith. Photographs Include: Children at Ellis Island attending a Kindergarten Class; First Meal in America at Ellis Island; Special Cases Before the Board of Inquiry; Imposing Administration Building and the Transportation Barges; Sunny Ward in the Hospital at Ellis Island; Ellis Island from an Air Pilot View; Immigrant form Odessa on Ellis Island; Flag at Half Mast on the Carmania and Moment of Silent Prayer on the deck of the Berengaria on the news of the sudden death of Warren Gamaliet Harding, 29th President of the United States; William Nelson Cromwell, New York Lawyer; Elsie Janis, Noted Star on the Aquitania; Dr. Chaim Weizman, head of the Zionist Movement; Miss Peggy Thayer, Philadelphia Society Girl with Mrs. Joshua S. Cosden, wife of NY Oil Magnate; Mr. C. H. Fecke, Head of the Cunard Saloon Department; on the Leviathan; Vincent Richards, Tennis Star; David Green with wife on the Aquitania; Jascha Heifetz, Violinist.
  • 1923-12 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 5, No. 6 Photographs include: Sighting Madeira from the deck of a Cunarder; Purser Speddin on the Aquitania; Santa Claus visiting kids in the Third Class; William Savage, 18 months old, on the Mauretania with nurse; Leonard and David Hirsh, youngsters who traveled alone on the Berengaria (parents were waiting for them in Southampton); Reading a story to children on the Aquitania; Kids from Third Class Pose for a Picture on the Mauretania; Billy Symons with a faithful companion (dog) on deck; Christmas on the Scythia; Swedish Girls Celebrate Christmas in costume; Donna Roma, Actress; Barbara La Marr; Captain Blaikie with senior officers of the SS California with Miss La Marr; Mrs. Ogden Reid from New York; Dr. and Mrs. William Gullivan of New York on their Honeymoon; Chas. A. Hirsch, Bank President on the Berengaria; David Lloyd George, Ex-Premier of England; Chief Engineer Harry Davys of the Berengaria - Retires; Col. and Mrs. Robert L. Montgomery and family; Sir John and Lady Martin-Harvey; Funeral of the Late Capt. Matheson at sea; Sighting Gibraltar from the "A' Deck - SS Tuscania; Page on the Crest of the Wave of Women's Fashions. A reprinted article on Hints for Cunard Travelers form 1878.
  • 1924-02 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 6, No. 2, Photographs included: View of "A" Deck on the Tuscania in sight of Gibraltar; SS Taiyo Maru; SS Carmania; Peasant Girls of Czechoslovak Republic in Costume; Peasants in Picturesque Costumes at a Country Wedding; Two Czech Girls in Peasant Costumes; Rolf de Maré, director of the Swedish Ballet; President of Czechoslovak Republic Masaryk and his daughter on the Caronia; Dr. Oscar Driskell and Mrs. Marion Bowles Driskell on the Berengaria; Officer John T. McInttyre, Cunard Pier Policeman, A. H. G. Fokker, inventor of the Fokker Plane; Baroness Schnehen of Vienna; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Halmi (Artist and painter of beautiful women), Society Girls at the Poolside on the Franconia; Page of the Crest of the Wave of Women's Fashions.
  • 1924-03 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 6, No. 3. Photographs included: S. S. Taiyo Maru; Count Apponyl, His Daughter, and Sir James Charles, Captain of the Aquitania; Bride and Bridegroom from Mezokovesd in traditional costumes; American Indians in Gala Array on the Scythia; The Scythia, Off for the Mediterranean (Just leaving the Docks); Emily Holden, First public stenographer to be stationed on a transatlantic liner; Miss Betty Barber, Daughter of prominent New York Architect Donn Barber; A Page of the Latest Wave of Women's Fashion.
  • 1924-07 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 7 No. 1: Articles included: A Mediterranean Holiday on the Scythia, Every Dog Has His Day on the Cunarders. Photographs Included: Bay of Naples, with Vesuvius in the Background, Mrs. R. C. Wright, Miss Gladys Brestin of New York, Miss Carmel Myers, Jeanne Eagles (Stage Actress), Miss Julanne Johnstone (Actress), Sir Ashley Sparks (Resident Directory of Cunard Line), Miss Leontine Myers (Singer), Helen Wills (Tennis Star), Mr. and Mrs. Chirstopher Morley and Children (Author). Photograph of the SS Taiyo Maru - Japanese Passenger Line.
  • 1924-11 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 7, No. 5. Photographs Include: The Laconia Passing Through Celebra Cut; Morro Castle, at the entrance to Havana Harbor; Mr. H. A. Highman, VP of Raymond & Whitcomb; Gloria Swanson, Actress; Major-General Tasker H. Bliss; Mr. and Mrs. John Gammie, manager of Chicago Cunard Office.
  • 1924-12 Cunard Magazine, Christmas Number, Volume 13, No. 6 Paginated from 185 to 248. Photographs of RMS Mauretania, Photos of Recent Cunard Travelers, Phyllis Diamond, 7 years old with Purser C. G. Johnson, R.D., R.N.R.; Captain G. Gibbons, R.D., R.N.R. of the Ausonia; The Late Captain D. Miller, M.B.E. R.D., R.N.R., First Officer D. V. Sutton; The New Winter Gardens in the Caronia and Carmania, a number of socialites; The Cunard RMS Berengaria at the Floating Dock at Southampton; The SS Franconia. Article on the Modern Kitchen Arrangements ensure Good Service; The Caronia and Carmania, Death of Mr. J. Lancaster - Cunard Purser along with numerous advertisements of the period.
  • 1925-02 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 8, No. 2. Photographs Include: Tower Bridge in London; Disembarking from the Cruise Ship at Alexandria; Princess Robert de Broglie and her daughter Jassemonde; Vladimer Gotschman, Orchestra Conductor; Sir George Hunter; shipbuilder of the Aurania, Mauretania and others; Commander R. H. E. Levaique, D.S.O., D.S.C.; May McAvoy, Actress; John W. Doty, President of Foundation Co. of NY; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cunard; Professional Gophers Peter and Patrick O'Hara, George Ferrier and W. B. McMeekin; Duchess of Penaranda, Spain; Mr. and Mrs. P. A. B. Widener, married in the famous Rembrandt room in the home of the bridegroom's father on the Berengaria; Page of the Crest of The Wave of Women's Fashion.
  • 1925-06 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 8, No. 6 Photographs Include: Many photos of the British Empire Exhibition and Wembley; Master Danny Schwarzkoph of New Rochelle explores the Aquitania; Arthur Hopkins, Theatrical Producer of New York; Tom Mix, Actor on the Aquitania; Misses Helen and Florence Michell of Philadelphia; Frank B. Kellog, New Secretary of State; Marshall Field Jr. on the Aquitania; Page of the Crest of The Wave of Women's Fashion.
  • 1928-05 The Cunarder Travel Magazine: A Travel Magazine, Volume 13, No. 5. Photographs included: Assorted Luggage from Lord & Taylor, Tennis frock modeled by a young lady form Saks-Fifth Avenue, Lord Acton and Miss Bowes-Lyon (Cousin of the Duchess of York); Miss Joy Vernay (Daughter of Sir Harry Vernay, Secretary to the Queen) Hon. Phyllis Astor (Daughter of Lady Astor), Miss Lice Bentinck (Niece - Duke of Portland), Actress Alden Gay, Lady Diana Duff-Cooper (Actress). Articles on the Grand National, Japanese Credo and others.
  • 1930-05 The Cunarder Travel Magazine: A Travel Magazine, Volume 17, No. 5 Photographs include: Stockholm Sweden; Icelandic Girl in costume; Mr. and Mrs. George Arliss, Stage Actors; Serge Rachmaninoff, composer and pianist; Mme. Galli Curci and husband Homer Samuels; Miss Helen Robinson, daughter of Ex-Secretary of the Navy Robinson; Miss Florence Weicker; Suited to Travel - Women's Suit Fashions.
  • 1931-11 The Cunarder Travel Magazine, Volume 20, No. 5. Photographs included: Mr. H. G. Wells on the Aquitania; Female sunbathers in Bermuda; Tweed Fashions for Women Travelers; Mr. & Mrs. Ely Culbertson with children Bruce and Joyce, Authority on Bridge; Bettina Hall, Stage Actress; George Carney, Actor.
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