TSS Rotterdam Passenger List 26 May 1934

Front Cover, Passenger List, May 1934, TSS Rotterdam, Holland-America Line

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 26 May 1934 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by J. Van Dulken.

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909.

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909. US Postage One Cent Stamp Affixed. Front Side: GGA Image ID # 15c393757a; Back Side: GGA Image ID # 15c3a3ce4b

Back Side of 1909 Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: J. Van DULKEN
  2. Chief Officer: C. H. P. COSTER
  3. Chief Engineer: A. BEKER
  4. Physician: Dr. R. BIRKHOFF
  5. Purser: M. K. ZIESSEN
  6. Chief Steward: A. LE JEUNE

HAL Form Number: P. - 395 5 34.

First Class Passengers

  1. Miss Florence St. John Baldwin
  2. Mrs. A. M. Barker
  3. Mr. J. Beenhouwer
  4. Mr. Leo Chrzanowski
  5. Mr. K. M. Clark
  6. Mrs. K. M. Clark
  7. Mr. Harold Friedman
  8. Mrs. Harold Friedman
  9. Mr. M. de Heer
  10. Mrs. M. de Heer
  11. Mr. L. de Heer
  12. Mr. A. H. Helmig
  13. Mrs. A. H. Helmig
  14. Mrs. A. Leffmann
  15. Mr. John Leggett
  16. Mrs. John Leggett
  17. Mrs. L. H. Rawlings
  18. Mr. A. M. Rode
  19. Mrs. A. M. Rode
  20. Miss N. Rode
  21. Mast. J. S. Rode
  22. Miss L. Rode
  23. Dr. J. H. van Roijen, Secretary to the Legation of the Netherlands at Washington D.C
  24. Mr. R. D. van Roijen L.L.D
  25. Mr. David Schonwald
  26. Mrs. David Schonwald
  27. Rev. N. A. Welschen
  28. Mr. Edw. F. Weston
  29. Mrs. Edw. F. Weston
  30. Mr. D. Whitehead Hicky

t Embark at Southampton.

Back Cover, Passenger List, May 1934, TSS Rotterdam, Holland-America Line

General Information for Passengers

Notice: All Passengers will receive on board a landing card and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

Mail and Telegrams. Mail and telegrams for Passengers are brought on board steamer before embarkation and placed in the Passengers' rooms. For any inquiries relating to mails, Passengers are invited to call at the Chief Steward's office.

Seats at Table. Application for table seats may be made to the Chief Steward. Hours for meals are posted on the ship's bulletin board.

Return Tickets. The Purser will be glad to radio, free of charge, to the New York office of the Line, if you wish to make return reservations on any steamer of the Line.

Valuables. For the convenience of the Passengers the Line has provided safe deposit boxes in the Purser's office in which any valuables may be deposited upon payment to the Purser of $ 4,—; this amount to be refunded when the key of the deposit box is returned. However, the Line does not assume any responsibility for the safe custody of such articles. (Passengers may, if they wish, protect themselves by insurance).

PerSONAL FUNDS. For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to cash a limited amount of recognized Travelers' Checks or to exchange money at official rates as posted at the Purser's office. A receipt is issued on such transactions on the Company's Form.

Personal checks cannot be cashed on board.

Divine Service. Divine service will be held on Sundays, at hours announced on the bulletin board, if a recognized clergyman on board is willing to officiate.

Ship's NEWSPAPer. "The Ocean Post", containing latest wireless news and closing prices of the leading securities on the New York Stock Exchange, is published on board. A copy of this newspaper is placed, when issued, in passenger's stateroom with the compliments of the Line.

Medical Attention. The Holland-America Line assumes no responsibility for services rendered by the ship's Physician.

The services rendered and the medicines prescribed by the Physician are free of charge, except that in cases, where Passengers require the service of ship's Physician for the treatment of ailments for which they already were under the care of a Physician at the time of embarkation, the ship's Physician may charge a reasonable fee for such services, subject to the approval and sanction of the Commander.

Additional Payments on Board. Passengers paying any supplements for room transfers, additional passage money, freight, telegrams, etc., should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's Form.

For radiograms receipt will be furnished by the wireless operator.

Steamer Chairs, Rugs and Chair Cushions. Deck chairs, rugs and chair cushions may be hired on application to the Deck Steward at $ 1,50 each for the voyage.

U. S. Head-Tax. Passengers in transit through the United States, or Tourists on a visit, who intend to stay in the United States less than 60 days, should express themselves as such towards the U. S. Immigration Inspector in charge upon arrival of the steamer in the United States, when interrogated by that official. Passengers will then obtain from this Inspector a United States Head-Tax Refund Certificate (Form 514), which should be filled out and signed as directed when leaving the United States.

This document must be forwarded to the Holland-America Line, 29 Broadway, New York, together with the Company's Head-Tax Receipt, and refund of the Head-Tax will follow. Most of the Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines, including the Holland-America Line, as a courtesy towards their Passengers, have authorized their pursers to make refund of the Head-Tax to Passengers on the voyage back to Europe, in which case the Head-Tax Refund Certificate as well as the Head-Tax Receipt of the Steamship Company who brought the passenger to America, will be taken up by the ship's Purser when making the refund.

Baggage. There is a baggage room on board steamer where Passengers may store such personal belongings as cannot be placed in their cabins, as well as baggage of any kind. The baggage room is open at hours as posted, and all inquiries pertaining to the storing or forwarding of baggage should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Baggage Insurance. The Company's liability for damage to or loss or detention of baggage is strictly limited, and Passengers are, therefore, advised to protect themselves by insurance against risk of loss, theft, damage, pilferage, etc. Policies may be obtained at current rates at any office of the Line or through the Baggage Master on board this steamer.

Landing at New York. Motor COACH Service. For the convenience of Holland-America Line Passengers and their friends a motor coach service to and from the Holland-America Line Piers and the centrally located New York Hotels McAlpin and Commodore via the new Holland Tunnel is operated by the Fifth Avenue Coach Company and the Public Service Co-ordinated Transport of N. J.

Through the Purser you can reserve a place in one of the Motor Coaches to either the Hotel McAlpin or the Hotel Commodore at least 12 hours before arrival in New York. The charge for this reservation, for which you will receive a ticket, will be $ 1,— including the transfer of your hand baggage (not more than two pieces of hand baggage). Large baggage must be sent on separately.

The Holland-America Line accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with this coach service.

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