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T.S.S. Rotterdam Passenger List 29 May 1929

Passenger List, Holland America Line T.S.S. Rotterdam, 1929 Rotterdam to New York

Cabin Passenger List for the T.S.S. Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 29 May 1929 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Captain Krol.

Notice: All Passengers will receive on board a landing card and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

List of Passengers

on Board Twin Screw Steamer Rotterdam

From Rotterdam To New York

Via Boulogne-sur-Mer, and Southampton

Wednesday May 29TH 1929

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Krol, R. N. R., Commander
  2. Chief Officer: Stuut
  3. Chief-Engineer: Bolsius
  4. Physician: Dr. Dowling
  5. Purser: Ziessen
  6. Chief-Steward: Sobering

First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. J. Assel [SOU]
  2. Mr. I. Bair
  3. Mr. H. Becker [SOU]
  4. Baron W. van Boetzelaer, Secretary Netherlands Legation Washington DC
  5. Mr. A. Boni
  6. Mrs. A. Boni
  7. Mr. E. Brunel
  8. Mrs. E. Brunel
  9. Miss G. E. Brunel
  10. Mr. B. B. Bullock [SOU]
  11. Mrs. B. B. Bullock [SOU]
  12. Mr. N. B. Chase [SOU]
  13. Mrs. N. B. Chase [SOU]
  14. Mr. H. C. Carlisle [SOU]
  15. Mrs. H. C, Carlisle [SOU]
  16. Mr. E. ,Cohen [XBS]
  17. Mr. H. F. Cone [XBS]
  18. Mr. H. H. Craps [XBS]
  19. Mr. J. E. Daignault [XBS]
  20. Mrs. J. E. Daignault [XBS]
  21. Miss E. V. Davis
  22. Mrs. W. R. Dill [SOU]
  23. Miss G. T. Feeney
  24. Mrs. M. H. Frank [XBS]
  25. Miss H. J. Frank [XBS]
  26. Mrs. C. S. Freeman
  27. Mr. E. Frumveller [SOU]
  28. Miss I. Frumveller [SOU]
  29. Mrs. H. C. Harden [XBS]
  30. Miss E. Harden [XBS]
  31. Miss H. B. Hill [XBS]
  32. Mr. D. W. Holmes [SOU]
  33. Mrs. D. W. Holmes [SOU]
  34. Mr. O. G. Hupfel [SOU]
  35. Mrs. O. G. Hupfel [SOU]
  36. Miss M. Hupfel [SOU]
  37. Miss Janes [XBS]
  38. Mr. M. G. Jenkins and chauffeur
  39. Mr. O. L. Kuehn
  40. Miss M. S. Leffingwell
  41. Miss E. W. Leffingwell
  42. Mrs. L. F. Lesen
  43. Master F. Lesen Jr.
  44. Mr. F. Lochowicz
  45. Mr. C. Malhame
  46. Mr. F. A. McGibbon [SOU]
  47. Mrs. H. M. Mc.Mann
  48. Miss D. Mc.Mann
  49. Mr. J. Moerlein [SOU]
  50. Mrs. J. Moerlein [SOU]
  51. Mr. F. C. Overton [SOU]
  52. Miss B. Pearce
  53. Miss H. Richmond [XBS]
  54. Mr. L. A. Roosmale-Nepveu
  55. Mrs. L. A, Roosmale-Nepveu
  56. Mr. C. H. Scherf [XBS]
  57. Mr. G. T. Shants
  58. Mr. R. A. Siedenburg [SOU]
  59. Miss L. K. Siedenburg [XBS]
  60. Mrs. R. Siedenburg [XBS]
  61. Mr. M. S. Simmons
  62. Mrs. M. S. Simmons
  63. Mr. G. F. Simmons
  64. Mrs. S. E. J. Squires
  65. Mr. L. Stein [SOU]
  66. Rev. Dr. R. F. Wicks
  67. Mr. H. E. Winlock
  68. Mrs. H. E. Winlock
  69. Miss B. Winlock
  70. Mr. E. C. Wright [SOU]
  71. Mrs. E. C. Wright [SOU]

Back Cover, Passenger List, Holland America Line T.S.S. Rotterdam, 1929

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. B. Emkin
  2. Mr. L. Emkin
  3. Miss E. Emkin
  4. Mrs. D. Faber
  5. Mr. T. Geertsema
  6. Mr. R. de Haas
  7. Mr. J. Mailand
  8. Mr. Fr. Prezel
  9. Mrs. Fr. Prezel
  10. Miss B. Rössle
  11. Mr. H. Tabak
  12. Mrs. H. Tabak
  13. Mr. G. A. de Werd
  14. Mrs. G. A. de Werd
  15. Miss A. Werner
  • [XBS] : Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • [SOU] : Embark at Southampton

Form: 8 P. - 450 - 5-29.

Voyage Summary

  • Date of Voyage: 1929 May 29
  • Vessel: Rotterdam
  • Class: First and Second Cabin Passengers
  • Route: Rotterdam » Boulogne-sur-Mer » Southampton » Halifax » New York
  • Captain: Krol, R.N.R.
  • Number of Printed Pages: 7
  • Récapitulation (Summary of Passengers):
  • First Cabin: 71 + chauffeur
  • Second Cabin: 15
  • Senior Officers: 6
  • Language(s): English
  • Morton Allan Directory: Not Listed - See Page 251
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 20.5 cm


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