TSS Rotterdam Passenger List - 9 August 1930

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Rotterdam, Holland-America Line, August 1930

Front Cover of a First Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, departing 9 August 1930 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Captain Lieuwen.

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909.

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909. US Postage One Cent Stamp Affixed. Front Side: GGA Image ID # 15c393757a; Back Side: GGA Image ID # 15c3a3ce4b

Back Side of 1909 Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: LIEUWEN, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: AUGSPURG
  3. Chief Engineer: BOLSIUS
  4. Purser: ZIESSEN
  5. Physician: Dr. DOWLING
  6. Chief Steward: SOBERING

First Class Passengers

  1. (BSM) Mr. F. W. N. Albertsen
  2. (BSM) Mrs. F. W. N. Albertsen
  3. (BSM) Mr. W. F. Albertsen
  4. (SOU) Mrs. J. S. Alexander
  5. Mrs. F. D. Alexander
  6. (BSM) Mr. K. Amrein
  7. (BSM) Mr. L. Arnstein
  8. (BSM) Mrs. L. Arnstein
  9. Mr. C. M. Bailey
  10. (BSM) Mr. P. S. Balkwill
  11. (BSM) Mrs. P. S. Balkwill
  12. Mr. W. L. Batt
  13. Mrs. W. L. Batt
  14. Prof. P. F. Baum
  15. Mrs. P. F. Baum
  16. (SOU) Mrs. M. C. Baxter
  17. (SOU) Mr. G. M. Benedict
  18. (SOU) Mrs. G. M. Benedict
  19. Mr. Ch. H. Bell
  20. Mrs. Ch. H. Bell
  21. Mr. Ch. H. Bell, Jr.
  22. (SOU) Mr. J. B. Blackburn
  23. (SOU) Mrs. J. B. Blackburn
  24. -Nast. J. B. Blackburn Jr.
  25. (SOU) Mr. W. A. Blackburn
  26. (BSM) Mr. L. B. Botfield
  27. (BSM) Mrs. L. B. Botfield
  28. (BSM) Mr. G. Botfield
  29. (BSM) Miss G. Botfield
  30. (BSM) Miss A. Botfield
  31. (BSM) Miss D. Botfield
  32. Miss M. Bouve
  33. Miss C. A. Bower
  34. (BSM) Miss E. G. Brassington
  35. Miss E. Brewster
  36. (BSM) Dr. V. H. Brobeck
  37. (BSM) Mrs. V. H. Brobeck
  38. (SOU) Mrs. H. S. Bronson
  39. (SOU) Miss J. Bronson
  40. (SOU) Mrs. E. H. Bruch
  41. (SOU) Mr. I. H. Bull
  42. (SOU) Mr. I. C. Bull
  43. (SOU) Mrs. I. C. Bull
  44. (BSM) Dr. M. A. Burns
  45. (BSM) Mrs. M. A. Burns
  46. (BSM) Miss F. Caperton
  47. Miss M. D. Chase
  48. Mr. C. F. Cleminshaw
  49. (BSM) Mrs. A. Cloud
  50. Mr. M. Cohen
  51. Mrs. M. Cohen
  52. Mr. D. Cohen
  53. Miss B. Cohen
  54. Mrs. F. Cohn
  55. Mrs. W. P. Coleman
  56. (SOU) Mr. B. H. Cone
  57. (SOU) Mrs. B. H. Cone
  58. Mr. A. M. Conneen Jr.
  59. Mrs. A. M. Conneen Jr.
  60. Miss N. Conneen
  61. Miss M. Conneen
  62. Mr. C. W. Cornelius
  63. (SOU) Mrs. C. P. Crawford
  64. (SOU) Miss L. Crawford
  65. (SOU) Miss D. Crawford
  66. Mr. H. Crommelin
  67. +Mr. R. Crompton Tuttle
  68. Mr. van Dam
  69. (BSM) Mrs. A. C. Davenport
  70. (BSM) Mrs. E. C. Davenport
  71. (BSM) Mr. E. S. Day
  72. (BSM) Mr. Ch. E. Dox
  73. (BSM) Mrs. Ch. E. Dox
  74. (BSM) Miss D. Dox
  75. (SOU) Mr. F. R. Duley
  76. (BSM) Mrs. M. Dunphy
  77. (BSM) Miss P. Dunphy
  78. Miss M. Durham
  79. (BSM) Mr. S. Farhat
  80. +Mrs. G. Farnsworth
  81. (SOU) Mr. J. T. Findley
  82. (SOU) Mrs. J. T. Findley
  83. Mr. J. E. Findley
  84. Miss E. Findley
  85. (BSM) Mrs. S. Foster
  86. (BSM) Miss S. Foster
  87. Mr. G. T. Francis
  88. Mrs. G. T. Francis
  89. Mr. E. L. Francis
  90. (BSM) Dr. J. H. French
  91. (BSM) Mrs. J. H. French
  92. Mr. Ch. F. Fuller
  93. Mrs. Ch. F. Fuller
  94. (BSM) Dr. R. M. Furlong
  95. (BSM) Mrs. R. M. Furlong
  96. (SOU) Mr. J. M. Gaffers
  97. (SOU) Mrs. J. M. Gaffers
  98. (SOU) Mr. H. B. Gaffers
  99. (SOU) Mrs. H. B. Gaffers
  100. (BSM) Mrs. H. P. Gardner
  101. Mrs. C. S. Gibbon
  102. Mrs. A. M. Graham
  103. Mr. L. Greenway
  104. Miss L. Gregory
  105. Miss M. Gregory
  106. Mrs. J. de Groot
  107. Miss W. de Groot
  108. Miss J. de Groot
  109. (SOU) Miss G. Harris
  110. Mr. O. G. Haussmann
  111. Mrs. E. Hearther
  112. (BSM) Mr. D. B. Heer
  113. (BSM) Mrs. F. X. Heer
  114. (SOU) Mrs. R. W. Hill
  115. (SOU) Miss E. Hill
  116. (SOU) Mr. R. W. Hill Jr.
  117. Mr. D. Holman Ferrin
  118. Mrs. D. Holman Ferrin
  119. (SOU) Mrs. A. C. Holmes
  120. (SOU) Miss Z. Jenks
  121. (BSM) Mrs. H. M. Jones
  122. (BSM) Mr. T. F. Jones
  123. Mr. F. S. Jordan
  124. Mrs. F. S. Jordan
  125. (BSM) Mr. C. F. W. Kaelber
  126. (BSM) Mrs. C. F. W. Kaelber
  127. (BSM) Miss K. Kaelber
  128. (BSM) Mr. J. G. Kaelber
  129. (BSM) Mast. C. F. W. Kaelber Jr.
  130. (SOU) Mrs. C. B. Keller
  131. (SOU) Miss H. Keller
  132. (BSM) Mrs. M. S. Kirkpatrick
  133. Mr. D. J. H. Kleber
  134. Mr. F. van der Klip
  135. Mrs. F. van der Klip
  136. Mast. J. van der Klip
  137. (BSM) Mr. S. M. Knoop
  138. (BSM) Mrs. S. M. Knoop
  139. Mr. J. Koch
  140. Mr. A. C. Kraushoff
  141. (BSM) Mr. H. A. Ladd
  142. (BSM) Mrs. H. A. Ladd
  143. (SOU) Mr. B. Langeluttig
  144. (SOU) Mrs. B. Langeluttig
  145. (SOU) Miss E. Langeluttig
  146. Mr. J. A. de Lanoy
  147. (SOU) Mrs. A. Lauer
  148. Mr. J. S. LeClercq
  149. Mrs. J. S. LeClercq
  150. Mast. F. LeClercq
  151. Mrs. Ph. Lewisohn
  152. Mr. M. J. Lissner
  153. Mrs. M. J. Lissner
  154. (SOU) Mrs. J. L. Locke
  155. Mr. Th. J. Maagdenberg
  156. (BSM) Dr. G. W. Mackenzie
  157. (BSM) Dr. A. L. Mackenzie
  158. (SOU) Mr. C. Maxwell
  159. (SOU) Mr. J. Maxwell
  160. (BSM) Mr. Ch. A. McCormack
  161. Miss M. E. McGill
  162. (BSM) Dr. C. W. McKee
  163. (BSM) Dr. C. E. McKee
  164. Mr. H. F. van der Meer
  165. Miss P. A. Melano
  166. (BSM) Mr. C. W. Mendell
  167. (BSM) Mrs. C. W. Mendell
  168. Mrs. I. H. Mesta
  169. Mrs. C. K. Meyer
  170. Mrs. H. G. Miles
  171. Miss L. Miles
  172. Mr. B. F. Miles
  173. (BSM) Mrs. W. A. Miller
  174. (BSM) Mr. W. Miller
  175. Mr. N. E. Montross
  176. Mrs. N. E. Montross
  177. (SOU) Miss A. Mueller
  178. (SOU) Mr. W. Mulliner
  179. (BSM) Mrs. A. M. Northrup
  180. (BSM) Miss S. E. Northrup
  181. Miss E. H. Norton
  182. Dr. M. Nute
  183. Miss K. O'Donahue
  184. (SOU) Miss F. O. Ogden
  185. (SOU) Mrs. M. J. O'Hara
  186. (SOU) Mrs. C. E. Parker
  187. (SOU) Miss J. A. Parker
  188. (BSM) Mr. G. R. Parsons
  189. (BSM) Mrs. G. N. Patrick
  190. (BSM) Miss J. L. Patrick
  191. (BSM) Miss K. P. Patrick
  192. (SOU) Miss I. Paul
  193. (SOU) Mrs. E. W. Peterson
  194. Rev. Z. B. Phillips
  195. Mrs. Z. B. Phillips
  196. Miss S. H. Phillips
  197. (BSM) Mrs. W. G. Pollock
  198. Miss E. von Reding
  199. (BSM) Mr. L. F. Reinhardt
  200. Mr. Ch. J. H. Rethans
  201. (SOU) Mrs. L. H. Rhodes
  202. Miss M. Rice
  203. Mr. F. Ritter
  204. Mr. G. J. Rombout
  205. Mr. W. H. Russell
  206. Mrs. W. H. Russell
  207. Miss M. H. Russell
  208. Miss A. G. Russell and gouvernes
  209. Miss J. R. Russell
  210. Mast. W. H. Russell Jr. and Nurse
  211. (SOU) Mr. R. B. Sandstedt
  212. (SOU) Mr. L. W. Sautter
  213. (BSM) Dr. I. S. Schembeck
  214. Mr. W. Schenck
  215. Miss M. Schenck
  216. Miss C. Schenck
  217. Miss C. L. Schroeppel
  218. Mr. J. Schroth
  219. Mrs. J. Schroth
  220. (BSM) Mrs. A. M. Scott
  221. (BSM) Mrs. M. Selleck
  222. Mr. P. A. Selles
  223. Mrs. P. A. Selles
  224. Miss C. Selles
  225. Mr. E. M. Sellon
  226. Mrs. E. M. Sellon
  227. (BSM) Dr. W. S. Shepherd
  228. (BSM) Mrs. W. S. Shepherd
  229. (SOU) Mr. B. Smith
  230. (BSM) Dr. V. G. Smith
  231. (SOU) Miss N. Speirs
  232. Mr. B. Stad
  233. Mrs. B. Stad
  234. (SOU) Miss B. Stern
  235. Mr. F. Stokvis
  236. (SOU) Mrs. W. Strubbe
  237. (BSM) Mrs. J. Switzer
  238. (BSM) Mr. M. Switzer
  239. Mr. E. D. Tanzer
  240. Mr. L. K. Tanzer
  241. Miss M. R. Taylor
  242. Miss D. C. Taylor
  243. (SOU) Mr. W. Tyson
  244. (SOU) Mrs. W. Tyson
  245. Mr. J. H. Volkmann
  246. Mrs. J. H. Volkmann
  247. Mast. H. L. Volkmann
  248. (BSM) Dr. J. L. Wagner
  249. (BSM) Mrs. J. L. Wagner
  250. (BSM) Mrs. A. R. Wagner
  251. (BSM) Mast. W. M. Wagner
  252. (BSM) Mast. T. D. Wagner
  253. (BSM) Hon. E. W. Wakelee
  254. Mr. W. P. Ware
  255. Mrs. A. Ware
  256. Mast. A. Ware Jr.
  257. (BSM) Mrs. A. R. Wayland
  258. Mr. J. S. van Wezel
  259. Mrs. J. S. van Wezel
  260. (SOU) Mrs. R. E. Wheeler
  261. (SOU) Mr. R. E. Wheeler Jr.
  262. I-Mr. F. H. Wheeler
  263. Miss E. Wheeler
  264. Mr. R. Whitten
  265. Mrs. R. Whitten
  266. (BSM) Mr. W. S. Wilcox
  267. (BSM) Mrs. W. S. Wilcox
  268. (BSM) Mrs. E. D. Winston
  269. Mrs. E. Winter
  270. (SOU) Mrs. M. Wittenberg
  271. Mr. F. M. Wren, Technical Advisor United States Department of Labor
  272. (BSM) Mrs. E. B. Young
  273. (BSM) Miss M. B. Young

Notice: All Passengers will receive on board a landing card and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

(BSM) Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer. (SOU) Embark at Southampton.

HAL Booklet Ref. Nbr. 8 P. - 725 - 8-30

Back Cover

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