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SS Rotterdam Passenger List - 2 September 1925

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Wednesday, 2 September 1925 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Wednesday, 2 September 1925 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Commodore Van Den Heuvel. GGA Image ID # 17c83d0126

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909.

Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909. US Postage One Cent Stamp Affixed. Front Side: GGA Image ID # 15c393757a; Back Side: GGA Image ID # 15c3a3ce4b

Back Side of 1909 Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Commodore Van Den Heuvel
  2. Chief Officer: Kooy
  3. Chief-Engineer: Michels
  4. Purser: Reyntjes
  5. Physician: Dr. Kelly
  6. Chief-Steward: Van Der Boon

First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. A. Abadie and friend
  2. Mr. A. C. Abadie
  3. Mr. F. T. Ackermann
  4. Mrs. F. T. Ackermann
  5. Miss C. M. Ackermann
  6. Miss E. Ackermann
  7. Miss F. E. Ackermann
  8. Mr. Chas. M. Adams, M.D
  9. Bishop W. N. Ainsworth
  10. Mrs. W. N. Ainsworth
  11. Miss A. M. Alden
  12. Miss B. M. Andreany
  13. Sister M. Annunciata
  14. Mrs. F. A. Ansseau
  15. Mrs. F. A. Ansseau
  16. Mrs. M. P. Appleton
  17. Miss M. P. Appleton
  18. Miss A. Arity
  19. Miss M. Baer
  20. Mr. J. F. Bailey
  21. Mr. D. B. Sandler
  22. Miss K. V. Barnum
  23. Mr. D. Bauman
  24. Mrs. D. Bauman
  25. Mr. H. Bauman
  26. Mrs. H. Bauman
  27. Mrs. G. R. Beach
  28. Miss K. L. Beach
  29. Mr. C. G. Bevin
  30. Mrs. P. B. Bland
  31. Miss H. B. Bland
  32. Miss H. H. Bland
  33. Mr. L. Bloch
  34. Mr. R. Block
  35. Mrs. R. Block
  36. Miss I. Blumenthal
  37. Mrs. R. Blun
  38. Miss V. Blum
  39. Mr. H. W. Bottomly
  40. Mrs. H. W. Bottomly
  41. Miss Y. Bouché
  42. Dr. W. E. Boucher
  43. Mrs. W. E. Boucher
  44. Miss E. Bowling
  45. Mrs. K. Bradford
  46. Miss V. Brady
  47. Mrs. J. Bratte
  48. Mr. H. L. A. Briel
  49. Mrs. M. H. Briggs
  50. Mr. Fred. W. Brooks Jr.
  51. Mrs. Fred. W. Brooks Jr.
  52. Mast. H. A. Brooks
  53. Mrs. S. Gordon Brown
  54. Mast. Ph. Gordon Brown
  55. Mast. P. Gordon Brown
  56. Mrs. J. Bruck
  57. Mr. J. van Brunt
  58. Mrs. N. Z. Bryan
  59. Mr. A. Buchsbaum
  60. Mr. B. L. Buckley
  61. Mr. A. L. Burns
  62. Mrs. A. L. Burns
  63. Miss A. Burns
  64. Miss J. Burns
  65. Mr. D. Burpee
  66. Mr. M. Cahn
  67. Mrs. M. Cahn
  68. Miss C. A. Cameron
  69. Miss H. L. Cameron
  70. Mr. A. L. Cardozo
  71. Miss E. Cattani
  72. Mr. J. Chuard
  73. Miss A. Cochrane
  74. Dr. S. R. Cohen
  75. Mrs. S. R. Cohen
  76. Mr. S. Cohn
  77. Mr. J. G. Coleman
  78. Mrs. D. Coolidge
  79. Mr. Ch. Copeland
  80. Mrs. Ch. Copeland
  81. Mr. L. D. Copeland
  82. Miss M. K. Corbett
  83. Mr. H. L. Craig
  84. Mrs. S. Crosby
  85. Mr. H. Crystal
  86. Mrs. H. Crystal
  87. Mr. A. M. Culver
  88. Mrs. A. M. Culver
  89. Mr. L. M. Culver
  90. Miss D. Culver
  91. Miss E. F. Cusack
  92. Mrs. P. van Dam
  93. Mr. J. H. Davis
  94. Mrs. J. H. Davis
  95. Miss M. Denniston
  96. Mrs. R. E. Deyo
  97. Miss C. D. Deyo
  98. Mrs. W. F. Dix
  99. Miss A. Dix
  100. Mast. N. Dix
  101. Mr. D. Downs
  102. Mrs. D. Downs
  103. Miss M. W. Downs
  104. Miss M. Dubois:
  105. Miss K. Duer
  106. Miss L. Duer
  107. Mr. E. D. Duffield
  108. Mrs. E. D. Duffield
  109. Mr. D. Duffield
  110. Miss E. Duffield
  111. Miss A. M. Dupont
  112. Mrs. H. Y. Durkey
  113. Mr. L. E. Durkey
  114. Mr. A. Eccard
  115. Mrs. A. Eccard
  116. Miss A. Eccard
  117. Miss D. Eccard
  118. Mrs. F. Eisenbach
  119. Miss A. Eisenbach
  120. Mr. G. Eisenberg
  121. Mrs. G. Eisenberg
  122. Miss S. Elkus
  123. Mrs. H. Ellis
  124. Miss M. L. Ellis
  125. Mast. R. A. L. Ellis
  126. Mast. H. Ellis
  127. Mr. R. C. Ellis
  128. Dr. H. B. Epstein
  129. Mrs. H. B. Epstein
  130. Miss D. Epstein
  131. Mr. W. Epstein
  132. Miss E. C. Estabrook
  133. Mrs. W. J. Fanning
  134. Dr. T. Farnam
  135. Mrs. T. Farnam
  136. Mr. M. G. Field
  137. Mrs. H. Koerting Fischer
  138. Miss F. Fischer
  139. Mr. Y. Fischer
  140. Mast. Lido Fischer
  141. Mme. H. de C. Fitzgerald
  142. Mrs. R. Foster
  143. Mr. M. E. Foster
  144. Miss J. Fraley
  145. Mr. J. M. Freeman
  146. Mr. M. Friend
  147. Mr. N. Fryer
  148. Mrs. A. M. Gade
  149. Mr. C. G. Gardiner
  150. Mr. W. N. Gates
  151. Mr. J. M. Gates
  152. Mr. G. M. Gates
  153. Mr. E. L. Gates
  154. Mr. D. E. Gates
  155. Miss E. G. Gilbert
  156. Mrs. M. C. Gilette
  157. Miss L. D. Gilette
  158. Miss S. Ginsberger
  159. Mr. J. I. Goldfrank
  160. Mrs. J. I. Goldfrank
  161. Mrs. L. Goldsmith
  162. Mrs. E. C. GooId
  163. Mr. Wm. Le Goullon
  164. Mrs. Wm. Le Goullon
  165. Mr. A. R. Gray
  166. Mr. Addison L. Green
  167. Mrs. Addison L. Green
  168. Miss Clarissa Green
  169. Miss Gertrude Green
  170. Mast. Marshall Green
  171. Mr. I. Gumbiner
  172. Mrs. I. Gumbiner
  173. Mr. L. Gumbiner
  174. Mrs. L. Gumbiner
  175. Miss V. Gumbiner
  176. Mrs. A. Gutman
  177. Miss J. Gutman
  178. Mr. B. Haber
  179. Mrs. B. 'Haber
  180. Mr. S. Haggerty
  181. Mrs. Wm. C. Halkett
  182. Mr. A. B. Hall
  183. Mrs. A. B. Hall
  184. Miss Ch. B. Hall
  185. Mr. G. J. Hansen
  186. Mrs. G. J. Hansen
  187. Miss Th. Hansen
  188. Mr. S. Harburger
  189. Mrs. S. Harburger
  190. Miss Ch. B. Harburger
  191. Rev. M. H. Harris
  192. Mrs. M. H. Harris
  193. Mrs. O. H. Hassel
  194. Miss L. Hassel
  195. Miss S. M. Havens
  196. Dr. R. S. Haynes
  197. Mrs. R. S. Haynes
  198. Mr. F. K. Hays
  199. Mrs. F. K. Hays
  200. Mr. O. Hecker
  201. Mrs. O. Hecker
  202. Miss F. Helm
  203. Mrs. A. Herstein
  204. Miss R. Herstein
  205. Mr. D. Hewitt
  206. Mrs. D. Hewitt
  207. Mrs. T. E. Hicks
  208. Mast. M. Hicks
  209. Miss G. Hiller
  210. Miss S. D. Hitch
  211. Dr. B. Hohenberg
  212. Mr. H. Hohner
  213. Mr. M. Hohner
  214. Mrs. M. Hohner
  215. Mr. J. Holliday
  216. Mrs. J. Holliday
  217. Mr. Hollman
  218. Mr. J. Holthusen
  219. Mrs. J. Holthusen
  220. Mrs. Wm. H. Horstman
  221. Miss M. Howe
  222. Mr. S. W. Hubbard
  223. Mrs. S. W. Hubbard
  224. Mr. M. Hurst
  225. Mrs. M. Hurst
  226. Miss E. Jacobs
  227. Mr. B. Jaffe
  228. Mrs. B. Jaffe
  229. Sister M. Jeanne
  230. Mr. J. S. Jenkins
  231. Mrs. J. S. Jenkins
  232. Miss J. C. Jordan
  233. Mrs. N. Kahn
  234. Mr. R. N. Kalbfleisch
  235. tDr. P. G. Kammerer
  236. Mr. S. Kastor
  237. Mr. R. W. Kelley
  238. Miss A. F. Kennedy
  239. Miss M. E. Keyes
  240. Mr. G. W. Kirwan
  241. Mr. H. H. Kletzien
  242. Mr. G. Kolb
  243. Mrs. G. Kolb
  244. Miss I. C. Kopper
  245. Mr. F. Korneffel
  246. Mrs. F. Korneffel
  247. Mr. H. Korneffel
  248. Dr. J. S. Kornfell
  249. Mr. A. Kuhn
  250. Mrs. A. Kuhn
  251. Mr. C. E. Ladd
  252. Mrs. C. E. Ladd
  253. Dr. A. V. S. Lambert
  254. Mrs. A. V. S. Lambert
  255. Miss M. Lambert
  256. Master A. Lambert
  257. Master J. Lambert
  258. Miss R. Lambert
  259. Miss E. Lambicki
  260. Mr. A. Lang
  261. Mrs. A. Lang
  262. Mr. H. B. Leary
  263. Mrs. H. B. Leary
  264. Miss Leary
  265. Mrs. Chas. B. Lee
  266. Mr. L. L. Lefferts
  267. Mr. M. Lester
  268. Mr. M. Lester Jr.
  269. Mr. A. Levi
  270. Mrs. A. Levi
  271. Mr. A. A. Levinthal
  272. Mrs. A. A. Levinthal
  273. Mr. L. Lewin
  274. Mr. A. H. Lewis
  275. Mrs. F. J. Lewis
  276. Mrs. J. B. Lewis
  277. Mrs. B. E. Lewis
  278. Mrs. A. T. Lincoln
  279. Mrs. W. H. Lipe
  280. Miss R. Lipe
  281. Mrs. E. Lodge
  282. Miss A. D. Lodge
  283. Mr. J. B. Lodge
  284. Miss E. Losea
  285. Miss H. B. Lovejoy
  286. Mrs. F. H. Lovell Jr.
  287. Miss E. Lovell
  288. Sister Magdalena
  289. Mr. W. A. Marburg
  290. Mr. J. H. Marquis
  291. Dr. S. Matthews
  292. Mr. H. Maxwell
  293. Miss D. R. Maxwell
  294. Mr. W. A. May
  295. Mrs. W. A. May
  296. Mr. W. May
  297. Mr. A. Mayer
  298. Mr. H. Mayer
  299. Mrs. H. Mayer
  300. Mr. I. Mayer
  301. Master H. Mayer
  302. Mr. H. Mayer
  303. Mast. R. Mayer
  304. Mr. W. S. Mayer
  305. Miss L. McDonald
  306. Miss S. McDonell
  307. Rev. Dr. W. P. McCune
  308. Miss A. McEvoy
  309. Mr. J. S. Mcllvaine
  310. Miss A. H. McIntire
  311. Mrs. E. McVickar
  312. Miss J. McLaughlin
  313. Miss K. McLaughlin
  314. Rt. Rev. Mgr. Aloysius Meuwese V. G., Vicar General of the Harrisburg Diocese
  315. Dr. J. V. Merschon
  316. Mrs. J. V. Merschon
  317. Mr. Ch. Metzger
  318. Mrs. Ch. Metzger
  319. Miss B. Metzger
  320. Mr. S. Meyer
  321. Mrs. S. Meyer
  322. Miss E. Meyer-Eichel
  323. Mr. M. Meyer
  324. Mrs. M. Meyer
  325. Mast. M. Meyer
  326. Mast. B. Meyer
  327. Mrs. S. Millar
  328. Mr. J. de Miranda
  329. Mr. J. H. Moore
  330. Mrs. J. H. Moore
  331. Miss L. J. Moore
  332. Mr. J. S. Morrison
  333. Mrs. J. S. Morrison
  334. Mr. T. Murphy
  335. Mrs. T. Murphy
  336. Mr. H. P. Nash
  337. Mrs. H. P. Nash
  338. Mrs. Edw. Newburger
  339. Mast. Edw. Newburger
  340. Mrs. W. R. Nicholson
  341. Mr. F. J. Oakes
  342. Mrs. F. J. Oakes
  343. Miss V. Oakes
  344. Miss E. Oakes
  345. Mr. C. V. Opper
  346. Miss M. Ornstein
  347. Miss M. E. Page
  348. Mr. Wm. Pagenstecher Jr.
  349. Mr. G. Pagenstecher
  350. Mrs. G. Pagenstecher
  351. Mrs. P. S. Park
  352. Mr. Sumner A. Parker
  353. Mrs. Sumner A. Parker
  354. Miss Katherine S. Parker
  355. Mr. F. Jameson Parker
  356. Mr. J. D. Parsons
  357. Mr. A. L. Peterson
  358. Mrs. A. L. Peterson
  359. Mr. F. Pettit Jr.
  360. Mrs. F. Pettit Jr.
  361. Mrs. C. Pickhardt
  362. Mrs. H. L. Pollitzer
  363. Mr. J. R. Post
  364. Mrs. J. R. Post
  365. Miss M. L. Post
  366. Miss M. B. Post
  367. Dr. J. B. Potsdamer
  368. Mrs. J. B. Potsdamer
  369. Miss J. P. Prentice
  370. Mrs. L. M. Prince
  371. Mrs. F. P. Prichard
  372. Miss E. P. Prichard
  373. Miss A. P. Prichard
  374. Mr. W. G. Rasch
  375. Mrs. W. G. Rasch
  376. Mr. C. F. Redden
  377. Mr. C. F. Redden Jr.
  378. Mrs. C. F. Redden
  379. Miss E. Redden
  380. Miss F. E. Reed
  381. Mr. S. B. Rice
  382. Mr. E. E. Rich
  383. Mr. D. S. Richardson
  384. Mrs. D. S. Richardson
  385. Miss H. E. Roberts
  386. Mr. Wm. W. Robinson
  387. Mrs. Wm. W. Robinson
  388. Mr. Wm. E. Robinson
  389. Mr. E. W. Robinson
  390. Mr. C. C. Rogers
  391. Mrs. C. C. Rogers
  392. Miss M. Rohn
  393. Dr. D. Roman
  394. Mrs. D. Roman
  395. Dr. G. F. Root
  396. Hon. L. Roselius
  397. Miss H. Roselius
  398. Mr. F. Rosenberg
  399. Mr. E. M. Rosenthal
  400. Mrs. E. M. Rosenthal
  401. Miss L. Rosenthal
  402. Mr. L. P. Ross
  403. Mrs. L. P. Ross
  404. Miss L. F. Ross
  405. Miss E. P. Ross
  406. Mr. J. Rubin
  407. Mrs. J. Rubin
  408. Miss E. Ruel
  409. Mr. W. H. Rueping
  410. Mrs. W. H. Rueping
  411. Mr. W. H. Rueping
  412. Mr. K. A. Rueping
  413. Mr. R. Lopez Rumayor
  414. Mr. J. P. Ryder
  415. Mr. B. D. Rynveld
  416. Mr. E. J. de Sabla
  417. Mrs. E. J. de Sabla
  418. Mrs. H. V. Schieren
  419. Miss M. L. Schieren
  420. Rev. J. H. Schlarman
  421. Dr. K. Schlivek
  422. Mrs. K. Schlivek
  423. Miss I. Schlivek
  424. Mast. L. B. Schlivek
  425. Mr. F. Schmidt
  426. Mrs. F. Schmidt
  427. Mast. F. Schmidt
  428. Mr. H. Selbeck
  429. Miss A. P. Shedden
  430. Miss M. S. Sheffield
  431. Mr. J. E. Sheffield
  432. Miss S. P. Shiras
  433. Mrs. Th. Shofield
  434. Miss E. D. Shofield
  435. Mr. Sol. Siegel
  436. Mr. F. D. Silber
  437. Mrs. F. D. Silber
  438. Miss L. Silber
  439. Mr. R. L. Silber
  440. Mr. F. D. Silber Jr.
  441. Mrs. D. L. Silverman
  442. Mast. E. Silverman
  443. Miss R. Silverman
  444. Mr. S. Silverman
  445. Miss K. F. Simonds
  446. Mr. S. Simons
  447. Mrs. S. Simons
  448. Miss C. A. Simons
  449. Mr. R. L. Simons
  450. Mrs. Sh. Smith
  451. Mrs. C. V. Smith
  452. Mrs. I. C. Snell
  453. Mr. P. Sorge
  454. Mrs. P. Sorge
  455. Miss R. Sorge
  456. Mr. W. Speelman
  457. Miss M. Spiegl
  458. Miss I. Spurr
  459. Mrs. I. Stern
  460. Mrs. G. Stevens
  461. Mrs. E. Strasburger
  462. Miss C. Strasburger
  463. Mast. A. Strasburger Jr.
  464. Miss E. Strunce
  465. Mr. A. C. Studer Jr.
  466. Mrs. A. C. Studer
  467. Miss E. Studer
  468. Miss E. B. Sulzbacher
  469. Sister M. Theresine
  470. Miss H. Townsend
  471. Mr. Ch. Z. Tryon
  472. Mrs. Ch. Z. Tryon
  473. Mr. E. K. Tryon
  474. Miss E. A. Tryon
  475. Miss D. Varian
  476. Mr. Ch. P. Vaughan
  477. Mrs. Ch. P. Vaughan
  478. Miss C. N. Vaughan
  479. Miss B. T. Vaughan
  480. Mrs. H. B. de Villiers-Schwab
  481. Miss E. Vincent
  482. Rev. A. Vollmer
  483. Mr. A. Wagner
  484. Mrs. A. Wagner
  485. Mr. A. Warman
  486. Mr. I. Wartell
  487. Mrs. I. Wartell
  488. Mr. E. van Waveren
  489. Mr. W. Weingarten
  490. Mr. O. Weingarten
  491. Mrs. O. Weingarten
  492. Mrs. Th. H. West Jr.
  493. Mr. J. C. West
  494. Mr. C. E. Wheat
  495. Mrs. A. L. White
  496. Miss A. Whitehouse
  497. Mr. N. de R. Whitehouse
  498. Mr. H. Wild
  499. Mr. L. R. Wilfrey
  500. Mrs. L. R. Wilfrey
  501. Mrs. L. Wolfe
  502. Miss D. Wolfe
  503. Dr. F. Wolff
  504. Mr. R. Woodring
  505. Mr. G. Wurceldorf
  506. Mr. B. Yoch

Second Cabin Passengers

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Wednesday, 2 September 1925 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton.

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Wednesday, 2 September 1925 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton. GGA Image ID # 17c8980c16

  1. Mr. A. J. Alexander
  2. Mrs. A. J. Alexander
  3. Miss E. Alexander
  4. Miss J. A. Alexander
  5. Mr. M. Alleman
  6. Mrs. C. Alleman
  7. Miss N. Alleman
  8. Mast. E. Alleman
  9. Miss M. Angst
  10. Miss Apamian
  11. Mr. B. Apotheker
  12. Mrs. M. Applegate
  13. Mr. H. E. Aschmann
  14. Mrs. H. E. Aschmann
  15. Mr. M. Aurinson
  16. Mr. D. Aurinson
  17. Mr. J. Aurinson
  18. Mr. E. Ayan
  19. Mr. A. Babrvierczak
  20. Mr. M. Bader
  21. Mrs. M. Bader
  22. Mast. R. Bader
  23. Miss M. Bader
  24. Mr. G. L. Bader
  25. Mr. M. S. BaIz
  26. Mrs. M. S. Baiz
  27. Miss O. BaIz
  28. Miss V. Baiz
  29. Rev. H. N. Bassler
  30. Mrs. H. N. Bassler
  31. Miss M. Bassler
  32. Miss M. L. Bauer
  33. Miss I. F. Bauer
  34. Mr. R. Baumeister
  35. Mrs. R. Baumeister
  36. Mr. A. Bay
  37. Mr. W. Bayer
  38. Mrs. W. Bayer
  39. Mr. W. Beans
  40. Mrs. M. P. Beans
  41. Mr. W. S. Beans
  42. Mr. M. Beck
  43. Mrs. M. Beck
  44. Miss Fr. Beck
  45. Mrs. A. M. Belz
  46. Mr. R. Berger
  47. Mrs. C. Beukers
  48. Miss E. D. Blaschke
  49. Mr. A. Blode
  50. Mrs. A. Blode
  51. Mr. J. Bloemendaal
  52. Mr. D. J. v. Bommel
  53. Mrs. M. Bond
  54. Mr. A. G. v. Bonzel
  55. Mrs. M. v. d. Boon
  56. Mr. P. Boon
  57. Mrs. P. Boon
  58. Mr. T. Bos
  59. Mr. C. Bos
  60. Miss W. Bos
  61. Mrs. M. Bosland
  62. Mr. G. R. Bothwell
  63. Mrs. G. R. Bothwell
  64. Miss E. Bothwell
  65. Mr. J. Boyd
  66. Mr. E. M. Brande
  67. Mrs. E. M. Brande
  68. Rev. U. Bregenzer
  69. Mrs. G. Broeils
  70. Miss M. K. Brown
  71. Miss R. M. Brown
  72. Mr. G. J. Brummer
  73. Miss M. Brydon
  74. Mrs. I. Buchler
  75. Miss G. Buchler
  76. Miss C. Buchler
  77. Mast. H. Buchler
  78. Mrs. M. Buchsbaum
  79. Miss K. Bugbee
  80. Mr. F. Bulin
  81. Mrs. M. Bunimowitz and Inft
  82. Miss G. Bunimowitz
  83. Mr. F. R. Burggraf
  84. Dr. A. B. Butter
  85. Mrs. A. B. Butter
  86. Mr. S. Cahn
  87. Mr. J. Callahan
  88. Mr. Fr. Canepa
  89. Rev. Caraballo
  90. Mrs. Caraballo and Children
  91. Miss A. Carré
  92. Miss L. M. Cdssety
  93. Mr. Ch. Challandes
  94. Mrs. Ch. Challandes
  95. Mast. E. Challandes
  96. Miss E. Challandes
  97. Miss M. L. Chamberlin
  98. Mr. J. Charapp
  99. Mrs. J. Charapp
  100. Mr. R. Cheney
  101. Mr. G. J. Clark
  102. Miss Z. Clark
  103. Mr. A. B. Cohen
  104. Mrs. A. B. Cohen
  105. Mr. J. Cohen
  106. Mr. B. C. Collins
  107. Mrs. B. C. Collins
  108. Mrs. C. Cordier
  109. Mr. E. Cousi
  110. Mrs. E. Cousi
  111. Mast. E. Cousi
  112. Mr. M. Cupak
  113. Mrs. M. Cupak
  114. Miss M. Cupak
  115. Miss A. Cupak
  116. Miss S. Th. Curtis
  117. Mrs. H. V. Decker
  118. Mrs. A. M. F. Denig
  119. Miss J. B. McDonald
  120. Mr. J. J. Doornbos
  121. Mr. A. Döring
  122. Dr. H. W. Dunning
  123. Mr. J. W. Dunning
  124. Mr. Fr. Eckmair
  125. Miss F. Elkins
  126. Mr. P. Engelskirchen
  127. Mrs. P. Engelskirchen
  128. Mrs. H. Engemann
  129. Miss M. Engemann
  130. Brother Gregory v. d. Erf
  131. Mrs. J. C. Erkens
  132. Mr. A. Estrom
  133. Mrs. R. Faerber
  134. Miss M. Fenauer
  135. Mr. G. Fettweis
  136. Mrs. G. Fettweis
  137. Mast. R Fettweis
  138. Miss A. J. Findlay
  139. Mr. B. Fisher
  140. Mrs. B. Fisher
  141. Mr. J. Flanegan
  142. Mr. T. Fletcher
  143. Miss M. Forrer
  144. Mr. A. J. Francis
  145. Mr. A. Frank
  146. Mrs. A. Frank
  147. Mr. H. Friess
  148. Mrs. C. Frusther
  149. Mr. J. Fuldauer
  150. Miss M. Gaffey
  151. Mrs. M. Gallman
  152. Mast. H. Gallman
  153. Mr. E. C. Gebert
  154. Mr. F. A. Geier
  155. Mr. A. Geller
  156. Mrs. A. Geller
  157. Mr. R. Geller
  158. Mr. H. Geller
  159. Mrs. A. J. Gerath
  160. Miss A. Gerath
  161. Mrs. S. Gibian
  162. Mr. H. Glanzer
  163. Mrs. H. Glanzer
  164. Miss B. Ginsberg
  165. Miss O. Goers
  166. Miss A. Goers
  167. Mr. F. Goers
  168. Mrs. F. Goers
  169. Miss L. Goers
  170. Mr. M. Gold
  171. Miss E. Goodyear
  172. Mrs. M. Gordon
  173. Mr. C. Gragnon
  174. Mr. S. Greenebaum
  175. Mrs. S. Greenebaum
  176. Miss F. Greenebaum
  177. Mr. J. Grunwald
  178. Mr. P. Günther
  179. Mr. W. de Haan
  180. Miss V. Haast
  181. Miss J. A. Hagen
  182. Mrs. R. Hamburger
  183. Mast. S. Hamburger
  184. Mrs. Bl. Hayman
  185. Mr. P. A. Hazes
  186. Mrs. P. A. Hazes
  187. Mr. P. W. Hazes
  188. Mr. A. J. Hazes
  189. Mr. W. Heilman
  190. Mrs. W. Heilman
  191. Mr. E. Heinz
  192. Mrs. E. Heinz
  193. Mrs. E. Helfrich
  194. Mast. H. Helfrich
  195. Mr. C. E. Hellmayr
  196. Mrs. C. E. Hellmayr
  197. Mrs. A. Hellwig
  198. Mrs. E. J. Henchliffe
  199. Mr. J. Herskowitz
  200. Mrs. J. Herskowitz
  201. Miss M. Hertel
  202. Mr. H. C. Hesp
  203. Miss H. Hessel
  204. Mr. A. v. Hessen
  205. Mr. J. Hettel
  206. Mrs. J. Hettel
  207. Miss C. Hettel
  208. Miss F. Hettinger
  209. Miss K1. Heuser
  210. Miss M. Hirschi
  211. Miss L. Hirschi
  212. Mr. J. Hoebler
  213. Mrs. J. Hoebler
  214. Miss R. Hoebler
  215. Miss B. Hoetzlein
  216. Mr. M. Holder
  217. Mrs. M. Holder
  218. Mast. E. Holder
  219. Miss F. Holder
  220. Mr. K. Holz
  221. Mrs. E. R. Hooking
  222. Mr. H. K. Hotchk
  223. Mr. Fr. Hub
  224. Miss H. Huber
  225. Miss E. Huebner
  226. Mr. P. H. Hulston
  227. Miss M. E. Hynson
  228. Miss B. Hyslop
  229. Miss A. Hyslop
  230. Miss E. Iben
  231. Miss I. Iben
  232. Mr. R. M. James
  233. Mrs. C. James
  234. Mr. H. A. Jansen
  235. Mrs. E. Jansen
  236. Miss C. Jansen
  237. Mast H. Jansen
  238. Mr. J. Jansma
  239. Mr. E. Jauch
  240. Mr. G. J. Jeths
  241. Mrs. G. J. Jeths
  242. Mrs. M. Johannes
  243. Dr. Ch. H. Johnson
  244. Mrs. E. Jones
  245. Mrs. F. de Jong
  246. Mr. H. de Jonge
  247. Mrs. H. de Jonge
  248. Mrs. J. Jonkers
  249. Mrs. B. Joyce
  250. Miss K. B. Joyce
  251. Miss E. I. Joyce
  252. Mr. J. Judels
  253. Mrs. Dv,. Kalechman
  254. Mr. A. Kapel
  255. Mr. F. Kapel
  256. Mrs. A. Kapel
  257. Miss A. Kapel
  258. Mast. J. Kapel
  259. Mast. A. Kapel
  260. Mr. D. Kaptein
  261. Miss H. Keenan
  262. Miss E. Keller
  263. Dr. H. A. Kelly
  264. Mrs. H. A. Kelly
  265. Mr. C. F. Kettering
  266. Mr. C. W. Kettering
  267. Mrs. C. W. Kettering
  268. Miss J. Kettering
  269. Mrs. A. B. Kirschner
  270. Mr. G. Kling
  271. Mrs. G. Kling
  272. Mr. E. Klingler
  273. Mr. P. v. d. Kloot
  274. Mrs. P. v. d. Kloot
  275. Miss M. C. v. d. Kloot
  276. Miss K. Kneip
  277. Mr. R. P. Knorr
  278. Mrs. M. Kollner
  279. Mast. A. Kollner
  280. Miss A. Kollner
  281. Mr. Wm. Kollner
  282. Mrs. Wm. Kollner
  283. Miss G. Kollner
  284. Mast. Wm. Kollner Jr.
  285. Mr. A. Kott
  286. Mrs. A. Kott
  287. Mrs. W. Kotz
  288. Miss E. I. Kratzer
  289. Miss D. Krivulin
  290. Mr. C. Kronenberger
  291. Mrs. Ch. F. Kronenfeld
  292. Mrs. M. Krückell
  293. Rev. John H. Krukkert
  294. Mr. C. Kuiper
  295. Rev. J. Kunesh
  296. Mr. H. J. Lamet
  297. Miss M. Landel
  298. Miss L. Larnadie
  299. Miss L. D. Leach
  300. Miss M. Lef kovitz
  301. Miss S. Lef kovitz
  302. Miss S. Levin
  303. Mr. D. Lieberman
  304. Mr. I. Lieberman
  305. Mrs. L. Linetty
  306. Prof. W. J. Long
  307. Mrs. W. J. Long
  308. Mr. R. Lowell
  309. Mrs. R. Lowell
  310. Mrs. H. Lubarovskaja
  311. Mast. S. Lubarovskaja
  312. Mr. L. Lukasevick
  313. Mr. G. Lycklama a Nyeholt
  314. Mr. Ch. A. Makarewich
  315. Mrs. Ch. A. Makarewich
  316. Rev. A. Malusecki
  317. Mr. G. Manthei
  318. Mrs. G. Manthei
  319. Mr. L. Martinez
  320. Mr. J. Marty
  321. Mr. M. Massius
  322. Mrs. M. Massius
  323. Miss M. Massius
  324. Miss V. Massius
  325. Mr. Fr. Matthiessen
  326. Mr. Ch. M. Matzdorff
  327. Mr. J. Mayer
  328. Mrs. J. Mayer
  329. Mrs. A. Mazurkiewicz
  330. Mr. W. Meenen
  331. Mr. Chr. Meister
  332. Miss E. Messerli
  333. Mr. E. Meger
  334. tMr. Ch. Meyer
  335. tMrs. Ch. Meyer
  336. Mr. A. J. Miller
  337. Mr. Fr. Milz
  338. Mrs. C. Milz
  339. Mr. L. Mogilski
  340. Mrs. A. Monness
  341. Miss Fr. Moos
  342. Miss A. H. Morris
  343. Mrs. E. E. Morse
  344. Miss A. C. Murdock
  345. Mrs. Murphy and Child
  346. Mrs. S. Myhre
  347. Miss Th. Myhre
  348. Mast. E. Myhre
  349. Miss A. Naundorff
  350. Mr. J. Necefer
  351. Mrs. J. Necefer
  352. Mrs. J. Needt
  353. Mrs. H. Neumark
  354. Mrs. G. H. Northington
  355. Miss S. Northington
  356. Miss J. Nussbaum
  357. Mr. H. L. Nyeholt
  358. Mrs. S. Nystad
  359. Mr. H. Nystad
  360. Mr. J. Olszewski
  361. Mrs. J. Olszewski
  362. Mast. J. Olszewski
  363. Miss M. O'Neill
  364. Mr. E. Ordonez
  365. Mast. E. Ordonez
  366. Miss L. Petit
  367. Rev. H. M. Petterson
  368. Mrs. H. M. Petterson
  369. Miss D. Petterson
  370. Mr. A. Pfeiffer
  371. Mr. L. Pinkerton
  372. Mrs. L. Pinkerton
  373. Miss S. Pinkerton
  374. Mr. J. B. Plouy
  375. Mrs. J. B. Plouy
  376. Mast. M. Plouy
  377. Miss A. Possnig
  378. Mrs. M. F. Potvliet
  379. Mr. A. Prunier
  380. Mrs. A. Prunier
  381. Miss A. Mc Rae
  382. Mr. F. N. Ramsay
  383. Mrs. F. N. Ramsay
  384. Mast. J. Ramsay
  385. Mr. D. W. Reichard
  386. Mrs. D. W. Reichard
  387. Mr. N. Reicher
  388. Mrs. N. Reicher
  389. Mast. N. Reicher
  390. Miss E. Retey
  391. Dr. I. M. C. Rice
  392. Mr. C. A. Robinson
  393. Mr. P. D. Robinson
  394. Mr. M. Roeg
  395. Mrs. H. M. Roepers
  396. Miss M. A. Roepers
  397. Mrs. M. Roodvoets
  398. Mrs. L. de Roon
  399. Mr. H. Roorda
  400. Mrs. H. Roorda
  401. Mrs. R. Roos
  402. Mast. H. Roos
  403. Mr. Jos. Rop
  404. Mrs. Jos. Rop
  405. Mr. L. Rosenwald
  406. Mrs. L. Rosenwald
  407. Miss M. G. Roth
  408. Mrs. J. T. Rourke
  409. Mrs. A. Royle
  410. Mr. D. G. Ruarus
  411. Mr. M. Rubenstein
  412. Mr. G. Rudolph
  413. Mrs. G. Rudolph
  414. Mr. J. Salti
  415. Mr. L. Saminsky
  416. Mrs. L.: Saminsky
  417. Mr. A. Sander
  418. Mrs. B. Sander
  419. Miss M. Sander
  420. Mr. B. Schaap
  421. Mrs. M. Schechtman
  422. Mr. A. Scheideck
  423. Mr. D. Schipper
  424. Mr. F. J. Schlecht
  425. Mrs. F. J. Schlecht
  426. Mast. J. Schlecht
  427. Dr. D. E. Schmidt
  428. Miss L. Schmidt
  429. Mrs. G. Schneiders
  430. Mrs. Y. Schoonhen
  431. Rev. H. P. Schuurman
  432. Mrs. H. P. Schuurman
  433. Dr. Schwarz
  434. Miss A. M. Scordia
  435. Mr. C. L. Seasholes
  436. Mrs. C. L. Seasholes
  437. Mr. J. Sevensma
  438. Mrs. M. S. Shelby
  439. Mrs. J. Siemes
  440. Mr. C. J. Sikking
  441. Mr. J. P. Silveira
  442. Mrs. J. P. Silveira
  443. Miss Th. Silveira
  444. Mr. J. Silveira
  445. Mr. C. Sinkeldam
  446. Mrs. C. Sinkeldam and Inft
  447. Mr. K. Slagter
  448. Mr. H. Slagter
  449. Mrs. H. Slagter
  450. Miss F. Slagter
  451. Mr. J. Slagter
  452. Mrs. H. Slottag
  453. Mrs. F. Solins
  454. Mr. A. Stanewitsch
  455. Mrs. L. R. Stein
  456. Miss W. Stein
  457. Mr. P. M. Steinbach
  458. Mrs. A. Steinitz
  459. Mr. M. M. v. Stempvoort
  460. Mr. J. Stevens
  461. Mr. G. F. Stevens
  462. Mrs. G. F. Stevens
  463. Mrs. H. Stoeppler
  464. Miss L. Stoeppler
  465. Mr. B. Strauss
  466. Mr. F. Thelosen
  467. Mr. E. Tobler
  468. Mr. S. Travaille
  469. Mrs. S. Travaille
  470. Mast. N. Truempy
  471. Mr. J. Tschudin
  472. Mrs. J. Tschudin
  473. Mr. H. Umminger
  474. Miss E. Umminger
  475. Mr. F. Vansteemakeer
  476. Mrs. F. Vansteemakeer
  477. Mrs. I. Vazahas
  478. Mr. A. Verbrugge
  479. Mrs. A. E. M. F. Verwoert
  480. Mr. M. Völker
  481. Mr. R. Wagner
  482. Miss M. Wallimann
  483. Miss R. Walther
  484. Miss M. J. Waring
  485. Miss H. E. Warner
  486. Mr. Ch. C. Weaver
  487. Mrs. Ch. C. Weaver
  488. Miss M. Weber
  489. Mr. W. Weilbacher
  490. Dr. L. Weinstock
  491. Miss R. Weinstock
  492. Miss M. Weinstock
  493. Mr. A. L. Weis
  494. Mrs. A. L. Weis
  495. Mrs. M. Wellerson
  496. Miss M. Wellerson
  497. Miss H. Wender
  498. Mr. G. Westra
  499. Mr. H. A. Wieringa
  500. Mrs. H. A. Wieringa
  501. Mast. C. Wieringa
  502. Mast. H. Wieringa
  503. Mr. H. Wilhelm
  504. Miss M. Z. Williford
  505. Miss F. Wirth
  506. Prof. H. Wismer
  507. Mr. H. de Witt
  508. Mrs. H. de Witt
  509. Mr. J. H. Witte
  510. Mrs. J. H. Witte
  511. Miss E. Witte
  512. Mr. C. J. Witte
  513. Mr. P. J. Wolbert
  514. Mr. I. Wolf
  515. Miss M. De Wolf
  516. Mr. H. W. Wood
  517. Miss L. Zanola
  518. Mr. J. Ziegler
  519. Miss H. v. Zytveld

* Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer. t Embark at Southampton.


SECURING of Berths.

Berths are reserved upon payment of one fourth of the full passage money with a minimum of $ 60,-- for each berth in the first class and upon payment of $ 20.—. for each berth in the cabin- or in the second class. The balance on the passage-ticket must be paid at least three weeks before sailing.

When sending deposit-money, Passengers are requested to state at the same time their full names and whether the berths are intended for ladies, gentlemen, or married couples. In case, upon receipt, all berths should be engaged, the money so paid will be refunded or accommodation reserved on a later steamer, if desired.

Holders of Return tickets can apply for accommodation for the return trip upon writing to the Company to this effect, stating the number of their ticket, the names of the Passengers entitled to transportation, the name of the steamer and date of sailing.
If accommodation at the rate paid should not be available, higher or lower priced accommodation if available will be offered, and when accepted, the difference in price will be collected or will be refunded as the case may be, before the Passenger embarks.

Orders given by telegraph must be followed immediately by the deposit-money or full passage amount and confirmed by letter.

No orders for berths will be accepted, if the date of sailing is not named.

Tickets are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others without the consent of the Company; they are valid only for the steamer and sailing named in the ticket.
Passengers wishing to cancel their passage or wishing to be transferred to an other sailing, must give notice to that effect at least three weeks in advance.

Should Passengers fail to notify the Company in accordance with the above, 50 0/0 of the passage money will be forfeited, unless in case of "vis major" (sickness) or in case the Company has been able to resell the accommodation, originally reserved for the Passenger, in which latter case 10 0/0 of the passage money will be deducted for booking fee when refunding the amount paid.

Round Trip Tickets.

Round trip tickets are issued without any reduction; these tickets are valid one year from date of issue.

Baggage for TRANSPORTATION in Bond.

Baggage intended for delivery at ports in the United States other than the port of arrival, or in transit through the United States to a foreign country, may be forwarded without the assessment of duty at the port of New York, by the various railroads and express-companies, whose representatives will be found on the pier, provided the intention of Passengers to have their baggage forwarded in bond be indicated in the customs-declarations to be filled out on board before the steamer's arrival, and provided the value of such baggage be stated in said declarations.

Baggage Insurance.

The Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, but arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can have same insured against loss by sea or land.
A circular with full particulars re this insurance can be had on application at the Purser's Office.

Deck Chairs.

The steamers are provided with a limited number of deck chairs which can be hired either at the different Offices of the Company or on board at $ 1,50 for the single voyage. Such chairs must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.

Steamer Rugs.

Steamer rugs can be hired on board from the Purser at the rate of $ 1,50 for one trip; they must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.

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