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SS Werra Passenger List - 19 November 1896

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Werra, Norddeutscher Lloyd, November 1896

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Werra of the North German Lloyd, Departing Thursday, 19 November 1896 from Genoa to New York via Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain C. Pohle.

Cabin Passengers

For New York

  1. Mrs. Mary A. Alton
    Keokuk, IA
  2. Mr. C I. Alton
    Keokuk, IA
  3. Mr. David K. Boyd
    Philadelphia, PA
  4. Mrs. David K. Boyd
    Philadelphia, PA
  5. Miss Paula Baumgartner
    New York
  6. Mrs. Marianna Caselli
    Lucca, Italy
  7. Mr. John Downes
    Newhaven, CT
  8. Miss Erminia Ferretti
    Chiavari, Italy
  9. Mr. Jachson C. Fero
    Pomtret, CT
  10. Mr. Charles Fritz
    New York
  11. Mrs. Bessie S. Gilmore
    New York
  12. Miss Ginevra Gilmore
    New York
  13. Mr. Pietro Gabrielli
    Lucca, Italy
  14. Rev. E. J. Kreidt
    Nicaragua Falls, Canada
  15. Mr. Federico Lena
    Fort Worth, TX


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