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SS Prinzess Irene Passenger List - 12 November 1908

Front Cover, Passenger List, North German Lloyd SS Prinzess Irene, 12 November 1908

First Class Passegner List for the SS Prinzess Irene of the North German Lloyd, Departing Thursday, 12 November 1908 from Genoa to New York via Naples and Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain F. von Letten-Peterssen.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: F. von Letten-Peterssen, Commander
  2. Royal Commission Cap. Doctor: Nannelli Mario
  3. First Officer: B. Frankenberg
  4. Second Officer: W. Heynacher
  5. Second Officer: C. Rissmeyer
  6. Fourth Officer: C. Berget
  7. Fourth Officer: E. v. Horn
  8. Physician: Dr. H. Jelden
  9. Physician: Dr. E. Oteri
  10. Chief Engineer: L. Volkmann
  11. Second Engineer: A. Urra
  12. Third Engineer: B. Rüst
  13. Third Engineer: W. Hank
  14. Fourth Engineer: A. Osterich
  15. Fourth Engineer: L. Brimsson
  16. Fourth Engineer: W. Lintelmann
  17. Purser: A. Wedemeyer
  18. Assistant Purser: P. Heyer
  19. Chief Steward: P. Werner
  20. Head Cook: E. Nielsen
  21. Second Steward: A. Pflug
  22. Second Steward: E. Landmaun
  23. Baggage Master: E. Lambrecht

First Class Passengers


  1. Mr. Consul Carl Aselmeyer
  2. Mrs. Consul Carl Aselmeyer
  3. Mr. Howard Coote
  4. Mrs. Howard Coote
  5. Mr. Director H. Eulenstein
  6. Mr. Forestry Assessor Jos. Henrion
  7. Mrs. Jos. Henrion
  8. Mr. Dr. F. Haase
  9. Mrs. Dr. F. Haase
  10. Miss A. Heineken
  11. Mr. J. F. Jacot-Des Combes
  12. Mr. Dr. Carl Martini
  13. Mrs. Dr. Carl Martini
  14. Mr. Staatsrat Dr. J. Mucznik
  15. Mrs. Staatsrat Dr. J. Mucznik and Servant
  16. Mr. L. M. Promis
  17. Mr. Justin E. Promis
  18. Mrs. E. Promis


  1. Mrs. A. C. Taylor
  2. Mrs. A. T. Van Duzen


  1. Miss Jeanne Alison
  2. Mr. H. Bernhard
  3. Mr. Hector Bernieri
  4. Mrs. Hector Bernieri
  5. Miss Leona Bernheim
  6. Mr. Eug. Brumaghim
  7. Mr. George E. Briggs
  8. Mr. George E. Brigg Jr.
  9. Mrs. George E. Briggs
  10. Mr. Gedney Bunce
  11. Mr. Jose Batlles
  12. Mrs. Josefa Luque Batlles
  13. Miss Maria Batlles
  14. Mr. Dr. E. J. Bourque
  15. Mrs. Dr E. J. Bourque
  16. Mr. Dr. T. Caldarazzo
  17. Mrs. Dr. T. Caldarazzo
  18. Miss Annie Clark
  19. Mr. M. H. Chamberlain
  20. Mrs. M. H. Chamberlain
  21. Mrs. G. W. Cottrele
  22. Mr. Dr. Carter S. Cole
  23. Mr. State Attorney Angel Castro
  24. Mr. Gaetano Ciriilo
  25. Miss Donaghy
  26. Mr. S. E. Eaton
  27. Mrs. S. E. Eaton
  28. Mr. Paul H. Easby
  29. Mr. Edward Freeman
  30. Mrs. Blanche W. Freeman
  31. Mrs. George F. Fergus
  32. Miss Beatrice Fergus
  33. Miss Florence Frazer
  34. Mr. G. Grattan
  35. Mrs. G. Grattan
  36. Miss M. Grattan
  37. Mr. E. B. Goetter
  38. Mrs. Joseph Goetter
  39. Miss Vivienne Goetter
  40. Mr. J. K. Hecht
  41. Mr. E. M. Hecht
  42. Miss Edith Hecht
  43. Miss Frances Harwood
  44. Mrs. J. F. Hetherington
  45. Mr. John H. Jackson
  46. Miss Eleonor M. Jones
  47. Miss Gertrude Jones
  48. Miss A. V. Kelly
  49. Mrs. M. W. Lockwood
  50. Miss Lockwood
  51. Mr. M. E. Lewis
  52. Sister Catherine Letellier
  53. Mrs. Ad. Lehrfeld
  54. Mrs. G. Lehrfeld
  55. Mrs. L. K. Lodge
  56. Mr. Wilh. Laubreimer
  57. Mrs. Wilh. Laubreimer
  58. Mrs. F. M. Metcalf
  59. Mr. Haven Metcalf
  60. Mr. Samuel Fred. Munroe
  61. Mr. Louis Masucci
  62. Mrs. Louis Masucci
  63. Miss Adelina Masucci
  64. Excellency Mr. H. Pina y. Millet, Spanish Ambassador in Washington, and Servant
  65. Mrs. Herbert Putman
  66. Miss Brinde Putman
  67. Mr. Graf Camille Antonelli di Paolo
  68. Mrs. J. F. Robertson
  69. Mrs. B J. Rudderow
  70. Mr. Federico Rivas
  71. Mr. Gustav Ramsperger
  72. Mr. Archibald Roane
  73. Miss Olive P. Ripley
  74. Mr. Cav. Angelo Sartirana
  75. Mrs. Angelo Sartirana
  76. Miss Anna Sartirana
  77. Miss Eunice Sartirana
  78. Mr. Edouard Schölten
  79. Sister Catherine de Sutton
  80. Mr. Anton F. Stander
  81. Mrs. Anton F. Stander
  82. Mr. Roy B. Tabor
  83. Miss Julie Traub
  84. Mr. Herbert Temmon
  85. Mr. Carl Friedr. Töllner
  86. Miss Willie W. Vest
  87. Miss E Ward
  88. Mr. Henry Waters
  89. Mrs. Henry Waters
  90. Mrs. C. S. Whitmire
  91. Mr. Arthur H. Zumsteg

Prepared 2015-05-25 by Paul K. Gjenvick, MAS, Archivist

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