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SS Werra Passenger List - 14 December 1894

Passenger List for the 1894 Norddeutcher Lloyd Bremen SS. Werra

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Werra of the North German Lloyd, Departing Friday, 14 December 1894 from Naples to New York via Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain G. Pohle.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. Pohle
  2. Chief Officer: J. Jantzen
  3. Chief Engineer: D. Querfeldt
  4. Purser: Aug. Köhnsen
  5. Physician: Dr. C. J. Dürsch
  6. Chief Steward: C. Meyer

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. J. P. Cambell & daughter
  2. Mrs. L. J. Sitgreaves
  3. Miss M. J. Sitgreaves
  4. Miss E. B. Richardson
  5. Mr. Eugene L. Joung
  6. J. M. Johnson
  7. Conte A. L. Rozwadowski and family Italian Consul in Chicago
  8. Mr. O. C. Stevens
  9. Mrs. O. C. Stevens
  10. Mr. W. H. Slocum
  11. Mrs. W. H. Slocum
  12. Mr. Mackintosh
  13. Miss Mackintosh
  14. Mr. Charles Hirzel
  15. Mr. F. Ruffu
  16. Mr. F. W. Chandler
  17. Miss Amalia Palastri
  18. Mr. & Mrs. John

LEUPDLD FRA TELL!. General Agents

  • Piazza S. Siro. 10 Genoa
  • VICO 1.0 PILIERO, Naples

Oelrichs & C.. General Agents 2, Bowling Green, New-York

John ONETTI & SONS, Gibraltar.



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