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Vintage Menus of the Royal Mail Lines

Poster for Royal Mail Lines to South America 1930s

Poster for Royal Mail Lines to South America 1930s

Royal Mail Lines Ltd (RML) was created in 1932 and took over the ships of Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and other companies of the former group.

The new company's operations were concentrated on the west coast of South America, the West Indies and Caribbean, and the Pacific coast of North America; the Southampton – Lisbon – Brazil – Uruguay – Argentina route was operated from 1850 to 1980. RML was also a leading cruise ship operator.

Dinner Menus

Front Cover, RMS Asturias Farewell Dinner Menu - 22 August 1935

RMS Asturias - 22 August 1935

Vintage Farewell Dinner Menu and Music Program from 22 August 1935 on board the RMS Asturias of the Royal Mail Lines featured Scotch Grouse,  Smithane, Braised York Ham au Madère, and Canapé Charlemagne for dessert.

Vintage Menus from the GG Archives collection are representative of the menus, typically printed on board each steamship during the voyage onto a blank pre-printed graphic cover. The bill of fares was intended as souvenirs of the journey and provided to each passenger for that class (First, Second, Third, Tourist, etc.). Many survive today as delightful displays of gourmet meals served in elegant dining saloons on the ocean liners of yesteryear.

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