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Vintage Menus of the United American Lines

The Steamship Resolute of the United American Lines

The Steamship Resolute of the United American Lines

In 1922, the United American Lines begin a rival first class passenger service with Germany this summer and it was bought by W. A. Harrimann, chairman of the lines, that his coming position as a competitor required his withdrawal as joint manager of the government line.

The United American Lines has its principal steamers, the Resolute, Reliance, and Cleveland, under the Panama Flag. The first two, which have been in operation more than a year, are firmly established in the trade.

Luncheon Menus

Menu Card, SS Resolute Luncheon Menu Card - 24 August 1922

SS Resolute - 24 August 1922

Vintage Luncheon Menu from 24 August 1922 on board the SS Resolute of the United American Lines featured Roast Chicken Fermière, Lobster Newbourg, and Wine Jelly with Fruits for dessert.

Menu Card., SS Resolute Luncheon Menu - 20 May 1925

SS Resolute - 20 May 1925

Cabin passenger Luncheon Menu from the S.S. Resolute of the United American Lines included both hot and cold selections. it featured Boiled Brisket of Beef, Vienna Veal Steak and the perennial favorite Frankfurters with Sauerkraut. Printed in English and German,

Vintage Menus from the GG Archives collection are representative of the menus, typically printed on board each steamship during the voyage onto a blank pre-printed graphic cover. The bill of fares was intended as souvenirs of the journey and provided to each passenger for that class (First, Second, Third, Tourist, etc.). Many survive today as delightful displays of gourmet meals served in elegant dining saloons on the ocean liners of yesteryear.

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