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Vintage Menus of the Allan Line

Second Saloon Dining Room on the S.S. Corsican - 1908

Second Saloon Dining Room on the S.S. Corsican - 1908

The Allan Line operated steamships that covered Transatlantic routes between ports in the United Kingdom (Glasgow, Londonderry, Belfast, Liverpool and London) to North American Ports of Call.

Canadian Ports served included Quebec, Montreal, St. Johns, and Halifax. US Ports included: Portland, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Breakfast Menus

Allan Line RMS Virginian Daily Menu Card, Second Cabin - 9 June 1906

RMS Virginian - 9 June 1906

Vintage Second Cabin Daily Menu Card from 9 June 1906 on board the RMS Virginian of the Allan Line featured Beefsteak and Onions for Breakfast, Roast Goose, Apple Sauce for Dinner, and Preserved Salmon for Tea.

Dinner Menus

SS Scandinavian Dinner Menu Card 20 July 1912

SS Scandinavian - 20 July 1912

Rare Vintage Dinner Menu Card from Saturday, 20 July 1912 on board the TSS Scandinavian of the Allan Line featured Baked Cod - Butter Sauce, Roast Sirloin Of Beef - Horseradish, and Plum Pudding - Brandy Sauce for dessert.

Vintage Menus from the GG Archives collection are representative of the menus, typically printed on board each steamship during the voyage onto a blank pre-printed graphic cover. The bill of fares was intended as souvenirs of the journey and provided to each passenger for that class (First, Second, Third, Tourist, etc.). Many survive today as delightful displays of gourmet meals served in elegant dining saloons on the ocean liners of yesteryear.

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