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Vintage Menus of the CGT French Line

First Cabin Dining Saloon on the S.S. La Savoie

First Cabin Dining Saloon on the S.S. La Savoie

The French Line (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique) had regular sailings between New York, Plymouth (England), and Le Havre. Their steamships included the SS Paris, SS France, SS Normandie, SS Lafayette, SS Rochambeau, SS Chicago, and others.

Dinner Menus

Front Cover, SS La Lorraine Farewell Dinner Menu - 26 April 1907

SS La Lorraine - 26 April 1907

Vintage Farewell Dinner Menu from 26 April 1907 on board the S.S La Lorraine of the CGT French Line featured Roast Fillet of Beef, Vol-au-vent Toulousaine, and Nougat Monté for dessert.

Front Cover, Dinner Menu, on the SS De Grasse of the CGT French Line, Friday, 17 June 1932.

1932-06-17 SS De Grasse Dinner Menu

Vintage Dinner Menu from 17 June 1932 on board the SS De Grasse of the CGT French Line featured Red Snapper Nantua Sauce, Poached Eggs Cardinal, and Gabrielle Ice Cream for dessert.

Luncheon Menus

Front Cover, SS Ile de France Luncheon Menu - 22 August 1935

1935-08-22 SS Ile de France Luncheon

Vintage Luncheon Menu from 22 August 1935 on board the SS Ile de France of the CGT French Line featured Stewed Chicken Chasseur, Broiled Mutton Chop, and Chocolate, Lemon Ice Cream for dessert. Featured wine was Vin Rouge et Vin Blanc des Caves de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique.

Front Cover, SS Normandie Luncheon Menu - 8 June 1936

SS Normandie - 8 June 1936

Vintage Luncheon Menu from 8 June 1936 on board the SS Normandie of the CGT French Line featured Lamb from Pauillac with fresh vegitables, Brill with Normande sauce, and Strawberry souffle for dessert.

Special Occasion Menus

Menu Cover, Christmas Eve Reveillon Dinner Menu, SS De Grasse, CGT French Line (1950)

SS De Grasse Christmas Menu - 24 December 1950

A Caribbean Cruise Christmas Eve Reveillon Menu from the French Line with an all French Menu Selection that included such dishes as La Cote de Bœuf au Currant Jelly and Le Jambon Fume de Parme.

Vintage Menus from the GG Archives collection are representative of the menus, typically printed on board each steamship during the voyage onto a blank pre-printed graphic cover. The bill of fares was intended as souvenirs of the journey and provided to each passenger for that class (First, Second, Third, Tourist, etc.). Many survive today as delightful displays of gourmet meals served in elegant dining saloons on the ocean liners of yesteryear.

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