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Vintage Menus of The Aberdeen Line

The Aberdeen Line S.S. Demosthenes

The Aberdeen Line was founded in 1824, and long occupied a prominent place in the Australian trade with its fleet of fast-sailing clippers. The present fleet, however, consists entirely of steamers, and of these, the Themistocles and Demosthenes, of 12,000 tons, are the most famous, the latter being the first turbine steamer trading between this country and Australia. The journey is made around the Cape of Good Hope, and, besides cargo, first- and third-class passengers are carried.

Dinner Menus

Menu Items, SS Demosthenes, Aberdeen Line 1927

SS Demosthenes - 13 February 1927

Vintage Dinner Menu Card from 13 February 1927 on board the SS Demosthenes of the Aberdeen Line featured Fried Sole, Tomato Sauce, Roast Sirloin of Beef & Horseradish, and Plum Tart & Cream for dessert. The reverse side contained a daily progress report of distance traveled and weather conditions.

Vintage Menus from the GG Archives collection are representative of the menus, typically printed on board each steamship during the voyage onto a blank pre-printed graphic cover. The bill of fares was intended as souvenirs of the journey and provided to each passenger for that class (First, Second, Third, Tourist, etc.). Many survive today as delightful displays of gourmet meals served in elegant dining saloons on the ocean liners of yesteryear.

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