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SS Albert Ballin Passenger List - 20 December 1933

Front Cover, SS Albert Ballin Passenger List - 20 December 1933

First, Tourist, and Third Class Passenger List from the SS Albert Ballin of the Hamburg-American Line, Departing 20 December 1933 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Fuhr.

Hamburg-American Line
SS Albert Ballin
Captain Fuhr
From Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg
Wednesday, 20 December 1933

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Fuhr
  • First Officer: J. Falke
  • Second Officer: H. Mielke
  • Second Officer: O. Rörden
  • Second Officer: A. Wiesen
  • Third Officer: J. Rückert
  • Fourth Officer: E. Witte
  • Fourth Officer: K. Simonsmeier
  • Radio Officer: A. Hegemann
  • Radio Officer: A. Richter
  • Radio Officer: W. Kertzsprung
  • Radio Officer: A. Ulfers
  • Chief Engineer: A. Hampe
  • Second Engineer: G. Brauer
  • Second Engineer: J. Landschoof
  • Third Engineer: J. Gosewisch
  • Third Engineer: O. Weber
  • Third Engineer: F. Kniest
  • Third Engineer: E. Frank
  • Third Engineer: H. Nagel
  • Fourth Engineer: E. Prauß
  • Fourth Engineer: W. Utesch
  • Fourth Engineer: E. Nake
  • Fourth Engineer: J. Wille
  • First Electrician: C. Miller
  • Second Electrician: H. Wörtmann
  • Projectionist: C. Albrecht
  • Physician: Dr. J. Hofherr
  • Nurse: Maria Duregger
  • Purser: K. Zeplien
  • Assistant Purser: B. Voss
  • Assistant Purser: J. z. Linden
  • Assistant Purser: H. Fromm
  • Assistant Purser: H. Voss
  • Assistant Purser: R. Haerting
  • Baggage Master: Th. Hartmann
  • Chief Steward, First Class: A. Specht
  • Assistant Chief Steward, First Class: Klasse K. Kohlmann
  • Grill Room Chef: TONI
  • Chief Steward, Tourist Class: F. Hamann
  • Assistant Chief Steward, Tourist Class: F. Freyer
  • Chief Steward, Third Class: P. Duncker
  • Assistant Chief Steward, Third Class: A. Schilling
  • Head Chef: R. Hesse
  • Music Conductor: E. Claus


First Class Passengers


  1. Herr Hinrich Albers
  2. Herr Gustav Beckhard
  3. Frau Gustav Beckhard
  4. Herr A. Cory Davies
  5. Herr John W. Doty
  6. Herr John H. Gadsby
  7. Herr Louis Jay Gerson
  8. Fräulein Dusolina Giannini
  9. Herr Ernst Hansen
  10. Frau Ernst Hansen
  11. Herr Direktor M. R. Hartmann
  12. Herr Arthur Jäger
  13. Herr Otto H. Kiehne
  14. Frau Otto H. Kiehne
  15. Frau Bertha H. Lederer
  16. Herr Wilhelm E. Mcyerweissflog
  17. Herr George A. Nettleton
  18. Fräulein Elizabeth Osteroth
  19. Herr Heinz Quast
  20. Herr Charles Smith
  21. Herr Kazuma Sugita
  22. Herr Julius Traub
  23. Herr Ernest L. Zimmer


  1. Frau Helene Dolman
  2. Fraulein Frieda Falke-Leonhard
  3. Herr Staatsrat Curt Helm
  4. Herr Norman Leighton
  5. Herr Leo Leonhard
  6. Frau Dr. Else Levy
  7. Herr Cecil William Varney
  8. Frau Cecil William Varney

Tourist Passengers


  1. Herr Heinrich Ahmann
  2. Frau Heinrich Ahmann
  3. Frau Babette Altheimer
  4. Hochw. Pater Arnulf
  5. Herr Ludwig Balling
  6. Herr Friedrich Binder
  7. Herr Dr. Richard Bolt
  8. Frau Richard Bolt
  9. Herr Robert B. Bolt
  10. Fräulein Elizabeth R. Bolt
  11. Fräulein Marion J. Bolt
  12. Herr Raul Canedo
  13. Herr Gunnar Dybwad
  14. Herr Gholam H. Fotouhi
  15. Herr Abel Hassan Fotouh
  16. Herr Abel Fazl Fotouhi
  17. Frau Hedwig Geib
  18. Fräulein Emily Gerson
  19. Frau Charlotte Girard
  20. Herr Albert Grünpeter
  21. Frau Albert Grünpeter
  22. Fräulein Suse Grünpeter
  23. Frau Anna Hagen
  24. Floyd Hagen
  25. Herr Paul W. Hickmann
  26. Herr Ernest Knewitz
  27. Herr Professor Harold B. Kenton
  28. Frau Harold B. Kenton
  29. Herr Wilhelm Kluge
  30. Frau Wilhelm Kluge
  31. Herr Hugo Krüger
  32. Fräulein Herta Levi
  33. Herr Alexander Lubicz
  34. Fräulein Margarete Manske
  35. Herr Leen van der Mey
  36. Herr Dr. Hugo Neuhaus
  37. Herr Werner Nowka
  38. Herr Max Obstfeld
  39. Frau Max Obstfeld
  40. Herr Jean Prokhanoff
  41. Herr Bruno Rath
  42. Fräulein Catherine Roxin
  43. Herr Kurt Samson
  44. Frau Christine Scheler
  45. Herr Jakob Schierlinger
  46. Fräulein Ida Schierlinger
  47. Frau Kugenie Schtulberg
  48. Herr G. H. Schwemmer
  49. Fräulein Elisabeth Schwemmer
  50. Fräulein Hedwig Simons
  51. Herr Walter C. Stein
  52. Fräulein Iva Tonsic
  53. Herr Herbert Ueberall
  54. Frau Julianna Uhlar
  55. Herr Robert Vetlesen
  56. Herr Edward F. Volkrner
  57. Herr Karl Wentz
  58. Frau Karl Wentz
  59. Carol Wentz

Additional Passengers To New York

  1. Herr Dr. Kurt Matheus
  2. Herr P. F. Matrosoff
  3. Herr N. A. Sokoloff


  1. Herr Albert John Gaebler
  2. Fräulein Inez Hamilton
  3. Herr Michael Hofmann
  4. Herr Peter C. D. Horsley
  5. Frau Maja Kaden
  6. Fräulein Alice Lieben
  7. Fräulein Flora Lieben
  8. Fräulein Kathleen M. Pain
  9. Herr Adolph Revilla
  10. Fräulein Lucy Rüstenbach
  11. Fräulein Thekla Schümann
  12. Herr Ernst Souza
  13. Herr Joachim Stein
  14. Herr C. Stein
  15. Fräulein Marianne Stollenwerk
  16. Herr A. von Treischel
  17. Herr Erdman Voss
  18. Frau Erdman Voss
  19. Herr H. E. M. Verner


  1. Frau Henriette Boje

Third Class Passengers


  1. Fräulein Gitla Abramowicz
  2. Herr Marinco Atyimov
  3. Frau Marinco Atyimov
  4. Frau Minna Bohler
  5. Frau Frieda Bicrey
  6. Herr Kurt Blessmann
  7. Frau Henriette Checinski
  8. Herr John Chritz
  9. Herr John A. Copassaki
  10. Frau Roza Cseh
  11. Fräulein Sophia Edelson
  12. Fräulein Ida Egli
  13. Fräulein Elisabeth Frischkorn
  14. Herr Johann Froschl
  15. Herr Benjamin Gelfand
  16. Frau Benjamin Gelfand
  17. Herr Karl Grimm
  18. Fräulein Martha Gürke
  19. Herr Reinhold Heekert
  20. Fräulein Augusta Harsanyi
  21. Herr Max Kugelmann
  22. Herr Albert Meems
  23. Frau Maria van Nerven
  24. Theodor van Nerven
  25. Maria van Nerven
  26. Herr Robert Moore
  27. Frau Robert Moore
  28. Frau Marcele Pociene
  29. Edward Pociene
  30. Herr Mario Poletti
  31. Herr Alfred Porkka
  32. Frau Natalie M. Reinecke
  33. Herr Hermann Röbbel
  34. Fräulein Anne Rudolph
  35. Fräulein Helene Schöpflin
  36. Kind Henry Schurwanz
  37. Frau Lucic Seifert
  38. Fräulein CJisja Silberblum
  39. Herr Aloys Striepens
  40. Herr Helmut Terhardt
  41. Herr Alexander Tobias
  42. Frau Helene Todorova
  43. Herr Wilhelm Walbohm
  44. Herr Alfons Weikenstorfer
  45. Herr Erich Wildgrube
  46. Herr Karl Wilser
  47. Frau Karl Wilser
  48. Karl Otto Wilser
  49. Anita Wilser
  50. Herr Louis Wolter


  1. Herr B. Achilles
  2. Frau B. Achilles
  3. Herr Alfred Bailey
  4. Frau Alfred Bailey
  5. Elizabeth Bailey
  6. Wilhelmine Bailey
  7. Herr Werner von Pein
  8. Herr Robert Rameke
  9. Herr Karl Schmidt
  10. Herr Carl Adolph Schulz
  11. Herr Henry Way

Passenger Information

New York Mail for Passengers. The New York Office of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie has made arrangements that mail addressed to passengers arriving in New York may be obtained at the principal exit on the upper floor of the Pier. This only applies to such letters, etc., that arrive too late to be delivered to passengers on board during their stay at the quarantine station.

Landing Card. On arrival in New York the "Landing card" attached to your ticket is to be handed to the Immigration Officer for endorsement. First-class passengers will receive the landing cards by the purser during the voyage.

New York Porter Service. Passengers are reminded that the porters on the New York piers are not allowed to ask for gratuities in consideration of the handling of passengers' baggage, they being paid sufficient wages for their services. If, nevertheless, any porter should demand payment for handling such baggage, passengers are requested to note the number plate on his cap and to report him to one of the uniformed policemen on the pier.

In addition, passengers are earnestly advised to direct their enquiries concerning baggage or passage matters exclusively to persons who, by their uniforms, are plainly seen to be Hapag employees. Failing this precaution, they expose themselves to the risk of being taken advantage of by unauthorized persons.

Passengers proceeding to interior Destinations. Wireless advance bookings of Pullman, sleeping and parlor car accommodation for the journey from New York to places situated in the interior may be effected on board through the intermediary of the Purser.

Sailing Permits for Non-Americans. Non-Americans (including visitors to the United States who intend a temporary stay only) must obtain, prior to their departure from the United States, a Sailing Permit, which must be produced previous to going on board, when the final passage ticket is examined. Such Sailing Permits are issued at the Custom House, Battery, New York.

Further information will be gladly given by the Hapag office, 39, Broadway, New York.

Imported Plants and Soil etc. Prohibited. The United States Department of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine and Control Administration, advises under "Notice of Quarantine No. 37," that plants, soil or other similar materials cannot be imported into the United States, either as souvenirs or in any other category.

Advance Reservations of Automobiles. The Hamburg-American Line has made arrangements with the Pennsylvania Cadillac Motor Service, New York, whereby private limousines may be ordered by wireless to our New York piers for arrival of our ships. Information as to rates and all other details are obtainable at the Tourist Department of the Hamburg-American Line on board.

TOURIST DEPARTMENT OF THE HAMBURG-AMERIKA LINIE On the B-Deck of the SS ALBERT BALLIN an Office of the Tourist Department has been established. This Office furnishes information to passengers concerning the sailings of the steamers, the railway services from port of arrival to the interior, the air service and all other arrangements of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie.

It also provides information with regard to customhouse and passport arrangements and other matters which are of importance to travelers. At the Office tickets are issued for railroads and steamers to all parts of the world.

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